Sunday 28 May 2017

Edible Obsessions | Jam Cafe

I am finally feeling like my normal self. Bahamas, my first ever vacation, ended on a bitter note as I caught an awful viral three days in and it was awful. The nausea alone was brutal and as the nausea began to fade, I then got a seriously sore through complete with sneezing, and runny nose. As a celebration to finally having my tastebuds back, I persevered the hour long wait for delicious brunch at Jam Cafe Vancouver!

Albeit the massive portions, my friend and I decided we were going to pig-out. Between the two of us, we ordered the Charlie Bowl, a Lonely Piggie and the Huevos Rancheros.

Jam Cafe's iconic Charlie Bowl is their take on the hash. Served in a massive bowl, there are layers of crumbled buttery biscuit, potato hash browns, diced ham, green onions, cheddar cheese which is topped with a generous ladle of their sausage gravy. And since brunch would incomplete without eggs, the Charlie Bowl is garnished with two perfect sunny side up eggs. Only a few individuals have been able to finish the Charlie Bowl in one sitting, and those who are able to get T-shirt!

I love how the Charlie Bowl is something so simple, but since Jam Cafe has done such a good job with their flavours, it tastes amazing. We were only able to eat a third of the bowl, so the rest we took home which made for delicious left overs.

I am all about Mexican food, so of course I liked their Heuvos Rancheros. I thought Jam Cafe's decision to fry the corn tortillas was really great as it added a lovely crunchy texture to the dish. The guacamole was chunky the way I liked it and the tomatillo salsa brought some freshness. Layered between the fried corn tortillas was black beans and jalapeƱo sour cream and topped off with two basted eggs. On the side was half a smoked chorizo sausage and some delicious house made corn bread. Again, huge portions, but flavours were on point. I was surprised we were able to for the most part finish this dish. I would definitely be ordering Jam Cafe's Heuvos Rancheros in the future.

We probably did not need to order a side, but it was hard to resist the Lonely Piggie. What is a Lonely Piggie? It is a maple sausage that has been dipped in pancake batter and then fried to golden perfection served on a wooden skewer. You are also given Jam Cafe's maple butter syrup - AMAZING - and with the maple butter syrup, it tastes SOOO GOOD. Like I cannot even describe how delicious it was! And I also love how it comes with a side of fruit so you can feel healthy haha! Please order the Lonely Piggie, or order the entree size which comes with three as I promise you that it tastes really good and you will not be able to find anything remotely similar at any other restaurant.

Jam Cafe, I love you and the only complaint I will ever have are the long wait times. 


Saturday 13 May 2017

Gift Guide | Lush Mother's Day Collection

I love receiving packages and if I am honest, I anxiously await the arrival of the mail man every single day in the hopes of receiving goodies in the mail. So when I received a big box from Lush, I let out a huge scream! Lush is definitely synonymous to yummy smells, so this package smelled heavenly. Probably the best smelling mail you could ever receive haha.

From the Mother's day collection, I received two bath bombs, a bubble bar and a lip scrub. I have to admit, I felt a little ambitious trying to test out all three bath products within two days, but I persevered through the relaxing pretty coloured baths. Needless to say, not only do I feel calm and pampered, but my skin feels fantastic after soaking in three glorious Lush baths.

Ups-A-Daisy | Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is so cute and as it dissolves, the Ups-A-Daisy creates a fun flower pattern on the surface of your bath. I also love how the bath bomb was composed of four colours, yellow/blue and if you flip it over, there is a pink/orange flower.

The bath bomb had a lovely combination of rosewood and orange perfume. The bath bomb is quite large, so if you break it in half, you can easily get two baths out of it.

Mom Pink | Bath Bomb
This bath bomb was my favourite from the package! I loved the pinks, purples and greens in this bath bomb and once the bath bomb has completely dissolved, you will find a hidden message inside. I am a huge citrus lover, so I really enjoyed the mix of Sicilian lemon and sweet orange scent with the hint of rose.

I would definitely pick up the Pink Mom bath bomb because not only is it a beautiful colour and smells amazing, the hidden message is super cute.

Honey | Lip Scrub
This is my first time trying a lip scrub and I wish I had tried one sooner. My lips have never been smoother and they tasted yummy. Lush lip scrubs are made with castor sugar and this particular one had honey, white chocolate and a lovely aromatic vanilla. 

Baa Bar | Bubble Bar
If you are new to Bubble Bars, they are a bubble bath in solid form. Under running water, you want to crumble the bar between your fingers which allows the bubbles to form. It is a lovely combination of soothing cloves and fragrant rose and is recommended to be used before bedtime. You will feel relaxed and as Lush states, "sleep-inducing effect on anyone who smells it."

Lush products are always beautiful with their magnificent colours and shapes; however, this particular product was a little creepy looking to me - maybe I am just really weird? The mould is cute, but maybe doing it in all one colour, instead of the dark purple "face" may have been better. Just my personal opinion and completely irrelevant to the bath experience.

It is not too late to pick up some products from Lush's Mother's day collection to surprise your mum tomorrow. And while you are there, I highly recommend getting her one of their fresh face masks as they do wonders for your skin. 

Disclosure: All products mentioned in this blogpost were sent to me by Lush to review. All opinions in this blogpost were my own.