Thursday, 11 May 2023

Festa Della Polenta 2023 at Di Beppe Gastown

Italy is not going to happen for me anytime soon because European travel is not cheap! Flights, hotels and spending add up quick, so I have to live out my Italian food dreams in Vancouver. I already love dining at Di Beppe and constantly think about their carbonara with spaghetti because it is so good! This year, I thought I would check out their annual Festa della Polenta. 

Prior to this, I never paid much attention to polenta. Originating from Northern Italy, polenta is typically a coarsely ground cornmeal. Festa della Polenta dates back more than 400 years and continues to be celebrated across Italy each year! Polenta was offered by nobility to hungry townspeople during the famine and has become an annual event across Italy for friends and families come together around the table

To encourage conversation with other diners, Festa della Polenta at Di Beppe is served family style. My friend and I were seated with two other couples with whom we shared fabulous laughs and conversations a plenty all evening long. It was a refreshing change because it is no secret that Vancouverites are not the most approachable of people. In fact, it is a well known fact that making friends in Vancouver is TOUGH. Perhaps Vancouverites need to be pushed out of their comfort zone more and sadly we might need restaurant businesses facilitate it for us by doing communal table dinner services. 

I also loved my outfit from the night. I wore high-waisted black denim with black loafers, brown belt, green & white striped sweater and a lilac-coloured coat. Pulled half my hair back in a claw clip. Simple, easy and comfortable. 

Friday, 7 April 2023

The Body Shop Metrotown Changemakers' Workshop

The Body Shop is leading the conversation of sustainability, ethically sourced ingredients and waste reduction with its Changemakers' Workshop concept stores. The Metrotown Burnaby location has recently reopened as the newest Changemakers' Workshop concept shop. I had the opportunity for a 1 on 1 tour to learn more about the space and its products. 

I had no idea what a "Concept Store" was, so I turned to Google for answers: a selection of products, services and experiences encompassing a concept. My guess was a model store for what future retail spaces would look like, but eh, this is why we have Google! The Changemakers' Workshop concept stores are a space to foster a relationship with the community it serves in addition to continuing to educate consumers on sustainability. The Body Shop Burnaby team partnered with local eco-organization, PECO and together created an original piece of art from collected trash and empty product containers. 

Thursday, 6 April 2023

Maenam Thai Food for Lunch

With an ingredient driven menu featuring the freshest ingredients, Maenam never fails to bring the flavour with Thai food. Maenam has mastered traditional favourites like Pad Thai, various curries and roti. Opening in 2009, Maenam had been a dinner focused restaurant, but has recently expanded their meal service to lunch. The team always goes above and beyond to create memorable moments for their patrons and have collected numerous awards, accolades and most recently the Bib Gourmand Award from the Michelin Guide. 

If it were up to me, I would have Maenam's Pad Thai daily because I love the sweet, tangy, savoury flavour combination. I can devote an entire blogpost to their Pad Thai, but it would be remiss of me to not mention their other food offerings as well as their stellar cocktail program. 

Sunday, 2 April 2023

Springtime Hail in Vancouver


Sunny blue skies, blooming flowers and unexpected hail storms are all the makings of a great Spring in Vancouver! It has been months of gloomy wet grey days in Vancouver, so I speak for everyone when I say I want sunshine! I am starved for sunshine. It is downright cruel that Vancouver teased us with a handful of sunny days only to turn our weekend icy and cold. 

I struggle with anxiety and cold grey days exponentially worsen how I feel. Sunshine instantly lifts my mood and gives me a boost in energy to be productive. Considering my full-time job involves working indoors in a windowless negative pressure lab, I look forward to getting outdoors on my weekends. It has been a long cold and grey winter, so is it really too much to ask for sunshine in April? The Cherry Blossom Festival is kicking off in Vancouver today, but now the delicate sakura petals are going to be destroyed by the harsh icy hail. We all look forward to the Cherry Blossoms turning Vancouver pink, but nobody wants to walk the cherry blossom tree-lined streets while getting soaked by heavy rain and ice. I did not realize just how angry and upset I am until I began typing out this post because my plans to picnic underneath a Sakura tree is officially cancelled because of the horrible weather. 

Thursday, 16 February 2023

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival 2023

Vancouver may be devoid of all things fun - ahem cancelled New Year's fireworks - but we do make up for it with our food festivities. As 2023 starts to unfold, so begins the 13th annual Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival boasting 65 establishments collectively pouring up 145 unique hot chocolates! 

The Hot Chocolate Festival used to have a small number of participating restaurants making it feasible for me to try nearly all of the hot chocolate creations. As the years have gone on, the Hot Chocolate Festival has grown exponentially and now include several of my personal favourite establishments that I like to frequent year round. 

Another factor restricting me from trying more is the pricing for the hot chocolates. I want to try as many as I can, but the exorbitant pricing for a single hot chocolate has me and others rethinking it. Normally in Vancouver, hot drinks like hot chocolates, lattes, mochas etc would never be more than $7 and that is on the expensive end. For the festival, I found the average pricing was in the $12 range with some going up to $16! That is madness! Sure you can argue that the are served with a treat, but a single small chocolate or tiny donut hole or miniature cupcake is still a major stretch. The insane pricing has been voiced by many Vancouverites this year and I do hope that in the future, participants will reconsider and not price gouge us. 

There were so many hot chocolates I wanted to try, but sadly I was only able to make it to three. I tried The Federal Store, 49th Parallel and Fufu Cafe. I wish I got to visit Whisk as they had a wonderful matcha hot chocolate because we all know I love matcha! 

The Federal Store | The Sasha Velour 

Tucked within a Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, the Federal Store has become a cafĂ© that has won my heart with its incredible bakery case, particularly the cupcakes! I even celebrated my 29th birthday with their Roasted Strawberry Cake. 

As soon as I heard the name for this hot chocolate, I instantly knew it would be rose flavoured.
The Sasha Velour is a direct nod to the iconic moment from Rupaul's Drag Race in which Sasha Velour sent viewers screaming as she pulled off her wig to reveal a cascade of red rose petals.  

The 66% Valrhona Caraibe Hot Chocolate is infused with cardamom pods and the delicate flavour of rose. The hot chocolate is served with a cardamom sugar rim and a massive cube of pink-hued rose petal marshmallow. Accompanying the Sasha Velour is miniature rose milk chocolate cupcake. 

Rose is a strong flavour and the Federal Store team did not shy in their use, but I love rose water, so I was happy to warm up with the floral spiced hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was not overtly sweeet which can be tricky when using white or milk chocolate. I personally love a rich deep dark chocolate, but in this case, the Federal Store could not have gone with a darker chocolate as it would have masked the delicate undertones of rose. Hard to wrong with a homemade marshmallow and it only made the drink creamier as it melted. I have always loved their cupcakes and the rose chocolate is one of their regular flavours that I have enjoyed on many occasions. 

49th Parallel | Florals and Spice

Many people do not know that you can get amazing hot chocolate from 49th Parallel year round. The Main Street location of 49th Parallel has a special device that warms and stirs melted chocolate keeping it at the ready for when someone wants a glass of hot chocolate. The Florals and Spice is made using melted dark chocolate and infused with cardamom and rose petals. 

I did not get the florals or spice. The dark chocolate was strong and most likely masked the subtle delicate flavours of rose and cardamom. Served with the hot chocolate was a fluffy mini brioche doughnut filled with a spiced chocolate custard and topped with an orange blossom glaze, chopped pistachios and rose petals. As always, their doughnut dough is beautifully fluffy and airy. The glaze was too sweet for me, but the chocolate custard was great. The Peanut Butter & Jelly continues to remain my favourite doughnut at Lucky's! 

Fufu Cafe | Two to Mango

I am a mango girl through and through, and it is not everyday that you see a mango hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is made with a base of Valrhona 55% Itakuja dark chocolate and fresh mango puree and a roasted kuro goma (black sesame) puree. A dollop of sweet mango whipped cream and lemon zest finish the hot chocolate. The mango flavour was fruity and the whip was divine! I have never been big on black sesame, but it brought a wonderful rich savoury undertones to the otherwise sweet mango hot chocolate. Accompanying the hot chocolate was a duo black and white sable cookie (crumble style) with a sweet mango filling. I love mango, and pure mango puree filling is yummy to me. 

Their second hot chocolate was a miso cheese flavoured one which I decided to pass on. I just draw the line at salty miso and cheese in my hot chocolate. It might have been the best hot chocolate ever created. I guess I will never know and I am okay with that! 


Thursday, 9 February 2023

Maria Ida Designs Vancouver Glass Blowing Artist

There are few art mediums as captivating as glass so I was excited to connect with Vancouver glass artist, Maria Ida Designs and see her in action firsthand! Working out of the Terminal City Glass Co-op, Maria creates colourful home objects ranging from bud vases to glasses. 

I came across Maria Ida Designs pieces at the Little Mountain Shop Holiday Pop-Up 2022 where I fell in love with her miniature bud vases. She also makes bubble bowls, glasses and vases in vibrant colours. Since each piece is made by hand, no two are alike. 

So how does glass blowing work? 

Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Suncatcher Rainbow Decals at The Little Mountain Shop Holiday Pop-Up - The Polygon Gallery

The Suncatcher Rainbow Decals are a part of The Little Mountain Shop Holiday Pop-Up inside North Vancouver's The Polygon Gallery! I am bouncing with joy because The Little Mountain Shop selects which brands to include, so it is an honour to have been asked to be a part of the Holiday Shop. The Little Mountain Shop Holiday Pop-Up has an all-all Canadian lineup of mostly local, women-led, BIPOC makers and creatives which includes me!

The Suncatcher Rainbow Decals look pretty alongside Vancouver's most coveted lifestyle brands like East 29th (phenomenal facial serum!), Flax Home, Mumgry, Zimt Chocolates, and Homecoming Candles. Many of the brands are Vancouver-based, female-owned and BIPOC.