Thursday, 16 September 2021

Claudia's Kitchen is upgrading your home charcuterie

Charcuterie has steadily garnered popularity in Vancouver and I only see demand increasing for these artistically arranged meat and cheese boards. Originating from 15th century France, Charcuterie has evolved from only meats to now include an array of accoutrements. Claudia's Kitchen specializes in charcuterie condiments and sent over a package containing their 4 core products. 

Claudia's Kitchen is elevating your home charcuterie spreads. All of their condiments are prepared fresh in Vancouver in small batches. Owner Claudia is making it a point to reduce as much packaging waste as possible, so the condiments are packaged in small reusable glass mason jars. In addition to the condiments, Claudia plans to offer common charcuterie foods like meats, cheeses, crackers, pickles and nuts. 

Monday, 13 September 2021

Chatime 10 Year Anniversary Collab with the Moon & Back Gallery

Happy 10th Birthday Chatime Canada! To celebrate, Chatime Canada has partnered with Vancouver's beloved selfie studio, Moon & Back Gallery. I have had Chatime plenty of times because they always come through with their signature Milk Teas. You would think I would have been to Moon & Back Gallery already, but this was my first time checking them out. 

One of the special features for season 3 at Moon & Back Gallery is the exclusive Chatime room. The purple-hued room features an 8-foot boba cup complete with boba straw and beachball bobas! Across from the giant Chatime cup was my favourite corner in the entire space. Rainbow holographic walls are dotted with pictures of Chatime bubble tea glasses. A purple LED "Chatime 10th Anniversary" hangs from the wall and in front is a bubble swing! Needless to say, everyone had a fun time posing in that space. 

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Fox & Oak Coffee and Doughnuts in Downtown Squamish

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who like fluffy airy brioche doughnuts and those who prefer the denser cake doughnuts. Brioche doughnuts will forever be my favourite. Perched on the corner of Main Street and Cleveland Avenue in Squamish is my newest doughnut obsession, Fox & Oak. This blogpost is months overdue, so the doughnut flavours I talk about might not be part of Fox & Oak's current lineup.

The coffee and doughnut shop is still fairly new, but has already amassed a loyal following. For the hour that I was there, the line-up warpped around the corner. In fact, I braved the line twice because I had to get more doughnuts to snack on later. 

I have a weakness for fresh strawberries and when they are cooked down with rhubarb, it is just magical. The naturally leveaned brioche doughnt was generously filled with the strawberry rhubarb cardamom jam. Fox & Oak kept the rhubarb and strawberry pieces large, so the jam had a wonderful texture and a fresh sweet taste. The doughnut was finished with a glaze, pie shell lattice and whipped cream. 

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Fig Face is Innovating Facials in Vancouver

Fig Face has changed the facial game in Vancouver with its innovative tech-forward approach to skincare. When co-owners Isabella Blow and Jessica Walsh moved from London to Vancouver, the duo noticed YVR had very little to offer in terms of spas. I do not disagree with them. Vancouver does not have much in the way of spas and relaxation. 

Fig's gorgeous green exterior and interiors are what initially piqued my interest. The floors, walls, counters, and even the ceiling are all green. But if you pop into the bathroom you will be treated to a delicious pink, representative of the fig fruit's pink interior. I could go on all day on Fig's impeccable styling and details. Needless to say, Scott & Scott Architects deserve an award for their work on Fig. 

Thursday, 26 August 2021

National Waffle Day in Vancouver

Krause Berry Farms | Raspberry Waffle

Waffles are this magical food that is acceptable as a breakfast but can also be enjoyed as a dessert. Waffles can be sweet or savoury, square or round, fluffy or chewy, Brussels or liege, fresh or frozen, the possibilities are endless! Waffles also happen to be one of my guilty pleasures that make me happy. 

Needless to say, if I had to pick between pancakes or waffles, I would hands down pick waffles every single time. No matter the circumstance, waffles will forever be superior to pancakes. Prove me wrong in the comments below! 

In Vancouver, Nero Waffles has been the place that I hit up for my waffle fix. There is a Robson Street location, but I prefer the Seymour location that is on the cusp of Yaletown. The location is gorgeous and is a dine-in restaurant setting which really gives it character and makes it more appealing to me. The Seymour location also boasts a spacious patio with heaters for the winter. Basically, the vibes at Nero Waffles are perfection. 

Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Diner Desserts Highlights BC's Fresh Fruit Garnished with Nostalgia

My love for desserts is a large part of who I am. Desserts are not only about flavour, but also presentation, textures and storytelling.  A recent addition to Vancouver's sweet scene is Diner Desserts.  Based out of Vancouver's beloved Red Wagon, Diner Desserts has amassed a cult following for his wonderful creations. After work on Sunday, August 15th, I headed over to the Red Wagon to give his Fresh & Fruity menu a try. 

Sam, the man behind Diner Desserts is an absolute sweetheart and his passion for his work speaks for itself. The Fresh & Fruity menu is a collection of 6 desserts that pays homage to BC's fruit farms. I have only dined at Red Wagon's original location, so I had no idea that they now had a patio. We took our seats at a sage green-painted picnic bench surrounded by a smattering of plants. 

Saturday, 31 July 2021

Hand Rolls from Hello Nori are a Must Try

Vancouver is known for its sushi and it happens to be one of my favourite foods. Sushi and sashimi go hand in hand, but my favourite rolls are the vegetarian ones. Yam tempura with avocado for me please! Hello Nori is a fairly new addition to Vancouver and this Robson Street shop has been drawing in some serious crowds. 

What sets Hello Nori apart is their focus on ehomaki-style hand rolls. Ehomaki is like a sushi roll that has its ingredients and sushi rice wrapped in nori (dried seaweed) and served unsliced. Patrons are encouraged to forgo the chopsticks and simply eat the ehomaki with their hands.