Thursday 29 September 2022

Delivery Robots at Pizza Hut

Robson Street is playing host to Pizza Hut's newest employees, a pair of delivery robots! I set out to track down the duo because the delivery robot pilot program is only here until Friday, September 30th. The robots are being trialled at 1725 Robson Street and are in partnership with Serve Robotics, the maker of the little 4-wheeled machine. 

I wanted to track down the robots and catch them in action, but I had no plan on how to do it. Walking down Robson Street towards Pizza Hut, I saw the robots parked outside. I think they resemble Wall-E from Pixar with their box frame and big round white eyes. Unlike Wall-E, these delivery robots do not make cute sounds and talk or collect little nick-nacks. 

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Meet Me In Gastown + Dinner at Monarca

Vancouver does not have much in the way of evening fun, in fact, some would argue Vancouver is completely devoid of nightlife. It is not every day a fun community event is organized and when I heard it was in Gastown, I knew I needed to attend. 

With its bricked walkways and roads, heritage buildings and gorgeous cast iron lamp posts, Gastown is simply magical in the evenings. Meet Me In Gastown took place on Thursday, August 25th and was a community celebration featuring the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra + Light Show in collaboration with Gastown Thursday Nights. The festivities took place at the corner of Water Street and Alexander Street and the streets were alive with people. 

Honestly, nothing beats dining outdoors on a warm summer's evening. Monarca Cocina Mexicana set up picnic benches in the courtyard and served a special Meet Me In Gastown Menu. Other restaurants in the area had similar setups. This was my first time dining at Monarca. The menu is upscale Mexican and the interior of the restaurant is edgy yet still chic.