Thursday 31 December 2015

Latte Moment | Instagram Best Nine of 2015

Morning Dolls!

If you do not follow me on instagram (@pinktealatte) already, then you should because you are missing out on my daily adventures! 

I think I began my Blog's Instagram mid summer 2015. Within these past months, I have made so many wonderful memories with my friends and families. But I also have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you! I think I really have garnered a greater appreciation for instagram as it helps chronicle all the special moments in your life. The world around us moves so quick that we sometimes fail to recognize all the exciting fun things we have done in the past. 

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon of the Best Nine of 2015 on my instagram as it highlights what YOU dolls LOVED! Needless to say, we all have a huge sweet tooth for cakes and delicious food! Not to mention, I think I have done a pretty good job at sharing my love for green tea lattes with all of you as it made the best nine! 

In total, I posted 203 pictures in 2015 and you guys gave over 15,000 hearts! WOW! I feel so grateful and thankful for all of the love each of you give me. It really does mean a great deal to me! I love reading all your comments and responding back to them. 

I hope to keep posting awesome pictures that you all will love! I also hope that my instagram has inspired you all to have more fun and enjoy the small things in life. As well, cake never hurt anyone ;) hehe 



Wednesday 30 December 2015

Gurly's Life | Experienced My First Earthquake

Hey Dolls

I cannot sleep anymore. I just experienced my first earthquake, 11:43 PM December 29, 2015, and it has left me shaken and my heart pounding out of my chest. This earthquake shook my house violently three times in a span of a couple of seconds. I have a chandelier in my room so it was swinging with the crystals chiming.I was laying in my bed trying to fall asleep and my bed was jolted violently making my stomach lurch. 

The worst part, my hyperactive imagination mixed in with my above average levels anxiety, brought about ridiculous conclusions as to why the walls were rattling ..... I thought a plane was crashing into my neighbourhood.....

In my defence, we do live by the YVR Airport and during the night, the number of flights increase and planes take off and land at a lower altitude then during the day. Plus, when the house started rocking, I could hear a plane taking off. I actually bolted to my window, ripped open the blinds, to peer into the dark sky. 

Thankfully, my plane crash theory was incorrect as it would have been a devastating event. But this highlights how frightened I was by the earthquake. My hands were shaking, I was gasping for air, and panic stricken. 

I am grateful that the earthquake, to my knowledge thus far, has not caused any damage or casualties. However, it was also under 45 mins ago, so details may come to light in the morning. My guess would be this earthquake was a 3 on the richter scale. It was felt strongly in Richmond and Vancouver. I am unsure if other cities in the Lower Mainland experienced it. 

Sending all my love to each and everyone of you! If you experienced this earthquake and were just as frightened by it like I was, let me know in the comments below!


Monday 28 December 2015

Geek Latte | Why I Returned my MacBook Pro Retina after 20 days

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display sealed box!
Hey Dolls!

I had intended to do this post back in September 2015; however, things just got so darn busy that I never got around to finishing it. I do still want to share my story with you as to why I returned my brand new Macbook Pro Retina after only 20 days. I think I have never been so frustrated, upset and cried over a purchase before. 

My current Macbook Pro is from September 2011. It is my first ever laptop and I love it, but after four fabulous years, it seemed like a good time to get a new laptop and sell my current one on Craigslist. 

The computer I got:
13 inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display; 256gb of memory + Apple Care 

This one is a step up from the base model which comes with only 100gb. Firstly, why is it the base model Macbook Pro in 2011 came with 500gb of memory and now you only get a mere 100gb?!?! Be sure to always invest in Apple Care as it is well worth it because it now also includes your charger!!! 

I guess they do not include "retina" in the description anymore as they no longer make the MacBook Pro without it. 
Along with the computer, I picked up a new external hard drive for backups and ordered a snap on case from Incase ($75 US --> came out to $100+ Canadian). 

I am so glad I did not sell my old Macbook because it would soon become apparent that my new computer was not capable of performing the tasks I need it to. My new computer remained sealed in the box for the first two weeks because I did not want to let go of my current one. I had become so attached to it and hate change. I also used the excuse that the new case I had not arrived yet in the mail....gurly problems. 

I finally did get around to opening up my new laptop and it was a really exciting moment. It is always exciting when you open up a box to see your shiny new computer! I powered it up, downloaded Pixelmatr and could not wait to start working on some graphics.

This is when I noticed the problem with the retina screen. The new retina display means it is high definition, you get two pixels for every single pixel on a regular screen. Since this is still one of the few on the market, programs are not optimized yet for the double the number in pixels. ALL of my pictures were blurred. They looked terrible :( 

Instead of me viewing my images on 100%, it was showing me my pictures at 50%. So when I zoomed my picture to 100%, they were blurry. This was not only occurring in external programs like Adobe Design Suite and Pixelmatr, but also in Apple's own program, Preview. I was appalled that Preview too was showing the pictures at incorrect pixel dimensions and zoom. 

I use my computer for design work and pictures. I do not use my computers as overpriced web surfing and movie watching devices. I spent nearly $3000 in total for that computer which could not do a simple function - show images at correct pixel dimensions and percent zoom. 

After searching the internet for answers, all it came up with was just zoom unto 200% when working with your pictures. It does not help or work because not only are pictures blurry, font type also is blurry. 

There clearly is a discrepancy in pixels that unfortunately Apple has failed to address even through the retina has been around for a couple of years. It was further annoying to learn the employees at the Apple store had no clue as to what I was crying about. 

Yes, I was balling at the store because I was scared they would not take this faulty incompetent device back and grant me a full refund. I am a student and this was a HUGE investment on my part. I could have gone with a FAR cheaper computer, but the retina has the power I was looking for. Also, my Macbook 2011 is the base model that came with 500gb of memory. Now, base model computers at Apple only come with 100gb..... WHY!?!?! UGH so annoying. 

After a night of crying and balling my eyes out, I did return the computer. Unfortunately in my distress, I did not end up returning the external hard drive as I had put it in my drawer and thrown away the box .... but its okay. Also, I now have a $100+ snap  on case for a laptop I most likely will not be purchasing in the future. I also threw away the box for it as I knew I would be using it.

I really hope Apple gets their retina pixel issue sorted soon because I need a new computer and the MacBook Air does not have enough power for me :( and that new MacBook computer is even worse. 

I will always love my MacBook computers because they honestly are GREAT computers. I have had excellent service from Apple. They have replaced my hard drive, my track pad, keys and some wiring. All of these fixes have been done within the same day or I received my computer the next day, so the Apple Care is well worth it! Unlike PC computers where they mail your computer out to a repair facility and you receive a loner computer until yours returns - generally a month! 

I did inquire about getting just a Macbook Pro not with Retina Display. Unfortunately, they stopped making them in 2012 and it seems silly to purchase a computer that is only a year older then my 2011 MacBook Pro. 

Let me know what you think? Think Apple will sort this out soon? Should I look into a different computer?


Wednesday 23 December 2015

Savvy Student | Beat Boxing Day 2015!!!

Hey Dolls!

The official day for all shopaholics is vastly approaching as 2015 comes to a close, I am talking about Boxing Day! Many of us have been saving up and making mental notes on all the things we need... {okay more like want} ... so we can take advantage of the discounted prices this December 26th. Boxing day is a Saturday this year which might mean a bit of a crazier day as more people have the day off from work.

I thought I would put together a little list of TIPS to get the most out of this year's boxing day since you all loved my Aritzia Warehouse Sale TIPS so much! I am going to begin with some general tips and then talk about a few stores specifically {Sephora, Lush, Chapters Indigo, Victoria Secret, } and the items I am hoping to get a great deal on! 

•••Try on Sizes Prior To

You have a couple of days until boxing day and I highly suggest going in stores and trying on the clothing items you are wanting to grab. This way, you will not need to wait in the endless fitting room line and worry about missing out on deals at other stores. What I like to do is write down the sizes in a little notebook that I will have in my purse. Just pull it out, grab the items in the sizes that fit you and you are off to the cash register! As well, it just makes the whole experience far less stressful because you already know what you are grabbing and will not be stressing which size is better. 

This also will lend itself useful for my next TIP: 

•••Use the Internet!

We are lucky to live in a world where online shopping is at its easiest. Honestly, you can practically just sit in your bed sipping your morning latte as you plop a few things in your shopping cart and check out with a couple of clicks. No need to deal with crowds or the chaos that will sure to ensue in stores! How much easier and stress free can things get? Also, most stores will be offering free shipping during boxing day to lure in more potential buyers, so you will not even need to worry about having to pay for shipping! Double yay! 

One thing you can do if you unsure about sizing when purchasing online is order the same item in two sizes. Keep the one that fits and return the other. BUT be sure to check return and exchange policy at the store. Some stores like Aritzia, make sale items FINAL SALE. The good thing about being a loyal customer and getting to know the fabulous sales associates at stores means they will do you a favour and return or give your store credit regardless of the policy. 

•••Price Match

Many shops will price match within 14 days of purchase. If there is an item you really really really want, purchase it a week in advance. This will help put your mind at ease so you are not fretting over the item being sold out when you get to the shops on Boxing Day. This being said, generally larger companies and electronic stores do price match. I do not believe smaller boutiques and companies do. 

When I was shopping for my new Nikkor 50mm Lens, the sales associates at Broadway Camera suggested I purchase the lens now and come back boxing day to have it price matched. So please do check with the store if they do price match and if they will honour it on boxing day! 


Lush is infamous for not having products on sale. However, Lush makes an exception only for boxing day. I want to preface by saying only specific products are part of Lush's sale. I learned this last year when I went to the store with a list of items I was going to pick up, but was promptly disappointed. Lush uses boxing day as a way to clear out all of their holiday items and goodies. So this will include anything that was released for the holiday collection and if they have anything left over from hallowe'en. I was able to snag a few of those amazing pumpkin bath bombs from the sale last year! 

The sale: Buy One, Get One Free .... Continues until all of their sale products are sold. 

Please do pace yourself dolls! Since Lush products are made with natural ingredients, they expire within a year. Their Fresh Face masks expire within 2 weeks! Nothing is worse then having amazing products that you spent your hard earned money go into the trash :( It really breaks my heart. 

••• Sephora

Unlike other stores, Sephora's boxing day sale is limited to the day of December 26th, promptly ending when the clock strikes 12. The sale is online and indoors and it really is a good time to pick up splurge items. A lot of their gift sets will have huge discounts -- nearly 50% off. That is a huge! 

I do prefer shopping online for Sephora because you can choose some free samples and there are some other great codes on their website. For example, at this time if you make a purchase of $25, using the code MINKLASH will get you a free deluxe sample of benefit's They Are Real!  

••• Aritzia

Aritzia sells great clothes, but can be a little out of budget for many of us. They generally will have everything on sale for boxing day, but it expect only $5-$10 off an item. A few specific items will be discounted more. 

••• Victoria Secret

Expect some great deals on Bras and Underwear. I am hoping the underwear is 9 for $25! These are daily female necessities, so it is always nice when we can get a super nice Victoria Secret bra for a little cheaper. 

What I am Hoping To Pick Up!

I definitely have a huge amount of clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it, I probably have it. So I am not planning on going crazy during Boxing Day. Instead, I am going to grab some items that I use daily like shower products, skin care etc. 

From Sephora, I am going to be picking up the 1L bottle of Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo. The 1L bottle is the best deal and on boxing day, there is always a bit of discount on it! BB problems am I right? Why do their hair products have to be so darn amazing?!?!

I will be grabbing some shower jellies and perhaps a couple of bath bombs from Lush. I am not picky on scents and colours so I am sure I find some that I like on sale. 

I have been wanting a pair of leather vans for far too long. I think I might just pick-up a pair from Nordstrom if there is a slight discount. 

SWEATERS! Okay, so I have a lot of sweaters, I know..... but Aritzia's merino wool sweaters are just so darn soft and cozy and I cannot help myself.... 

Lastly, going to hit up Victoria Secret to grab some underwear on the cheap. Its a daily necessity and a completely justified purchase!!!

Hope this helped dolls!


Sunday 20 December 2015

Geek Latte | New Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8G Lens

Hey Dolls!

I cannot contain my enthusiasm... I got myself a NEW Lens for my Nikon DSLR camera! I honestly feel like a kid in a candy store who just got the biggest bag of candies possible. I was lucky that my parents had the Nikon DSLR D3100 with the 18-55mm standard lens. So when I started Pink Tea Latte, I had a great camera to take my all my pictures with. That is where my interest for photography stemmed from. I came to appreciate the quality in pictures taken with manual settings versus on automatic. As well, to really take advantage of natural light because flash in my opinion can completely ruin a photograph! 

As I became more comfortable with my Nikon on manual settings and learned more ways to improve the quality in my images, it was time to get a new lens! The 18-55mm is a FABULOUS lens, there is no doubt about it. However, every lens has its pros and cons. It had a great zoom range and was easy to use, but I wanted a lens that gave me more depth and took in more light. 

After much research and discussions with my friends, I settled on the Nikkor 50mm 1.8G lens. It has only been three days since I purchased it, so I am still learning how to use it, but I am loving it so far! It makes my pictures extremely bright and gives great colour indoors. When I took images inside on a darker day with my 18-55mm lens, the pictures were almost lifeless. Haha I do not know how to explain it, but they were missing a sort of oomph! 

Taken using my NEW Nikkor 50mm lens. Notice how the second Mickey is out of focus? This is the depth of field!As well the colours are much more brighter!
I got quite lucky with my lens and found an individual selling his pre-loved 50mm lens for $150! That is an absolute steal considering in store with taxes the lens ends up being over $250. The seller rarely used the lens and bought it on a whim later realizing he loves his long range zoom lenses far more. As well, he was so kind and included the filter ($100 retail) with the lens. He also gave me a few pointers on how to improve my picture quality. I feel extremely lucky to have walked away with a great Craigslist experience. 

However, do be cautious when purchasing lens secondhand, especially off of websites like craigslist. I actually had gone into Broadway Cameras the week before and a sales representative walked me through all the things to look for when buy a lens secondhand. 

For example:

  • Be sure all of the metal pins are intact and none are missing
  • Carefully inspect the glass of the lens to ensure there are no scratches. A scratched lens is no god. 
  • There is a little toggle on the lens that you can move to open and close the lens. Make sure all of the plates are moving and nothing funny is occurring. 
  • Turn the shutter speed to very slow and wave the camera infant of a white surface. If the image is not all white i.e. black specs, then there are markings on the lenses surface. 
Do not be afraid to ask the seller questions like when the lens was purchases, where it was purchased from, how it was used, how much usage and the most IMPORTANT question is DID THEY EVER DROP THE LENS! 

Use your best judgement since many people may just lie to get the sale. So get a feel for their answers and if something seems a little fishy or your gut is telling you no, then you should find a different seller. Another great thing is to bring a friend who knows a thing or two about cameras and lenses so they too can give you their opinion on the lens! 

Taken with my 18-55mm lens. Notice how both Mickey's are in focus. The colours are a little darker.
Overall, I am really happy with my new lens! The 18-55mm is generally the starting point from where people branch off into one of two directions with lenses, either a zoom lens or a macro lens (my 50mm!). I am looking forward to playing around with it and taking some cool pictures for you all! 

To see the difference between the two lenses, look at the Mickey Mouse pictures. If you follow me on instagram you already know that I purchased a second Mickey Mouse coin bank to give to a friend as it matches my childhood one. A great Etsy find hehe! 

I got this cookie at my high school's alumni event. I went to Crofton House School. In the background was a white christmas tree with lights. Notice how my 50mm lens completely blurred out the tree and lights and kept the focus on the cookie? Really adds a beautiful effect to pictures! Love how the lights almost look like twinkles. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions on buying a camera lens secondhand and if you think I went in the right direction of getting a 50mm? Really would love to hear what you have to say! 


Saturday 19 December 2015

Chic Life | Wrapping Gifts for the Holidays!

Hey Dolls!

One of my favourite things about the holidays is getting to wrap all the presents! I love gift wrapping, I find it really quite satisfying when you get a perfectly sharp clean edge and when you are finished, it just looks amazing! 

The wrapping paper is the most important part in making the gifts look gorgeous. I like to stick to stripes or not too busy patterns. I got this role of wrapping paper form Chapters Indigo and think it is so adorable. If you look closely, you will see on the white stripes there are little bird foot tracks. How adorable is that! It is a subtle way to show how animals leave tracks in the snow without a too over the top print that screams the HOLIDAYS from a mile away. 

I like using clear scotch tape the non-dollar store variety as it is stickier and stays in place. I tried first wrapping the gifts using a cute silver washi tape; however, the washi tape would unstick and made things a little frustrating. 

The S'well water bottle was the toughest item to wrap by far out of all the gifts! The ends were concaved and it was a challenge trying to fold the wrapping paper in a flattering manner without creating too many creases. Luckily, most of friends will rip off the paper the moment I hand them their gift so I do not need to worry too much about them judging my terrible job! 

Since it is the holidays, I was a bad neighbour and went and picked some bits of pine branches off of my neighbours tree! I thought it was a fun festive tough to the wrap job hehe. Also, I used some brown card stock tags and hand lettered some cute sayings onto them. Nothing too fancy, but it is personal! 

BTW I really want to keep that Secret Gardens colouring book postcards for myself :( Ah the hardships of gift giving. 

Happy Wrapping!


Friday 18 December 2015

Chic Life | The Perfect Cozy Evening Indoors!

Hey Dolls!

With the sun setting obscenely earlier with each day passing and the weather getting only colder, sometimes you just need to spend a cozy night in! 

There is definitely a recipe when it comes stop having a great comfortable night indoors. It all starts with the perfect pair of pyjamas! I think Roots Canada makes the most comfortable sweats in the WORLD and needless to say their PJs are equally amazing! And because I have chronically cold toes :( I need comfy warm knitted socks. Again, I am a sucker for Root's Cabin Socks. They are cotton so they are not too warm and are not itchy like wool socks. 

Now for creating the perfect comfortable spot to set in for a evening indoors! A thick warm blanket is essential! Im dying for the cable knit throw that has a plush underside - best of both world! Chic on the top, but keeps you warm underneath. Also, some cute cushions because why not? haha and I think this cushion is too cute -->  the heart eyes emoji. 

I find candles really calming. Vancouver Candle Co's Fairview scented candle is my all time favourite. I love watching the flame flicker as I take in the yummy scent. The only thing missing now is a nice big cup of delicious hot cocoa! It of course needs to be in an extra cute mug. I actually do not think this copper mule mug is designed for hot drinks, but it is gorgeous and you can have your initial etched onto the surface. 

Do not forget your laptop for a Netflix movie marathon and delicious baked goodies! 

Stay warm dolls!


Monday 14 December 2015

Latte Moment | Matcha Lattes are the New Morning Coffee!

Goodmorning Dolls!

have you had a matcha latte before? If not, please go out and try one because they are absolutely amazing! My smart list on all the Matcha Latte spots across the lower mainland can now be found at YP Vancouver

A little back story on why I named my blog Pink Tea Latte! Matcha Lattes are also known as Green Tea Lattes by some. They are used interchangeable by most. I like Matcha because I just love pronouncing the word hehe. Since Green Tea Lattes are my all time favourite go to hot beverage, I decided to swap the green for pink and voila --> we have Pink Tea Latte. 

How did I become so obsessed with matcha lattes? I am restricted in the amount of caffeine I can have due to its effects on the daily medication I take. Even a decaffeinated beverage has a fair bit of caffeine in it, but if I need a pumpkin spice latte fix, then I would have have it at least decaf. One day, a barista suggested I try their green tea latte. Needless to say, it was love at first sip! 

Matcha Lattes are not as widespread as the classic latte or coffee beverages are. However, do not fret, matcha is taking Vancouver with a frenzy. One example has to be Basho Cafe! It is a cafe located on East Hastings in Vancouver solely dedicated to bringing you everything matcha. Not just matcha lattes, I am taking about matcha shakes, matcha madeleines, cookies, pastries the list goes on! If you are a serious matcha lover, you need to go to Basho now! 

My favourite place for a classic unsweetened pure matcha latte is actually from 33 Acres Brewing. I know, a little odd since they are expert craft beer brewers. But they make an excellent matcha latte. And I love how they serve it in a clear glass handles mug. I just love wrapping my hands around it and letting it warm me up head to toe in between my bites of their to do die for weekend waffles! 

Other go to favourite places for my matcha fix is Le Marche St George, Cafe Medina and Prado. Especially Le Marche since their whimsical atmosphere makes me feel like I am a princess sitting under the iconic Eiffel Tower. Plus they have the same string globe lights as me! 

A new place in town is the Buro! It is a cool hip new cafe in the bustling historic area of Gastown. It sits at a point of three streets crossing giving this cafe a unique triangular shape! Matcha Lattes -- Thumbs Up From ME! A great place to get work done! 

Small Victory does serve up a great matcha latte, but they do not have wifi there. I generally enjoy my matcha lattes while I am doing some work. And it is not mind blowing enough for me to just go there to sit and sip a latte. 

Let me know where you get your Matcha Latte from in Vancouver!!! As I must try it for myself! Hehe!


Sunday 13 December 2015

Latte Moment | De-stressing during finals

Kit And Ace's awesome neon sign! 
Hi Dolls!

Before I get into this post, I just want to apologize for not being as active on my blog! I am in the middle of finals at UBC and I unfortunately am swamped with studying :( I am almost done all my exams and will have lots of posts coming your way soon! I love you all Dolls! 

I am in the midst of final exams at UBC now and it can be quite nerve racking. My stress levels are high and it is uncomfortable being constantly anxious. The more irritated and worried I am, the harder it is to absorb the material I am studying. 

I find it very important to de-stress during the high stress finals week. This includes setting boundaries. I do NOT do any work past 9 PM. When the clock strikes 9, time is up, pens down and that is it. I will watch TV or go hang out with my family and just relax! 

Setting boundaries like when you are going to stop doing work are crucial because far too many of my fellow peers get into the awful habit of staying up late and studying into the wee hours of the morning. Then they go to bed and will wake up mid afternoon. Sleep is really important and not just getting 8 hours, but maintaining a regular sleep schedule. Doing the night owl during finals wreaks havoc on your body. It gets confused and you will find when you do finally get to bed, it will not be a restful sleep. 

Another thing I do to reduce my anxiety is to eat! When I get overwhelmed, I tend to not eat. I literally have done days where I will only have had one egg for breakfast and will not eat until I am feeling dizzy, irritable which increases my anxiety late evening. This is terrible! Our body needs fuel and the way it gets it is through dietary intake. When I do not eat, I am depriving not only my body, but my brain of glucose. If my brain is hungry, I really do not think my mind is going to want to absorb information. Not only do I try to eat, but eat food I enjoy! I will spoil myself and have comfort food like pasta and mashed potatoes and nachos. I know, not the greatest diet, but eating yummy food makes me happy and in turn reduces my irritability from stress. 

The gorgeous Koi Fish at the Telus Gardens - Downtown Vancouver

Once lectures are done, I go into hardcore study mode and practically live at the library. Which also means I arrive before the doors open and leave at closing. That is a bit insane considering on weekdays, the library is open 9 to 9... 12 hours of just sitting and sloughing through material. Do you not just feel stressed reading that? When I just sit and study study study study study, the words on the page begin to blur together and I grow tired of the boring library environment. I just become lethargic and bored. 

At that point, I really am not getting the most out of my studying. Taking breaks are important! Not just to keep sitting in your chair at the library mindlessly roaming the internet. Your brain is not relaxing because it is probably still thinking about the material you were studying because the book are still open your table and you sitting still in the library. Get OUT! Go and get some fresh air. Make your break an actual break where you enjoy time and not continue feeling stressed. I love visiting the gorgeous Koi Fish at the Telus Gardens because the open water and high ceilings with the fish swimming through the water is calming and serene. Plus, I kind of act like a little child and get super happy and excited to see the fish up so close! But hey... It gets me relaxed! 

I know a lot of people like to take a hot bath with relaxing lush bath products, but it means I am alone and have nothing to do in the bathtub which ends up meaning my mind will be focused on how I could be spending that time studying. For me to truly relax, I need to get some social time because alone, I continue to fret. 

These are just a few things that I do to De-Stress during the absurdly high anxiety period of finals week. Just because these work for me does NOT necessarily mean it will work for you. Everyone is different! Do let me know in the comments below what you do to stay calm and relaxed to get the most out of your studying! 

Follow me on Instagram @PinkTeaLatte to keep up with all my daily adventures! 


Monday 7 December 2015

Latte Moment | Basho

Hey Dolls!

I finally got out Basho - the epicentre of all things Matcha in Vancouver! No secret here that I love my matcha lattes. And that my blog's name, Pink Tea Latte, stems from Green Tea Latte! You can read all about it in my post on Branding! 

This adorable family-run japanese food cafe is located on East Hastings and has such a cute cozy atmosphere. I love working in places where I just feel at ease because if I am overwhelmed, I find it hard to get any work completed. 

Casual - Getting some blogging done with my matcha latte
I had such a lovely time at this fabulous little cafe. I spent the afternoon getting some work done with a friend as I nibbled on some matcha yummies like no DUHH. We got an assortment of their matcha baked goodies which ranged from cookies to mochi (a japanese treat where rice is pounded until it becomes stretchy and chewy) treats to madeleines. 

The Matcha Madeleine was AMAZING! I could have ate a dozen of those shell shaped cakes alone. It was soft and fluffy and had excellent matcha flavour. My next favourite, perhaps biased by its cute look, is the Shiba Inu Matcha Cookie. I had a hard time taking a bite into it because it was too pretty! 

Lastly, the matcha latte itself. They served it steaming hot - which I like because I love to savour my warm drinks - in a beautiful handless mug. I pretty much just sat there for a few minutes with my hands wrapped around the cup and took in its warmth. It was an unsweetened classic matcha latte with excellent flavour. The depth of flavour was amazing! Plus, gotta love the latte art! 

Side Note - Basho does NOT have Wifi. I am lucky to have a Shaw Go account; therefore, generally have internet everywhere which is great because a lot of my work does require me to have internet. 

Will be visiting Basho soon for more yummy matcha treats - like a giant box of Madeleines! 

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever been to Basho and if you liked it?


Sunday 6 December 2015

Boutique Bliss | Old Faithful Shop

I love their slogan - Good Quality Goods!!!! A Genius came up with that for sure. 
Hey Dolls!

The last weeks have been really busy for me with my semester coming to an end. It is like the end of semester stress most University students tend to encounter. Over this week, I am going to be pushing out a lot of blog posts that back-logged on me since I was too caught up in school and when you are stressed - it is tres difficult to be creative!

Old Faithful Shop, is located in historic Gastown and is a super cool store that I need to visit when I am in the area. Even if I know I am not purchasing anything, the urge to visit it is just too strong. Because I love them oh so much, I even made my YP Smartest for Gorgeous Home Decor

The inside Old Faithful Shop is absolutely gorgeous. I love how they embraced the original brick walls of the building built in 1903 and used it to give the shop a charming vibe. The exposed brick walls do not make Old Faithful rustic because all of the furnishings are modern and contemporary in style. Such as the to die for wood shelves with black metal. This shop gives me so much inspiration! 

The one thing that can either make me love or hate a store is their customer service. Employees are the heart and soul of a brand. Old Faithful Shop have some of the coolest sales associates ever. When he saw I was looking at the Greff Growler (in my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!!) he immediately offered to be my model. Now that is Customer Service y'all! 

With their charming sales associates and perfect balance of antique and contemporary shop setup, Old Faithful sort of stole my heart.... Figuratively speaking no duhhh. Old Faithful Shop's owner, Walter, envisioned a store that provided everyday goods, but of unbeatable quality that stood the test of time. The world has become far too accustomed to disposing and replacing items without a second thought. The pieces Old Faithful Shop carries are heirloom worthy and gives you appreciation for the craftsmen ship that went into it. 

Also, did I mention Old Faithful Shop has a store puppy, an adorable fawn frenchie who I seems to never be there when I visit :( . I am a huge dog lover and frenchie's are one of my all time favourite breeds. Still wishing for the day I meet this much talked about loveable furball. 

So what type of items does Old Faithful Shop carry? They carry a wide variety from 100% wool blankets made in America to gorgeous leather pet accessories. Something I never expected when entering Old Faithful was their impressive array of cocktail and coffee syrups and cocktail mixes and beer making kits. Like wow! I really just like looking at the ornate bottles with colourful syrups and beautiful labels. What really enticed and tested my will power is their selection of infused caramels. Like how can I resist their lavender syrup in the beautiful glass bottle?! 

If you are in Vancouver and happen to be in Gastown, you really must check out Old Faithful Shop. Visiting them is an experience in its own! And you will be getting "Good Quality Goods"!!!!

Let me know in the comments below if you love OFS as much as I do!!!


Saturday 5 December 2015

7 Lattes and Wishes | Holiday Gift Guide for your friends and family

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Hey Dolls!
This gift guide has been a long time coming. Just took a little longer then I had expected to get it up! I decided to combine my gift guides into one big post. That way I do not have several different posts on a gift guide for her, him or your dog lover and the list goes on and on and on as I am sure you have noticed from other bloggers. 

My goal was to choose a mixture of local/Canadian-based items as well as some items from bigger stores because not everyone would have access to the local items. As well, I am not a big "gag" gift giver. If I am going to give a gift to someone, I want them to be able to use it versus it just going directly into the trash or sitting in the corner harbouring dust. 

At the end of the day, you know the person best, so I have decided to go with a wide spectrum of items with varying price points! I hope my gift guide may even help inspire you towards something you did not realize your recipient may really want or love! 


Instead of doing a his and her guide, I combined it into one and tried to keep things a little unisexual. However, I am a girl so some of the items are a little more feminine. 

The A'hoy Goods crewneck is made local in North Vancouver is sold in A'hoy Goods shop in the gorgeous Deep Cove! A super soft cozy sweat shirt and it comes in both mens and women sizes so yay! Might be a fun "matching" piece for you and your sweetheart for when you spend days inside. 

Bag charms have been all the rage. The moment I spotted this Rebecca Minkoff one.... I kind of wanted it for myself! I would probably use it more as a keychain and the claw clip is great to just snap on to the inside of your bag so you do not spend a millennium rooting around for your keys. 

Know any craft beer fanatics? Do you rely on them to bring a growler of craft beer to your soirees? They will probably appreciate this ultra chic hand crafted in Vancouver Greff Growler carrier. Haha you can now turn your growler into an accessory! Plus makes it far easier to carry your growler. 

I realize a giant inflatable gold sawn pool floaty perhaps is a bit weird in the dead of winter, but IT IS JUST SO MAGNIFICENT! That is all I have to say :) 

Otto Textiles is a Vancouver-based company that makes some beautiful pieces. The zippered pouch can be used in infinite ways. I would also check out their lavender sachets pillows! They are so cute and smell even more fabulous! 

I had to include the blanket scarf from Aritzia on my gift guide because I really want it myself!!!! Any lucky lady would be thrilled to receive this as a present! It keeps you room and makes you look tres chic! 

I saved the best for last - Nocturnal Workshop's After Hours Backpack. It is chic, made from high quality materials and will make you feel safe during the dark hours. I take transit everywhere and with the sunsetting some times even before 4pm, I feel a little bit anxious that a driver may not see me when I am crossing the road. (I will be doing a full feature on Nocturnal Workshop in the weeks to come!!!) 

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Stocking Stuffers for HER

All the stocking stuffers are $25 dollars and under. I wanted to go a little silly for the stocking stuffers and make them fun, but for the most part, all the items are function-based except for Edmond the Pug - He is just cool like that. 

The Stathcona candle in the travel tin from Vancouver Candle Co will be greatly appreciated by your friends who are huge candle connoisseurs. As well Dry Bar's Lemon Drop hair brush is absolutely magical! I am obsessed with mine and how cute is its name - Lemon Drop! 

I think this forest critters eye-mask is adorable. Perfect for a friend who loves to travel. I need one whenever I am on an airplane. And they will probably love the emoji zipper pouch too! Cheeky yet cute! 

If they are ring lovers, they will appreciate the gold antler ring dish. It will keep all of their rings in one place. Speaking of rings - Giant Diamond Ring bottle opener. It all about doing the everyday things in style 

Lastly, Edmond the Pug. He waves and chills because he is just cool like that. Anyone who receives Edmond will feel like the luckiest person in the world! 

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Stocking Stuffers for HIM
Again, all items are under $25 and are functional versus gag gifts. 

Everyone needs a power bar with phone batteries these days only lasting mere couple of hours. I think this white marbled power bar is super chic and compact so he can carry it in his jean pocket. 

A tea lover is going to love this pipe tea infuser! It hangs off of the rim of the cup! GENIUS! Also, this beard comb is going to make your bearded friend the coolest guy on the block. Never again will they need to suffer from an unruly beard. 

Know a guy who loves his timberlands? Old Faithful Shop makes a pair of pretty rad thick socks. I just like socks okay--- My toes are chronically cold :( 

Card holder from Hershel is chic and will definitely be used. And if you know of a budding cocktail mixologist, they are going to love Cahoot's Lemon Simple Syrup. It is made right here in Vancouver! 

Lastly, every man needs Siracha on hand at any given moment of time. With this refillable mini Siracha bottle, all their food will always taste amazing. 

This is the end of my Gift Guides!!! I hope they gave you some gift ideas or inspired you! Let me know what you thought of my gift guide in the comments below!