Monday 28 December 2015

Geek Latte | Why I Returned my MacBook Pro Retina after 20 days

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display sealed box!
Hey Dolls!

I had intended to do this post back in September 2015; however, things just got so darn busy that I never got around to finishing it. I do still want to share my story with you as to why I returned my brand new Macbook Pro Retina after only 20 days. I think I have never been so frustrated, upset and cried over a purchase before. 

My current Macbook Pro is from September 2011. It is my first ever laptop and I love it, but after four fabulous years, it seemed like a good time to get a new laptop and sell my current one on Craigslist. 

The computer I got:
13 inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display; 256gb of memory + Apple Care 

This one is a step up from the base model which comes with only 100gb. Firstly, why is it the base model Macbook Pro in 2011 came with 500gb of memory and now you only get a mere 100gb?!?! Be sure to always invest in Apple Care as it is well worth it because it now also includes your charger!!! 

I guess they do not include "retina" in the description anymore as they no longer make the MacBook Pro without it. 
Along with the computer, I picked up a new external hard drive for backups and ordered a snap on case from Incase ($75 US --> came out to $100+ Canadian). 

I am so glad I did not sell my old Macbook because it would soon become apparent that my new computer was not capable of performing the tasks I need it to. My new computer remained sealed in the box for the first two weeks because I did not want to let go of my current one. I had become so attached to it and hate change. I also used the excuse that the new case I had not arrived yet in the mail....gurly problems. 

I finally did get around to opening up my new laptop and it was a really exciting moment. It is always exciting when you open up a box to see your shiny new computer! I powered it up, downloaded Pixelmatr and could not wait to start working on some graphics.

This is when I noticed the problem with the retina screen. The new retina display means it is high definition, you get two pixels for every single pixel on a regular screen. Since this is still one of the few on the market, programs are not optimized yet for the double the number in pixels. ALL of my pictures were blurred. They looked terrible :( 

Instead of me viewing my images on 100%, it was showing me my pictures at 50%. So when I zoomed my picture to 100%, they were blurry. This was not only occurring in external programs like Adobe Design Suite and Pixelmatr, but also in Apple's own program, Preview. I was appalled that Preview too was showing the pictures at incorrect pixel dimensions and zoom. 

I use my computer for design work and pictures. I do not use my computers as overpriced web surfing and movie watching devices. I spent nearly $3000 in total for that computer which could not do a simple function - show images at correct pixel dimensions and percent zoom. 

After searching the internet for answers, all it came up with was just zoom unto 200% when working with your pictures. It does not help or work because not only are pictures blurry, font type also is blurry. 

There clearly is a discrepancy in pixels that unfortunately Apple has failed to address even through the retina has been around for a couple of years. It was further annoying to learn the employees at the Apple store had no clue as to what I was crying about. 

Yes, I was balling at the store because I was scared they would not take this faulty incompetent device back and grant me a full refund. I am a student and this was a HUGE investment on my part. I could have gone with a FAR cheaper computer, but the retina has the power I was looking for. Also, my Macbook 2011 is the base model that came with 500gb of memory. Now, base model computers at Apple only come with 100gb..... WHY!?!?! UGH so annoying. 

After a night of crying and balling my eyes out, I did return the computer. Unfortunately in my distress, I did not end up returning the external hard drive as I had put it in my drawer and thrown away the box .... but its okay. Also, I now have a $100+ snap  on case for a laptop I most likely will not be purchasing in the future. I also threw away the box for it as I knew I would be using it.

I really hope Apple gets their retina pixel issue sorted soon because I need a new computer and the MacBook Air does not have enough power for me :( and that new MacBook computer is even worse. 

I will always love my MacBook computers because they honestly are GREAT computers. I have had excellent service from Apple. They have replaced my hard drive, my track pad, keys and some wiring. All of these fixes have been done within the same day or I received my computer the next day, so the Apple Care is well worth it! Unlike PC computers where they mail your computer out to a repair facility and you receive a loner computer until yours returns - generally a month! 

I did inquire about getting just a Macbook Pro not with Retina Display. Unfortunately, they stopped making them in 2012 and it seems silly to purchase a computer that is only a year older then my 2011 MacBook Pro. 

Let me know what you think? Think Apple will sort this out soon? Should I look into a different computer?



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