Sunday 6 December 2015

Boutique Bliss | Old Faithful Shop

I love their slogan - Good Quality Goods!!!! A Genius came up with that for sure. 
Hey Dolls!

The last weeks have been really busy for me with my semester coming to an end. It is like the end of semester stress most University students tend to encounter. Over this week, I am going to be pushing out a lot of blog posts that back-logged on me since I was too caught up in school and when you are stressed - it is tres difficult to be creative!

Old Faithful Shop, is located in historic Gastown and is a super cool store that I need to visit when I am in the area. Even if I know I am not purchasing anything, the urge to visit it is just too strong. Because I love them oh so much, I even made my YP Smartest for Gorgeous Home Decor

The inside Old Faithful Shop is absolutely gorgeous. I love how they embraced the original brick walls of the building built in 1903 and used it to give the shop a charming vibe. The exposed brick walls do not make Old Faithful rustic because all of the furnishings are modern and contemporary in style. Such as the to die for wood shelves with black metal. This shop gives me so much inspiration! 

The one thing that can either make me love or hate a store is their customer service. Employees are the heart and soul of a brand. Old Faithful Shop have some of the coolest sales associates ever. When he saw I was looking at the Greff Growler (in my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!!) he immediately offered to be my model. Now that is Customer Service y'all! 

With their charming sales associates and perfect balance of antique and contemporary shop setup, Old Faithful sort of stole my heart.... Figuratively speaking no duhhh. Old Faithful Shop's owner, Walter, envisioned a store that provided everyday goods, but of unbeatable quality that stood the test of time. The world has become far too accustomed to disposing and replacing items without a second thought. The pieces Old Faithful Shop carries are heirloom worthy and gives you appreciation for the craftsmen ship that went into it. 

Also, did I mention Old Faithful Shop has a store puppy, an adorable fawn frenchie who I seems to never be there when I visit :( . I am a huge dog lover and frenchie's are one of my all time favourite breeds. Still wishing for the day I meet this much talked about loveable furball. 

So what type of items does Old Faithful Shop carry? They carry a wide variety from 100% wool blankets made in America to gorgeous leather pet accessories. Something I never expected when entering Old Faithful was their impressive array of cocktail and coffee syrups and cocktail mixes and beer making kits. Like wow! I really just like looking at the ornate bottles with colourful syrups and beautiful labels. What really enticed and tested my will power is their selection of infused caramels. Like how can I resist their lavender syrup in the beautiful glass bottle?! 

If you are in Vancouver and happen to be in Gastown, you really must check out Old Faithful Shop. Visiting them is an experience in its own! And you will be getting "Good Quality Goods"!!!!

Let me know in the comments below if you love OFS as much as I do!!!


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