Wednesday 2 December 2015

Gurly's Life | December 2015 Goals

Hello Dolls!

We are entering the 12th and final month for the year 2015. I am really happy that the year is almost over because 2015 has not been kind to me or my family or to many of my friends. There were far too many unfortunate events that took place this year. 

I do not want to keep dwelling on the past, but need to push forward and finish 2015 off on a good note. 

My goals for December 2015!!!!
  • blog 15x !!!
  • Cherish and spend quality time with my friends and family
  • make it a point to connect with friends I have not been in touch since busy life
  • Go and have hot cocoa outside in the snow - yes, I am hoping for snow!
  • Just relax as I have final exams for the first half of December
I have lots of fun stuff planned for December. Just need to get through this crazy last week of lectures for the semester and I promise there are so many post ideas I have in my mind! If there is something in particular you want me to blog about - leave it in the comments below!!!


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