Sunday 31 May 2015

GeekLatte // Google Glass!!!!

Hello Dolls!

As much as I love being a fashionista, I am definitely a little geek at heart! I love cool new tech gadgets and LOVE cars. So when my good friend Richard gave me a call around 9pm yesterday and asked to meet up because he had some cool new goodies, I said YES! 

He had just flown in from San Francisco from the Google Conference from he got two new gadgets. One of them happened to be the updated Google Glass! To get your hands on the Google Glass, you have to be a few lucky someones to be invited by Google to purchase them. Unfortunately, I did not make the special list; however, I do have awesome friends like Richard who always shares his awesome gadgets with me!

The Google Glass IS SO COOL! I am definitely geeking out right now as I sit here and type this post. I can definitely see myself using the Google Glass on a daily basis because it is very functional. 

I was surprised to find that the Google Glass was lighter then a heavy pair of sunglasses. It is super comfortable to wear and you do not notice it until you glance up into the right corner where the little lens is. The technology behind the screen is fascinating (the content is projected onto the small lens). On the right arm of the Glass, there is a touch sensitive track pad where you can scroll through content and select what you would like to view. Furthermore, the Glass pairs up with your cell phone so you can view the same content on your phone at the same time. 

My favourite function of the Google Glass was being able to type out a text by speaking to the Glass. You can watch the text being written on the little lens as you talk and when you are happy with the text, you again can verbally send the text. This is the function I see myself using most because I find it very disruptive to pick up my phone and answer a text when I am in the middle of doing some work! 


Wednesday 27 May 2015

Chic Find // Tattly: Designy Temporary Tattoos!

Hey Dolls!

Summer is coming up quick and we need to get the perfect accessories to pair with our summer dresses and rompers! Temporary Tattoos is the new chic way to accent your outfit! I know temporary tattoos have been hitting the spotlight for some time now, mostly because of cochella; however, temporary tattoos are not just for summer music festivals. 
Temporary Tattoos can be worn with any chic outfit and are a great way to give your look a little bit of edge! 

If you want to be rocking temporary tattoos this spring and summer, I highly recommend checking out Tattly: Designy Temporary Tattoos! There is a huge selection of designs to pick from: Coloured, Black + White, and the ever trendy Metallic! 

Each design comes in a pack of two and the best part is... these are all temporary so you can change it up for each look or mood you are going for! These are fabulous to wear around if you are still not 100% ready to commit to a permanent tattoo. Also, it is a great way to try out different locations on your body to find the best spot for your life long tattoo. As well, Tattly does custom designs!!!

They also have a subscription program... YES MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS which we dolls are always anxious to receive in the mail! hehe! There are various subscription packages so choose what yah like, BUT you do not get to choose your designs so it could be a hit or miss for you. However, with the hipster trend blowing out of control these days, even a tomato temporary tattoo will be the most coolest thing ever your friend will see....Not saying you will be lucky enough to receive a tomato temporary tat in your subscription box!

Its all about the location dolls to pull off a temporary tattoo in a chic manner:

  • The inside of your Wrist or Forearm (Any flowy Tank/Top/Blazar!)
  • Above your ankle (perfect place if you are wearing a Romper!) 
  • The side of your thigh (if you feel daring in your High Waisted Shorts and wedges)
  • Between the shoulders on your back (A bright coloured tat with a White Flowy Tank)
Tattly has also just gotten in a huge new array of designs for the upcoming summer months! You can browse through all of the artists and the designs they have created for Tattly on the Tattly webpage! It is fabulous seeing Tattly support so many fabulous artists! I also want to say a huge thank you to Katherine from Tattly as she was marvellous and gave me a few extra to review for all my readers! 

Waving back from Vancouver!


Monday 25 May 2015

PTL Hearts Peonies // White Cala Lilies

Loving these Fresh White Cala Lilies, picked from my own front yard!
 + Vancouver Candle Co's Fairview Candle!
Hey Dolls!

I am a huge fresh flower lover! To be completely honest, if I had the funds, I definitely would at all times have beautiful fresh flower's in vases all through out my home! Unfortunately, I live the student life and even with two jobs, I do not have the extra cash to be purchasing fresh cut flowers each week :( 

I have lived in my home for about 17 years, and since the day we moved in,each spring our flower bed has been bursting with white Cala Lilies! I am not kidding, I want to say there must be around 100 stems of white Cala Lilies that bloom! Our home is known for its beautiful Cala Lilies, many people stop and take pictures with them. The funniest part is, my family does not do a single thing to aide the Lilies. In fact, my father simply cuts them all off at the end of the season, and even has mowed over the flower bed after the flowers have all died. Imagine if we did tend to the flower bed and added fertilizer, there might be a 1,000 stems of Lilies! 

Fresh White Cala Lilies picked from my front yard and arranged by moi!
The saddest part is watching these beautiful white flowers wilt away :( it breaks my heart so much because they are absolutely stunning! I must take a million and one pictures of them each spring! Fresh beautiful flowers make me happy! I cannot help smile when I walk by something so pure and natural in its beauty! 

I have arranged 9 stems with a few leaves in this beautiful vase which I had picked up from The Cross Design + Decor in Yaletown (One of my go to decor stores!). I was so ecstatic when I had come across this vase since I had wanted a crystal vase for so long, and this one was at a fabulous price!

I definitely am biased towards white Cala Lilies since they bloom each year in my front yard; however, they are a stunning long stemmed flower! (My personal favourite, will and forever remain, the Peony!)


Sunday 24 May 2015

gurly's life // Faux Jumpsuit

Ugh, this was taken on my Blackberry (I love the Keyboard!), photo quality, not so much

Hello Dolls!

Spring+Summer 2015 is all about the one pieces. I am talking about overalls, jumpsuits and rompers! Not only do these pieces give you a full effortless outfit, they are also give you a tres chic and cool vibe! 

You must be wondering from the title, what is a "faux jumpsuit?" It is my word for a jumpsuit that is really two pieces combined to give an illusion of a jumpsuit! It is a clever trick if you want to get more use out of your pieces and not be limited to a single jumpsuit look. Furthermore, as a petite girl, long legged jumpsuits that look flattering on your frame are tough find! Either the torso is too long giving you too much sag, or the legs are too long causing too much scrunching at the ankles. 

I wore my "faux jumpsuit" to my younger brother's grade 12 graduation dinner. I received so many lovely compliments on my outfit, and everyone was shocked when I revealed to them that my outfit was NOT a jumpsuit! To create my "faux jumpsuit,"I had paired a flowy silk top with the same matching print of silk bottoms. The bottoms had a tied waist detail which further added to the allusion I was wearing a jumpsuit. With the tank tucked in, I got a great flowy top being cinched at the waste and then flowy legs. 

To complete my "faux jumpsuit" look, I wore a taupe silk unstructured blazer and a BCBG colour block clutch. For shoes, I opted for my nude pumps with a wooden stacked heel from Michael Kors. Fun fact: These are the exact heels I had bought and worn for my own grade 12 graduation dinner at the Fairmont Vancouver! The nude pump gave me longer looking legs (since I am a petite girl, these small tricks are life savers!). I went with simple makeup, just black liner, mascara and a nude lip.

My "faux jumpsuit" and blazer are all from Aritzia: bottoms, topblazer 

I hope you loved this clever outfit trick! It is definitely a good way to make your closet more versatile, especially if you are on a student budget! I like to invest in classic quality pieces that I know I can wear several ways! 

My Brother + Me. Does he not look fabulous!

And for those curious, my little brother saved up all of his money and got himself a gorgeous Versace suit + that blue silk boutonnière is tres chic! I am proud of my handsome little brother for firstly being independent and secondly, investing his money in a gorgeous timeless suit! 


Thursday 21 May 2015

Chic Finds // Jewelry Storage

Hi Dolls!

I love jewelry, particularly a little bit of ring bling and bracelets! Necklaces, not so much because there are three necklaces I wear at all times, in fact, I do not even know when I had last removed them! In the past, I have stored my jewelry in the original boxes or dust bags they came in. Then I became lazy and started dropping my jewelry into a small trinket dish. Not a good idea if you own pieces that are sterling silver or 18Kt gold with precious gem stones! The pieces rub together and lose their shine and not mention get scratched! 

I did not want to go out and pick out any jewelry box, I wanted a storage solution for rings as well as my bracelets. I also did not want a jewelry box which is large and clunky. Something small, unique and chic was what I was on the hunt for!

After wondering through many shops and websites, West Elm was my saviour. I fell in love with these two jewelry boxes! Yay! 

My Ring Bling Box! Technically, it was designed and marketed as a cufflink box; however, the indents are identical to ring storage sections in jewelry boxes. It is a beautiful handcrafted box made from wood and brass accents! The interior fabric is rustic and matches my second jewelry box!

My New Bracelet + Earrings Box: clean lines, clear glass, and gold metal edges. The linen lined fabric is light in colour, allowing your jewelry to be seen clearly! My favourite part about this jewelry box is that the clear glass lets your see your jewelry even when the lid is closed! My biggest pet peeves about other jewelry boxes are that they are generally lined with a dark black felt lining, which makes it see all your pieces. I opted to get the small square box and 100% know you will love it as much as I do!


Sunday 17 May 2015

Chic Life // Shoes I HEART for SS2015

Hey Dolls!
Now that it is getting warm out, it is time to put away the winter boots and to stock up on your spring and summer shoes! Staying on top of the latest trends is what all of us fashionistas strive for; however, fashion is also about expressing your individualism! Do not go out and get a pair of funky futuristic leopard print clogs if you are not loving them...

From what I see, this season the gladiator type shoes are back, but more Bohoesque. So think tassels, and strappyness.  Not as structured anymore. As well, "ugly shoes" haha personally, I love my birkenstocks, so NO they are NOT ugly! I am seeing white sneakers, cut out shoes as well as MULES. Personally, I am not a fan of mules. The mule look is not for me! 

ONE: Birkenstocks ladies! The most comfortable "sandal" you will ever wear! I love the white colour for the summer. These will not kill your feet on a long day of errands. They look great paired with white jeans, shorts, and even fun summer dresses! Just be confident and rock it dolls!

TWO: The flat with a wee bit of point. Again, comfortable and classy pair of shoes for the summer. Pairs easily with multiple outfits and you do not even need a pedicure! 

THREE: Cut out shoes are new for me this season. For this style, I think the simpler the lines, the more chic the shoe will look. We are not going for strappy, more of a bold thicker band. 

FOUR: Boho inspired strappy sandals are all the rage this spring/summer 2015! I am loving them! Partly because I have always wanted to be a ballerina and tie those beautiful ribbons around my calves hehe! 

FIVE: These I threw in because I am not fond of mules, but these sandals have a good chunky heel, and exposed back. Plus, these strappy, studded, gladiator sandals are tres chic! Love the neutral colour!

SIX: White sneakers, I opted for the classic white Converse. They are comfortable, affordable and not to mention, can give an outfit the right amount of edge! 

Be yourselves doll! Take inspiration from trends and do not force yourself to wear styles that are not fond of. You want to feel confident and excited to be strutting in your shoes!


Thursday 14 May 2015

Latte Moment // A MINI SMORES Frappuccino!

Hello Dolls!

We all love a nice cold frappuccino on a hot spring/summer day. But if you are like me, those frappuccinos can be very filling and tough to finish. I feel as though Starbucks has heard our frappuccino anguish and has given us the MINI size! 

About time if you ask me! I always have gotten the tall frappuccino,but each and every time  I have struggled to finish the last half of my drink. The Mini is for us Chic ladies who just like to sip a little Starbucks, but not turn a treat into a struggle. Because, wasting precious liquid gold from Starbucks is unacceptable!

Also, HELLO to the SMORES Frappuccino! 

It is a layered frappuccino starting from the bottom we have got:

  • Marshmellow-infused whip cream
  • Milk Chocolate Sauce
  • A creamy blend of graham, coffee, milk and ice
  • More Marshmallow Whip Cream!
  • Sprinkling of graham cracker crumble!

I dare say that the new Smores Frap is a tad sweet. Especially the marshmellow-infused whipped cream! It has a bit of a weird texture when it mixes in with the icy creamy blend of graham, coffee, milk and ice! 

I do highly suggest you get the cookie straw! Boo for it being an extra and not included in the drink...haha but does make your drink much more entertaining! It is long enough to fit your Venti sized drink, so I ate half of it before using it as my straw for my Mini Frap! Hehe

Try it ladies and give me your thoughts, yay for the MINI?


Monday 11 May 2015

Chic Finds // Pineapples + Pocket Notebooks

L'Atelier Home's Pineapple Trinket Jar as well as Rifle Paper Co. pocket notebooks from Meadow!

Hi Dolls!

I am so excited to share with you a new decor store (well new to me!) that I came across by chance when I was shopping in GasTown! L'Atelier Home!!! It is a small store since it specializes in custom furniture, but it does offer a select few hand picked decor items. The pieces are of fabulous quality and so darn chic! Sigh that I already have all of my furniture for my bedroom so I cannot get the tufted headboard in the most luxurious fabric ever!

On my trip there I could not help myself but pick up the cutest little Pineapple Jar... Pineapple's are all the rage this season dolls! I wonder if I can be sponsored by a fruit because all I seem to talk about is pineapples. Fun fact, I am not very fond of how pineapples taste.... hehe! The inside of the jar is glazed while the exterior has been kept matte white. As well the attention to detail is spectacular. All of the diagonal lines on the lid perfectly match up with the bottom. I also believe the leaves of the pineapple jar are handmade since the tops were not identical. 

Not only did I come across the chic L'Atelier Home, I also found a new paper shop. No surprise there as I am obsessed with cute pens and notebooks. Meadow Gifts & Apparel is an adorable little shop full of fabulous paper goods as well as jewelry. They also carry a small selection of clothing, YAY! 

I picked up the Rosa pocket notebook set by Rifle Paper Co! They are the perfect size to carry in your purse, even fits in a clutch. I got them for the sole purpose of carrying the notebooks around with me as I want to have a place to jot down my blogging ideas while I am out on the go! 


Friday 8 May 2015

Edible Obsession: West Restaurant vancouve

Hey Dolls!

I love delicious food, in fact, I just love eating! While I was shopping along Granville st.... Ooops two days in a row, my friend and I were getting famished so we went to the first restaurant we saw.

West Restaurant Vancouver is GORGEOUS! I was shocked when I stepped inside since the entrance to the restaurant is so tiny! its literally a single door between shops, you practically walk by it without a second glance  The entrance is very deceiving since it is quite large inside, with amazing high ceilings and a ginormous floor to ceiling wall of delicious wines. Can I be the first to say this restaurant is soo darn BOUGIE! 

Our waitress was very sweet and kind and brought us a second basket of bread as we had polished the first off so quick (again, starving students as per usual). She had taken her time to explain all of our questions and even taught me how twitter works on my phone! Haha I have never been much of a twitterer, but it definitely shows how sweet she is! I feel awful for not remembering her name, I wish I did! 

Okay, these pictures are not the greatest, in fact I took them on my iPad because it felt even more ruder to pull out my giant DSLR camera and start snapping away in this gorgeous bougie restaurant!
I had the double stuffed ravioli (farmhouse goat cheese + beetroot  + basil + sauce verge)

My friend had the diver caught scallops (young fennel in textures + bacon jam) and paccheri pasta as her main (braised beef with red wine + mushrooms + mustard)

We were absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal and surprisingly nor she or I had no room for dessert?!?! CRAZY!

The waitress being such a sweetheart did bring us Banana Rum Chocolate truffles with our bill and boy were those little truffles amazing! So creamy and smooth and full of flavour. They do sell the truffles separately so I will definitely be stopping by next time to grab a box! 

Lastly --> The Shirley Temple was PERFECT! My drink of choice is the Shirley Temple (Fresh Orange Juice + Ginger ale + Splash of Grenadine). Do not judge, I am sure you dolls love the shirley temple as much as I do hehe! 


Wednesday 6 May 2015

Chic Life: Rifle Paper Co. Makes Apparel?!

EEEK This pattern is so darn gorgeous!
Hello Dolls!
If you are into stationary as much as I am, you would be familiar with the brand Rifle Paper Co. This brand is available in the majority of paper shops as it is quality product with chic designs! Now, what I did not know was that Rifle Paper Co. has a clothing line with Paper Crown (Lauren Conrad's online shop). It was confusing at first since Rifle Paper Co.... does PAPER?! But then you realized Rifle Paper Co. used two of their most gorgeous patterns (one of which is my personal favourite: The Spanish Rose) as the floral pattern on the garments. 

It is definitely worth checking out since the pieces are tres chic! I may also be biased as I am in love with the Spanish Rose's pattern and want to cover myself in it head to toe. The pattern is just so rich and bold, I love the deep Navy Blue with bright Coral Pink roses! It is a beautiful juxtaposition of colours that work brilliantly together! Navy Blue and Coral Pink happen to be my favourite colours (I currently have my nails painted navy blue with one gold accent nail). 

The line is on the pricier end of a student's budget. I definitely have always invested in quality pieces but when a top is nearing the $200 range, it is pushing the student budget here! As well, since the majority of the pieces use chiffon silk, one of my most favourite fabrics, you are required to dry clean which is not student friendly. 

Regardless of all the facts, if I could try on the pieces and looked amazing, I would not hesitate to invest as I am young and this is when I can make big purchases! As cliche as this may sound and not chic of me to say... You do only live once now do we not? 

TL - Greeting card, TR - iPhone Case, BL - Notebooks, BR - Greeting card

Along with the apparel line, Rifle Paper Co. created a few stationary pieces and art prints with Paper Crown. The Birthday Girl design is my favourite! Those sunglasses are so chic and not to mention the adorable scarf she is wearing in her hair! If I had an iPhone (I have a BLACKBERRY!), I would definitely be rocking the clear peach blossom phone case! 

Overall, this collaboration with Paper Crown was a brilliant one for Rifle Paper Co! The pieces look fabulous and maybe I might get my self a select few items! Hehe

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below. What do you think of Rifle Paper Co.'s apparel line with Lauren Conrad's Paper Crown brand? 


Tuesday 5 May 2015

Furry Friends: Meet Olive!

Hey Dolls!
Those who know me, will not be surprised at this post because I LOVE DOGS! I think they are such adorable creatures that are always happy and their happiness just rubs off on you so you cannot help be happy like them!

I was strolling around Yaletown when I came across a shop named Bark Babies.... and through the window I saw the cutest most adorable little French Bulldog wondering the shop! Needless to say, I ran into the store and grabbed her and hugged her and loved her! She is just such a cuddly frenchie and french bulldogs are one of my favourite dog breeds! Her name was Olive and Ms. Olive was a stylish pooch. She was rocking a grey hoodie with pink piping by Adidas! I just had to share Olive with all of you because she is just tres kewt! I wish I could have taken her home with me :( 


P.S. Excuse how horrendous I look in the picture but Olive is the focus here!

Sunday 3 May 2015

Chic Life: Gold Lipped Tea Cups

Gold Lipped Teacup and saucer.. YES PLEASE!
Hey Dolls!
It is such a gorgeous day out in Vancouver today. The sun is shining bright and it is just lovely to feel the warmth against my skin, but just a wee bit windy. 

Dolls, over the weekend I received an email from one of my all time favourite boutiques, The Latest Scoop! When I opened that email, I almost died from how cute these gold kissed teacups with saucer were and just needed to get my hands on them before they were all gone. I cannot even express to you in words how determined I was to call two of these cup and saucers "mine" that even had a friend call in advance and have the shop put aside two for me!

Oh they are just so perfect in person, the gold lips are not only the cup, but also in the centre of the saucer. Both the saucer and cup are rimmed in gold and I am almost tempted to say the gold is real plating! That is how fabulous the quality is! The shape of the cup is feminine with a delicate handle. Can you not just imagine serving tea in them when you have a friend over (for me of course, it would be a latte!). 

The teacup and saucer were from the Granville st. location of The Latest Scoop. I am unsure if the teacup and saucer are available at the other two locations in the lower mainland. I am sorry to my dolls who do not live in the Vancouver lower mainland; however, the Latest Scoop will be launching their online store very soon! 

I will be doing a full blog post dedicated to The Latest Scoop in the upcoming weeks as I want to share with you a few clothing pieces I have picked up as well as pictures of the Granville st. location! I just could not contain my excitement over these teacups and needed to share them with all of you! The gold lipped teacup and saucer was in the Latest Scoop's Mother's Day Gift Guide email and I agree with them, these would be a wonderful gift for your Mum! 


Saturday 2 May 2015

Gift Guide: Mother's Day!

I am playing around with doing hand drawn graphics, so what do you think of the title for the picture?

Hey dolls!
Mother's day is coming up quick and we all want to show our mum's how grateful we are to have them in our lives! Mother's are definitely your number one friend who will always be there for you no matter what happens. Even when we make silly mistakes, mums are still going to be your biggest cheerleader and supporter of all your dreams. 

If you have a mum like mine, who has everything she needs and wants, it can be tough finding a gift for her! However, it is not just about giving them a gift, you want to be able to show them how much your mum means to you. 

You do not necessarily need to purchase her a lavish gift because it is the thought that matters. My personal favourite is to get my Mum fresh cut flowers in a beautiful crystal vase or a gorgeous frame with our picture in it. You can also opt to take her out for a Mother's day brunch or a mother-daughter high tea! 

For 2015 Mother's day, I have selected five small gifts ranging from lavish to small and sweet. But the most important thing to do on Mother's day is tell her how much you love her <3 

ONE: Chanel N°5, a classic perfume for every Mum! 

TWO: Midi Rings. My mum is very trendy and loves to stay atop the latest fashion trends. If your mum is like mine, she will love these cute adorable sterling silver midi rings! (Ring 2)

THREE: It is PINEAPPLE FEVER this season! Its just such a cute gold pineapple jar from H&M from their affordable home collection. It is a unique and unexpected gift your Mum could receive! The Pineapple also comes in silver finish! 

FOUR: This is a trinket dish from the Sweet Nothings collection at Paper-Luxe. I absolutely fell in love with the unique shape and the chic arrow detail in the dish. There are other equally cute trinket dishes on their online site so check it out! 

FIVE: You can never ever go wrong with a Mother's day card; however, you can jazz it up a little by going for this Light Up CARD! I have never ever seen a light-up card before and it can also be a metaphor for how your mum lights up your days! It can be found at one of my all time paper shops: Urbanic Paper! 


Friday 1 May 2015

Edible Obsession, Vancouver: ChocolaTas

Hey Dolls,
it is no secret I have a huge sweet tooth and LOVE chocolates! Especially when it comes to handcrafted delectable bougie chocolates! hehe So it is no shock when I was meandering through the MarketPlace on Granville Island, I gravitated towards the chocolate store! The store is called ChocolaTas and is known for real ingredients from all around the world. This is why the chocolates have a  short shelf life that only makes me love them more since they are preservative free! 

I am a bit of an oddball because I selected my tin first, not the chocolates... But the little blue tin was so darn cute!!! The insert within the blue tin required me to select two dome shaped chocolates and two square chocolates. 

The Domed Chocolates I Chose:
--> Pistachio (White Chocolate Pistachio Mousse with Nougatine)
--> Raspberry (Local, Organic Raspberries infused in Dark Chocolate Ganache)

The Square Chocolates I Chose:
--> Orange (Fresh Orange infused in Dark Chocolate)
--> Pepper & Mango (Mango pate de fruits and Pepper Ganache)

The most unique flavoured chocolate I have ever tried has to be the Pepper & Mango! Firstly, it just seems weird. Pepper? Who puts pepper in chocolate. I am going to be honest, what comes to my mind is Black Pepper, so I should have asked the sales associate to tell me what type of pepper are we talking about. I want to say it is suppose to be chillies - the spicy kind since fiery chillies have been paired with chocolate in the past. From tasting the chocolate, I am still leaning towards it being Black Pepper. I personally was not too big of a fan of this piece as it was just a bit of a weird mix which made me sad since my favourite fruit is Mangos! 

The Orange was divine (I love citrus and chocolates!) as well as Raspberry (My favourite fruit to be paired with chocolate). Pistachio was a miss for me probably because I do not enjoy white chocolate very much. 

Overall, a great little chocolate shop, but it does not out rank my favourites, Thierry chocolates! You can check out their chocolate selection HERE!

Let me know of any amazing chocolate shops I must go to!