Sunday 31 May 2015

GeekLatte // Google Glass!!!!

Hello Dolls!

As much as I love being a fashionista, I am definitely a little geek at heart! I love cool new tech gadgets and LOVE cars. So when my good friend Richard gave me a call around 9pm yesterday and asked to meet up because he had some cool new goodies, I said YES! 

He had just flown in from San Francisco from the Google Conference from he got two new gadgets. One of them happened to be the updated Google Glass! To get your hands on the Google Glass, you have to be a few lucky someones to be invited by Google to purchase them. Unfortunately, I did not make the special list; however, I do have awesome friends like Richard who always shares his awesome gadgets with me!

The Google Glass IS SO COOL! I am definitely geeking out right now as I sit here and type this post. I can definitely see myself using the Google Glass on a daily basis because it is very functional. 

I was surprised to find that the Google Glass was lighter then a heavy pair of sunglasses. It is super comfortable to wear and you do not notice it until you glance up into the right corner where the little lens is. The technology behind the screen is fascinating (the content is projected onto the small lens). On the right arm of the Glass, there is a touch sensitive track pad where you can scroll through content and select what you would like to view. Furthermore, the Glass pairs up with your cell phone so you can view the same content on your phone at the same time. 

My favourite function of the Google Glass was being able to type out a text by speaking to the Glass. You can watch the text being written on the little lens as you talk and when you are happy with the text, you again can verbally send the text. This is the function I see myself using most because I find it very disruptive to pick up my phone and answer a text when I am in the middle of doing some work! 


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