Friday 8 May 2015

Edible Obsession: West Restaurant vancouve

Hey Dolls!

I love delicious food, in fact, I just love eating! While I was shopping along Granville st.... Ooops two days in a row, my friend and I were getting famished so we went to the first restaurant we saw.

West Restaurant Vancouver is GORGEOUS! I was shocked when I stepped inside since the entrance to the restaurant is so tiny! its literally a single door between shops, you practically walk by it without a second glance  The entrance is very deceiving since it is quite large inside, with amazing high ceilings and a ginormous floor to ceiling wall of delicious wines. Can I be the first to say this restaurant is soo darn BOUGIE! 

Our waitress was very sweet and kind and brought us a second basket of bread as we had polished the first off so quick (again, starving students as per usual). She had taken her time to explain all of our questions and even taught me how twitter works on my phone! Haha I have never been much of a twitterer, but it definitely shows how sweet she is! I feel awful for not remembering her name, I wish I did! 

Okay, these pictures are not the greatest, in fact I took them on my iPad because it felt even more ruder to pull out my giant DSLR camera and start snapping away in this gorgeous bougie restaurant!
I had the double stuffed ravioli (farmhouse goat cheese + beetroot  + basil + sauce verge)

My friend had the diver caught scallops (young fennel in textures + bacon jam) and paccheri pasta as her main (braised beef with red wine + mushrooms + mustard)

We were absolutely stuffed by the end of the meal and surprisingly nor she or I had no room for dessert?!?! CRAZY!

The waitress being such a sweetheart did bring us Banana Rum Chocolate truffles with our bill and boy were those little truffles amazing! So creamy and smooth and full of flavour. They do sell the truffles separately so I will definitely be stopping by next time to grab a box! 

Lastly --> The Shirley Temple was PERFECT! My drink of choice is the Shirley Temple (Fresh Orange Juice + Ginger ale + Splash of Grenadine). Do not judge, I am sure you dolls love the shirley temple as much as I do hehe! 


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