Thursday 21 May 2015

Chic Finds // Jewelry Storage

Hi Dolls!

I love jewelry, particularly a little bit of ring bling and bracelets! Necklaces, not so much because there are three necklaces I wear at all times, in fact, I do not even know when I had last removed them! In the past, I have stored my jewelry in the original boxes or dust bags they came in. Then I became lazy and started dropping my jewelry into a small trinket dish. Not a good idea if you own pieces that are sterling silver or 18Kt gold with precious gem stones! The pieces rub together and lose their shine and not mention get scratched! 

I did not want to go out and pick out any jewelry box, I wanted a storage solution for rings as well as my bracelets. I also did not want a jewelry box which is large and clunky. Something small, unique and chic was what I was on the hunt for!

After wondering through many shops and websites, West Elm was my saviour. I fell in love with these two jewelry boxes! Yay! 

My Ring Bling Box! Technically, it was designed and marketed as a cufflink box; however, the indents are identical to ring storage sections in jewelry boxes. It is a beautiful handcrafted box made from wood and brass accents! The interior fabric is rustic and matches my second jewelry box!

My New Bracelet + Earrings Box: clean lines, clear glass, and gold metal edges. The linen lined fabric is light in colour, allowing your jewelry to be seen clearly! My favourite part about this jewelry box is that the clear glass lets your see your jewelry even when the lid is closed! My biggest pet peeves about other jewelry boxes are that they are generally lined with a dark black felt lining, which makes it see all your pieces. I opted to get the small square box and 100% know you will love it as much as I do!


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