Sunday 3 May 2015

Chic Life: Gold Lipped Tea Cups

Gold Lipped Teacup and saucer.. YES PLEASE!
Hey Dolls!
It is such a gorgeous day out in Vancouver today. The sun is shining bright and it is just lovely to feel the warmth against my skin, but just a wee bit windy. 

Dolls, over the weekend I received an email from one of my all time favourite boutiques, The Latest Scoop! When I opened that email, I almost died from how cute these gold kissed teacups with saucer were and just needed to get my hands on them before they were all gone. I cannot even express to you in words how determined I was to call two of these cup and saucers "mine" that even had a friend call in advance and have the shop put aside two for me!

Oh they are just so perfect in person, the gold lips are not only the cup, but also in the centre of the saucer. Both the saucer and cup are rimmed in gold and I am almost tempted to say the gold is real plating! That is how fabulous the quality is! The shape of the cup is feminine with a delicate handle. Can you not just imagine serving tea in them when you have a friend over (for me of course, it would be a latte!). 

The teacup and saucer were from the Granville st. location of The Latest Scoop. I am unsure if the teacup and saucer are available at the other two locations in the lower mainland. I am sorry to my dolls who do not live in the Vancouver lower mainland; however, the Latest Scoop will be launching their online store very soon! 

I will be doing a full blog post dedicated to The Latest Scoop in the upcoming weeks as I want to share with you a few clothing pieces I have picked up as well as pictures of the Granville st. location! I just could not contain my excitement over these teacups and needed to share them with all of you! The gold lipped teacup and saucer was in the Latest Scoop's Mother's Day Gift Guide email and I agree with them, these would be a wonderful gift for your Mum! 


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