SHOP Suncatcher Decals

Turn a sunny day into a rainbow-filled day with Suncatcher Decals! 

Apply the decal to a clean window that receives plenty of direct sunlight and watch your space be filled with rays of rainbows. 

Window direction determines the time of day you will see rainbows: 

East - morning rainbows
South - mid-day rainbows
West - evening rainbows
North - not recommended

There are 9 different designs to pick from! I am proud to say that all designs are my own and I spent months working on them. 

The suncatchers are packaging-free. No backing cards. No plastic sleeves. Sustainability is a core value of mine and I hope to inspire more companies to forego packaging to reduce waste.

At this time, the Suncatcher Decals will only be available in storefronts. If you want to see the Suncatcher Decals in a city near you, leave a comment below with the shop name that you feel would be a great fit.  

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