Thursday 30 April 2015

Chic Life: Pineapples Galore!

Pineapples! Hand drawn piece with watercolour brush work.
Hope you love it dolls!
Hey Dolls!
The weather has just been so darn awful in Vancouver as of late and pictures just do not look as great without natural lighting. We have been having multiple weathers in one day... Rain, Wind, Sun, Cloudy and Hail?! This gloomy weather has got me down and I am craving for some sunshine already. Crossing my fingers for lots of sunshine tomorrow so I can start working on a glowing summer tan!

With the unpleasant weather, I have been spending some time online browsing and shopping and I must say, pineapples are all the rage right now! And I am loving it! Pina Coladas anyone? Perhaps it is a sign I should be heading somewhere hot and tropical to enjoy some icy pineapple beverages poolside! hehe 

Spring & Summer 2015 is full of fun fruit patterns, with pineapples as the winning fruit! The bright sunny yellow is a joyful fun colour to rock during the warmer days. Not to mention, pineapple patterns and prints on shirts and dresses would look so darn cute at music festivals. It is also quite versatile as pineapple shaped containers are an adorable decorative piece to have in your home as it is such a unique shape and will stand out amongst your other pieces! I have my eye on a porcelain pineapple jar that is matte white to display on my desk! 

Pineapples - get on it dolls! You do not want to miss out on this tropical funky fruit to rock this spring/summer season! 


Sunday 26 April 2015

Desk Goodies: Ten Chic Items for your Desk!

Your work space also needs to match your chic style!
These are the ten chic desk items I am dying for right now!

ONE: This adorable tray from Kate Spade gets me really excited because I LOVE receiving letters in the mail! 

TWO: Lighting a candle in my bedroom is soothing especially when it has a pleasant scent. 
This jar of matches are just too cute and rustic and much more fun to have than a plain old box of matches. 

THREE: I think it is no secret that I am a huge obsessor over yellow gold, so of course a gold stapler is what I need from Kate Spade! Brings glam to any desk!

FOUR: Let me be the first to say, why is there no Sugar Paper store in Vancouver? All of their items are too darn cute! This white binder with gold corner pieces is tres chic!

FIVE: I am helping my daddy with his business' paperwork so obviously I needed folders and these gold polka-dot folders scream gurly!

SIX: I gasped when I saw these golden eiffel tower scissors! I dream to visit the city of Paris! (insert my french accent!!). These scissors are a step closer to reaching my goal of visiting the land of boulangeries! haha

SEVEN: It is a must to have a coaster on your desk. Coffee rings, are NOT cute. The gold heart on this coaster with the scalloped perimeter is adorable!

EIGHT: I do not like getting paper cuts or ruining my manicure, so having a gold letter opener is a no brainer!

NINE: Cross Designs is by far my FAVOURITE interior decoration store in Vancouver. In the heart of their store they have a "paper shop" in which you will find the cutest and chicest desk goodies! This weekly planner is not only going to help you organize your week, but is also a mouse pad. 

TEN: Dolls, of course I would never forget to include a little Starbucks! I have two of these glass cold cups myself! I also have the plastic ones, but glass is far more bougie and the recycled glass tinted green looks rustic and unique on a chic desk! I generally sip water from it through out the day!

Share with me your favourite desk goodies or items your lust over to complete your chic work station. I would love to hear if you like any of the goodies I have chosen. 


Saturday 25 April 2015

Latte Moment: April 24 Free Starbucks Day?

April 24, 2015 Free Starbucks?!
I am so upset right now because I missed out on the FREE Starbucks yesterday. I was unwell in bed studying for a final when I received a text from a friend telling me how Starbucks' Point of Sales program was down; therefore, Starbucks was giving drinks for free! Turns out, this was not isolated to one location, Starbucks' computer system was down all across Canada and USA! This occurred around 4pm PST and I think they got their computers back online around 9:30 pm. 

Some locations gave out free drinks for a few hours and eventually closed their stores, while some locations restricted what type of free drink you were allowed to order as well only one per person. Needless to say, if you were lucky, you got a free drink! 

Even though I am a gold member --> No DUH, I do get a free handcrafted beverage or food choice after earning 12 stars. HOWEVER, that does not compare to the thrill of walking into your local Starbucks and being given your drink for free!

Dolls, I think April 24 from now on should be International FREE Starbucks DAY! Starbucks is a giant business whose revenues would not suffer if they gave out Free Drinks one day out of a year? APRIL 24 FREE STARBUCKS DAY! 

So since I missed out on the free Starbucks yesterday, the only logical thing to do was to go out and get my own darn drink! I am special too! So today dolls, I am sipping on my Grande Lite Ice Black Tea Lemonade! The secret to getting more out of your iced beverages is to ask for "Lite Ice," otherwise, you end up with 3/4 of a glass of ice!

Also, I am sorry Dolls that I have not been posting as much as usual. Just really not well and swamped with finals :( BUT my last final is on Tuesday so Summer is almost here!


Wednesday 22 April 2015

Latte Moment: We Will Miss You Birthday Cake Truffle!

Hey Dolls!
As I enjoyed my Extra Hot Green Tea Latte w/ Whip from Starbucks, I savoured some truffles. My last TWO Birthday Cake Truffles from Godiva Chocolatier. 

Dolls, if you have been into your nearest Godiva Boutique, you will notice their chocolate glass case is changing. To my dismay, they are reducing the number of varieties of truffles they offer in the glass case since they want to include more non-truffle chocolates. I do not know how i feel about that. Are truffles not the most amazing way to enjoy chocolate? Why would you opt for a seashell or chocolate pieces when you can enjoy a truffle which is filled with the most exquisite flavours. Plus truffles are Bougie!!!! Who does not want to feel a little bougie ;) 

One of the truffles which is leaving our lives for now from the glass case is the Birthday Cake Truffle! Sadness, that pink delight will be highly missed by me. The outer coating of white chocolate coloured pink sprinkled with little white sprinkles, with an inner coating of milk chocolate filled with vanilla cake mousse mixed in with colourful sprinkles! LIKE YUMMMM

Stock up on the birthday cake truffle before they are no longer available from the glass case and are only available through the truffle flights! I personally avoid the pre-packaged truffles since I am not a big fan of having caramel with my chocolate. Plus there are a few flavours that are not appetizing to me such as the Strawberry Creme Tart Truffle. Im just not a fan of the strawberry filling. 

Let me know in the comments below which truffles you think are the most fabulous!


Monday 20 April 2015

Edible Obsession, Vancouver: Outpost Mini Donut Co.

How can you not but love this amazing gourmet donut shop! Go Output Mini Donut Co.!!
L- The cutest inside setup! Top R - Donuts being prepared! Bot R- Finished mini donuts!

Hey Dolls!

yes! MINI DONUTS! The Outpost Mini Donut Co. is in Steveston Village in Richmond BC. This place is no ordinary place, firstly this has to be the only store that specializes in donuts and not be at a carnival or amusement park. Secondly, these are GOURMET mini donuts! Not just cinnamon sugar, but there is boston cream, and lemon curd. 

I got half a dozen = 2 Boston Creams, 2 Lemon Curds, 1 Cinnamon Sugar and 1 Coconut!

The custard for the Boston Cream mini donut was AMAZING. It was the perfect consistency and texture with the perfect amount of sweetness. Glazed over with chocolate.. YUM. And my favourite of course is the Lemon = dollop of tart and sweet lemon curd with more drizzling of lemon icing!

Top R - Mini Donuts being freshly cooked!!!!!

The donuts are made fresh daily and the ingredients are locally sourced!
1/2 Dozen ($4.75); Baker's Dozen ($7.50)

The classic flavours (available all year round):
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Chocolate Icing w/ sprinkles
  • Vanilla Bean Icing w/ sprinkles
  • Maple Icing w/ sprinkles
In addition to the classic flavours, they have featured seasonal flavours!

Their current seasonal flavours are:
  • Lemon
  • Coconut
  • Blueberry
  • Boston Cream
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
Generally anything that is not too overpoweringly sweet is right up my alley. So my favourites are the lemon, Boston cream, peanut butter and jelly and the best of them is cinnamon sugar! Trust me, these cinnamon sugar mini donuts are a million times more scrumptious then the ones you get at the fair. Also they are far better balanced with sweetness and nutty cinnamon! 
Check out their website:

The only problem is, these donuts are just so mini and delicious that they disappear too quick :( 

and remember "sharing is caring!"


Sunday 19 April 2015

Chic Life: Sympathy for the Skin Body and Hand Cream!!!

If you have been following me, you would know I finished my amazing Khiels Whipped Body Butter  which was OH SO AMAZING! It was given to me as a gift from my daddy and unfortunately it is out of my budget at this time to re-purchase! But that is okay because I have discovered Lush's Sympathy for the Skin Body and Hand Cream! Haha I am also a body cream connoisseur, I totally bathe myself in cream when I moisturize my body! Head to toe!!!! Haha

Oh My Goodness, I just cannot express to you in words the amazing scent this cream has. It is in no way an artificial smelling cream because it is not over powering. It is like a light banana with vanilla deliciousness! You honestly just have to go smell it in stores because I can guarantee you shall be walking out of the store with your own tub of amazingness! 

So how does the Sympathy for the Skin body and hand cream by Lush compare to Khiels Creme De Corps Whipped Body Butter?

Sympathy for the Skin is definitely a much lighter cream. Even in consistency you can tell. The Creme de Corps is a very thick whipped cream texture while the Sympathy for Skin is more liquid in texture. It also soaks into your skin much quicker then the Creme De Corps since it is a lighter cream. HOWEVER, it definitely does deliver the same softening and hydrating effect as the Creme De Corps. Therefore, there is less of a greasy residue lingering on your skin! Which is always a bonus because I do not like to put on a nice pair of nylons or pants when my legs are still sticky from a cream. 

I also like the fact that Lush's Sympathy for the Skin is FAIR-TRADE, the bananas are organic which are directly mashed into the cream! As well the vanilla is natural and fair-trade, probably why it smells oh so amazing! This product has an expiry of just over a year and does not require refrigeration. I do think during the hotter months I might store it in a cooler area or might even pop it in the fridge during the days! And lastly, once you have collected five black Lush containers, you can bring them in for a free Lush Fresh Face Mask

It is $26.95 for a 250g tub. Yes, it does seem pricy, but if you want amazing skin and know that you are not putting harsh chemicals onto your body, then you will definitely invest in this cream! Plus it lasts a year and I bet you will use it more knowing it expires in a year! Well, I know that I would not want it going to waste!

Side note - I really like how LUSH products come in these black tubs. Not sure why, but I like them! Plus you can scrape out every bit of the product easily!


Friday 17 April 2015

Savvy Student: Chipotle LOVE

Hey Dolls, 
I LOVE FOOD and my favourite cuisine is MEXICAN! Tacos YES PLEASE! And guacomole YUMMMM because avocados are what make the world better!

If you live in Vancouver, you would know we were given our very own Chipotle Location two years ago! However, the struggle can be hard as Chipotle is so delicious, yet on the pricier end of the quick grab foods. Furthermore, it is even more difficult and saddening when you are coming to the end of your delicious burrito. 

Here is a Savvy Student tip to help you get the most Chipotle food!

Chipotle has one single pricing for the meats/veg choice and the style of meal you like. So if its a chicken burrito or a tofu burrito bowl, it will cost exactly the same! You can also get a mixture of meats - my favourite is half sofrita (Tofu mixture!) and half chicken! YUMMY! Generally, most food places do not like it when you ask for half and half and at times state there will be an extra charge, but NOPE! Not at chipotle, you get that chicken with steak or double steak!

However, you will have noticed there is a portion size difference between the burrito, soft/hard tacos and the burrito bowl. 

Portion Sizes:
Soft/Hard Taco < Burrito < Burrito Bowl

It is wisest to choose the burrito bowl, but here is the secret - you can ask for your tortilla or tacos on the side! YES! They will with no extra charge give you a warm tortilla wrap on the side with your burrito bowl. They are so cute they wrap the warmed tortillas in aluminum foil. 

VOILA! Now you are getting much more filling and also get to build your own tacos or burritos!!!!!!!!! 


Chic Life: MAC is Beauty

Hey Dolls!

I was hanging out at Metrotown today with a friend and was drawn to the MAC makeup store! They had pink stickers of salon type motifs all over their large window. Inside I was greeted with more pink salon decorations. They had a rack of bottles and sprays all painted pink and a cart with a hairdryer and two mannequin heads with wigs. One of the wigs had soda cans as rollers haha (Reminded me of Lady Gaga in the Telephone music video!!) And of course, the soda cans were painted a pretty lilac purple as was the rest of the cart and accessories on the cart! It was just a fun vibe in the store today with a male actor styling the wigs. 

As part of the MAC event for the MAC is Beauty collection, they were offering complimentary makeovers! They were quick makeovers lasting around 15 mins, one on one with a makeup artist. Shout out to my fab makeup artist who gave me flawless skin and big beautiful eyes in 10 mins!!!! She was so sweet and I just had to let her be as creative as she wanted with my look. She opted for light foundation, bronzer, gold eyeshadow, black mascara and pinky red lips! Hehe I was stunned she could transform my tired from studying stressed out student skin into something so happy and cheerful! I also loved how subtle she kept the look since I enjoy the natural looks over the heavy full coverage makeup, it can start looking too cakey for my taste. 

I did not pick up any makeup today as I as not even planning on going into the store. I was just drawn to the excitement happening inside! But it was a great pick me up for a long day of studying ahead for me. Haha I was wearing full Lululemon attire with nike sneakers, not looking too chic, but felt chic after my makeover! 

Head on over to the MAC store today or tomorrow if you have time. Call ahead if you can to book an appointment as I was lucky they had one makeup artist free! Have fun being glammed up! It is always fun to have your makeup done and learn a new trick or two as well as explore new looks!


Thursday 16 April 2015

Chic Life: LUSH Fresh Face Masks Review!

L - Cupcake, Brazened Honey, Cosmetic Warrior, and Cupcake again!

Hey Dolls,

I am a bit of a Lush head (Lush obsessor) when it comes to their Fresh Face Masks. They come in these little black tubs, which are oh so cute and when you return 5 cleaned black Lush containers, you get a FREE Fresh Face Mask! Its like the circle of life, I think?  

I have tried many of their masks, but my all time favourite remains the Cupcake. Yes, the name may have been a huge factor that drew me to the mask when I first started using masks; however, the texture, scent, properties and results are what keep me returning to the Cupcake fresh face mask. 

All of the Lush Fresh Face Masks do expire relatively quickly (within 2 to 3 weeks), but I will use them for a bit afterwards too. I find they just start drying up, but otherwise they do not give off a gone bad smell. Also, since it is all natural, you must refrigerate them so the masks will not spoil. In the winters, I can be a bit lazy and just leave it on my bathroom counter, but definitely refrigerate the masks during the warmer months!

Like all masks, just have a clean dry face, apply a even layer over your face. Leave it on for 10 to 15 mins. If you leave it on too long, it just dries onto your skin and can be tougher to get off. To remove the mask, gently rinse it off with warm water and pat dry with a towel!

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask ($6.95/60g):
  • Smells like mint chocolate
  • The texture is smooth and thick allowing you to get a good layer on your face
  • Was designed for oil, acne prone skin (fun fact - the inventor created it for his daughter when she was young and having slumber parties!)
  • All the ingredients are natural, the one exception is the fragrance.
  • Properties: Spearmint oil (cools skin), Vanilla absolute (calm redness) and Rhassoul mud (deeply cleanse the skin)
  • Even though this is for the "teenage skin," I am a young adult who has oily and acne prone skin :( 

Cosmetic Warrior ($6.95/60g):
  • I HATED this particular mask. Very STRONG GARLIC SMELL, it was torture putting it on my skin that I did not even finish it
  • Texture was thick and goopy. Almost like a gummy glue <-- caused my bathroom sink to get clogged...
  • Is targeted for Oily, red skin and blackhead prone skin; therefore, I had tried it for my skin. It did work, reduced redness, made my skin feeling more even and less oily. 
  • Properties: egg whites (moisturizing), honey (smooth and tighten pores), garlic (cleansing), and tea tree oil (fresh, clear skin)
  • Though it does have properties that are suitable for my skin type, I just cannot get past the strong garlic smell and the fact that it clogged my drain. 
  • Repurchase --- NOPE
Brazened Honey ($6.95/60g):
  • I literally picked this mask because the name included "honey" because I love honey scents!
  • Goal - to deep clean your pores, and reduce your congested skin
  • Properties: eggs/honey (soften), lime oil (brighten), spices (warm the skin), ground almonds (for exfoliation), and Kaolin clay (clean pores of dirt and impurities). 
  • This mask was more gritty perhaps due to the crushed almonds, so it went on a bit more chunky. The pale colour and scent was pleasant. 
  • It does give you a deep clean
  • Ingrediants, probably the most ingredients and all are natural aside from the synthetic fragrance. 
  • It did not leave my wowed feeling. I guess hard to knock off my favourite cupcake when it comes to deep cleaning and freshening my face up!

Thumbs up for my attempt at making a cute rating system, how good it is out of 5 Lattes! These are my personal experience and opinions on these particular Lush Fresh Face Masks. To find what works for you best, you will need to try them out for yourself! I highly suggest you find some time to check them out in store. You can try them on your hands, smell each one and learn about the properties and ingredients of each mask. All the Lush employees are very knowledgeable in the products so they will be able to answer all your questions! Sadly, the Lush masks are NOT available online since they need to be refrigerated and have a short shelf life. So if you get near a Lush, you must check the out!


Desk Goodies: Too Kewt PUG card!

Hey Dolls!

So if you know me, you would know I LOVE PUGS! They are such adorable widdle furry buddies with the cutest curly tail and their shorty sounds! How can you love pugs, they are one of the happiest dog breeds and always able to make you laugh with their silly head tilts and wagging curly tail!

My friend who knows me all too well picked up this card for me when he saw it in my favourite card store, Papyrus! Yes, the card is still in packaging and nothing is written in it because the front of the cover just shows how well he knows me! Pugs & Kisses ... YES PLEASE! 

I personally think pug puppies should be called PUGLETTES! Haha because of their adorable snorting sounds and curly wagging tail! If you ever see a pug, you will also notice when they get sad or scared, their tail uncurls and droops :( 

Show some love to these amazing happy furry friends!


Tuesday 14 April 2015

Desk Goodies: Stationary Goodies from Lady en de Vagebond on Etsy!

Everything out of package. Love you Meggy from Lady en de Vagebond!

Hey Dolls!
you know what makes me happy? WHEN I GET A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL! And especially when I am sick and the package becomes the most amazing thing ever in my life!

I am definitely one of those people who stalk the mail man from my window (because it faces the street!) and bound down the stairs as soon as i hair the mail drop onto our floor in the entryway! Since I live with my parents, for the most part its just household bills, so I just drop those on the kitchen table. HOWEVER, every now and then I get mail and sometimes it is a PACKAGE! I honestly have considered mailing myself random cards every month just so I can get excited about getting something in the mail!!!!

I came across Lady en de Vagebond's Etsy store ( when I was absentmindedly watching youtube videos. needless to say, i was extremely jealous of all the cute adorable stationary the youtuber, Belinda Selene! (I do not know her nor do I think she knows I exist, but shout out to you gurl!!! I immediately looked up Lady en de Vagebond's Etsy store and hearted probably 99% of the items.... browsing problems!

I contacted the store owner, Meggy and asked her if she would be alright with me featuring her on my blog and she was thrilled and excited that I had asked! So yay!!! This is my first official team up? sponsor? blog feature? I do not know the official term, but I shall figure it out sooner or later!

Meggy's Etsy store is based out of Venraai, the Netherlands and sells a variety of cute stationary/planner items like washi tape and sticky notes! Many of her products are Hema Items and sadly Hema branded items are not sold in Canada. I placed my order March 23 and received my order April 13 so please take the shipping time into account since it is coming from overseas! 

What I had ordered were two sets of vintagey looking cute picture magnet bookmarks. As well as two sets of the adorable pink, white and black floral bookmark magnets. No, I am not reading 8 different books at the same time! My plan for these bookmark magnets is to use them as cute adorable "paper clips" haha! And I also got a booklet of sticky notes which were a salmon pink floral pattern! The colours are all very vibrant and the quality is really amazing! And I am very happy that the sticky notes are STICKY! 

She packaged the items really well (the envelope is lined with bubble wrap hehe!) and put some good ol Pink Duct Tape across the flap to ensure the safe arrival of all my goodies! 

The freebies Meggy sent me!! 
In my pile of goodies that I had dumped out of the mailing bag, was a super cute homemade pouch with a hand written tag. Meggy sent me FREEBIES! Was not expecting them, I love you doll! you are so amazing! She sent me two more Hema items --> more sticky notes and a set of 6 metal paper clips!  I am going to be keeping your note since it is sweet of you and I am a bit of hoarder when it comes to thoughtful sentimental written things! 

I am so happy I have finally received all of these awesome stationary items from Meggy! I highly suggest you check out her store! She is very good at responding to all your messages (I may have been a little antsy and sent her a couple messages on where are my magnets!). 


Monday 13 April 2015

Edible Obsessions, Vancouver: Jethro's - Fine Grub

Top Right picture ----> Spray painted stamp of Guy Fieri when he visited the restaurant!!!!

Hey Dolls,
final exams have begun and with it, so have the study/cram sessions. As a rule, I think eating a good hearty meal is important to keep your energy up during the long study sessions. Especially when you are as sick as me :(

So my friends and I got up early and arrived at Jethros Fine Grub at 8AM! Jethro's is a small restaurant located on Dunbar and 18th (across from the Tim Horton's) and serves amazing breakfast and lunch, open 7 days a week from 8am till 4pm. Since Jethro's is super busy (generally you can find a line outside, they take no reservations. Also, because the place is TINY (4x 4 people tables and 4x 2 people tables), you probably will have to split up a big party; however, they do have the option of takeout! 

Under the watchful eye of Guy Fieri, from Diner's Drive ins and Dives on the Food Network, we enjoyed our ginormous absolutely humongous breakfast! Keep in mind, there were only two of us and I definitely had a toddler sized appetite today due to me being sick, we barely got through a third of the food!

Between the two of us, we had the The Gold Rush Pancakes (Banana pancakes stuffed with caramel, pecans and streusel, topped with more caramel and streusel!) as well as the La Nina a Mexican twist on an Eggs Benedict! It was grilled corn cakes, with a helping of Tex-Mex chill, topped off with two poached eggs and creamy hollandaise sauce! I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD SO OMG THIS WAS SOOOO DARN GOOD!

Since I was having a hard time keeping food down, I decided to get the oatmeal with brown sugared bananas. Mashing the bananas into the oatmeal made it so delicious! Definitely get those brown sugared bananas!

It was a super good breakfast to get our study day started :) 

If you want to visit Jethro's, it is super easy to bus to, just take the 25 UBC bus from the King Edward Canada line stop!


Sunday 12 April 2015

SMART SNACKING: Naturebox April 2015!

This picture SUCKS, but I'm too sick to take another :( 


This post is going to be super short and quick since I have been really sick for the last couple of days :( 
I hate hate HATE being sick because everything tastes awful to me and I love eating yummy food. I was so sad on Friday because my friends had dropped off my favourite from Cactus Club, the Chicken Jambalaya, but to my sick self, it did not taste amazing :( so major bummed on that. BOOO

Whilst being sick, my April 2015 Nature Box arrived. I must say, if these snacks can taste good to me while I am sick... then they sure definitely must be amazing when I will be all better!

This is my FIRST full order which came with five full sized bags of snacks! The only thing that confused me a bit was as to why the cranberry peptia crisps did not come in a resealable bag, it was like a regular chip bag. I did read somewhere that they had gotten a new look, so perhaps part of the new look were the re-sealable bags, so this must be from the old inventory? Regardless, tastes delicious so who cares!

Cranberry Peptia Crips = YES. Definitely satisfies the chip craving

Apple Pie Oat Clusters = super chewy and yummmyy. However, surprisingly, I think I prefer the peanut butter nomnoms.... Crazy because I am not a peanut butter fan!

Pear Praline Crunch = Very sweet. Too sweet for me?! I know how is that possible for the girl who is addicted to sweets!

Sriracha Roasted Cashews = AMAZING. I ordered them because I had LOVED them in the trial box I had received the month before.

Guacamole Bites = now these are actually corn chip stick things that are coated in a guacamole flavouring. I am a huge avocado lover and this did not do the avocado guac justice. It was on the too salty side for me

Overall, 3/5 of the snacks I loved. I am a SUPER PICKY EATER. I will return a meal at a restaurant if I even glimpse an onion. I pick the toppings i do not like off of pizzas like a pro surgeon before eating my slice of pizza. So this is actually good that I like more than half of the snacks!

For next month, I am going to definitely be ordering a granola from from them because they have so many amazing sounding flavours. And I also get the feeling I am going to ask for the peanut butter nom noms!


Thursday 9 April 2015

Chic Life: LUXE BOX Spring 2015

Hello Dolls!

I am sure most of you have heard of monthly subscription boxes and how you can order several different types all with varying themes and costs. 

I want to share with you my spring Luxe Box, as I have been a subscriber for this monthly subscription for over two years, so I definitely love it! I have plenty of experience with this beauty box and feel happy standing behind Luxe Box!

To receive a discount on your first Luxe Box, Click on this link! (Expires May 19, 2015)

Subscription Details:
  • Canada ONLY... Move to Canada hehe 
  • Seasonal Boxes (4x a year)
  • Three different payment plans: 
    • Quaterly ($26 +tax) --> you are charged each season
    • Semi Annual ($50 +tax) --> there is a charge twice a year = two seasons
    • Annual ($96 +tax) --> one charge in January for all your four boxes for the year!
    • For more details: 
  • Each box contains 6-7 sample to full size items of high end brands
  • A beauty profile is done when you sign up where you can rate your preference on the type of items you would like to receive, your skin type and tone, your hair type and if you would like a fragrance free box.
I received my Spring 2015 Luxe Box and it came filled with many goodies. I received a total of 7 items (4 sample sized, 3 full sized!) and it was definitely more skin related this time around. 
MYNY Eau de Parfum DKNY
The My NY DKNY perfume picture turned out so great because I took it a week after the other ones. I am definitely 100% improving my camera skills hehe!

MYNY (DKNY: Sample size value $11.25/7.5mL)
  • The cutest little box and bottle (it is heart shaped and the liquid is pink!)
  • To me it smells sweet with citrus notes. On their site --> raspberry, galbunum and pink pepper, vanilla, creamy musk's, freesia... I got the sweet and citrus correct did I not? hehe!
  • It is a dab on (not spray or roller) making it feel even more Bougieee!
  • They describe this as the fragrance that is as carefree, passionate and electric like New York city! I guess I am a city?
Buxom: Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation

Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation (Buxom: Sample, no pricing)
  • This was more like a tester with four different shades of foundation you swatch to match with your skin tone. It is a light to medium coverage foundation therefore a foundation and BB cream mix. 
  • The colours: Tickle the Ivory, Fair game, Dim the Light, and Silky Negli-Beige (NOTE: There are a total of 8 shades, but only four were included).
  • The packaging is very cute with the lace detailing... sexy ;) 
  • The description claims that it clinically does increase hydration, brighten and smooth skin and diminishes the looks of fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore it is formulated with Vitamin C and algae extracts allowing it to be breathable and weightless. 
pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan + Applicator
pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan (Vita Liberata: Sample size, $13/25mL)
  • I actually thought this was full sized, but I guess not according to my product dashboard on the Luxe Box website!
  • Also included in the box is the Tanning Mitt to apply the product to your skin evenly. 
  • This tanning product will leave you tan 4 times longer than regular tanning products and is suppose to be easy for novice at home tanners too. I like the fact that it is fast drying so you will not be leaving an orange trail everywhere you go! Haha 
  • Certified organic botanicals and also is formulated to have minimal smell... So dirt smell?
  • TIP: Exfoliate prior to tanning for a smoother result!
Missha: Collagen Caviar Cotton Sheet Mask

Collagen Caviar Cotton Sheet Mask (Missha: Full Size, $3)
  • I am excited to try this product since it says the mask contains pure GOLD! I HEART GOLD! Gold is my go to bling to make me feel bougie!
  • You simply apply the sheet mask after washing your face. Leave the mask on for 15-20 mins and voila, soft beautiful glowing skin! AND GOLD! Kidding
Flutter Mascara
Flutter Mascara (So Susan: Full Size, $20.95)
  • Holy Moly this is a pricy mascara so I have high hopes for it making my lashes long luscious and voluminous! I received the colour black which is my go to colour. 
  • It is suitable for contact lens wearers - I wear a pair on most days!
  • Cruelty Free! Yay! 

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (Paula's Choice: Sample Size, $14/30mL)

  • I have never used a liquid exfoliant before so this will be my first time. I am excited to use it as it is described to even the tone of your skin and reduce redness. Furthermore its for stubborn blackheads or blemish-prone skin, perfect for me!
  • You are to apply it daily, after cleansing and toning, with a cotton pad to apply it over your face (avoiding eyes and mouth of course!). It states to NOT rinse afterwards, but to follow with broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 25 or greater for the daytime. 
  • I am unsure if you are to moisturize after applying the liquid exfoliant because my skin care routine is generally cleanse, tone and moisturize. 
  • I am excited for having it unclog my pores and hopefully reduce the size of them too!
Loose Button Eyelash Curler
The eyelash curler picture looks badass! Does it not just look professional!!!

Eyelash Curler (Loose Button: Full size, $20)
  • Every Luxe Box comes with a Loose Button beauty tool (in the past, I have gotten kabuki and blush brushes as well as shadow brushes)
  • I think all eyelash curlers are just eyelash curlers. Haha they curl and make your eyelashes more voluminous! Unless I totally missed the point of them. 

These are all the products in my Spring 2015 Luxe Box. It was definitely more skin care related products this time versus a mixture of skin care and makeup in the past. I will do a post for you on some of the past items I have received and used to give you a better sense of the array of products you can receive in a Luxe Box. I have received beautiful nail polishes, scrubs and amazing hair products in the past!

I will also be sharing how I re-use the luxe boxes and drawstring bags in a future post too! (the boxes are very well made and sturdy as well the cream colour makes them look clean and elegant) 

SIDE NOTE: I had received the eyelash curler in my Winter 2014 box so I emailed Loose Button that it is NOT COOL that I got a repeat item, not to mention an eyelash curler which never breaks right? Loose Button has great customer service so they will be sending me another goodie in place of the eyelash curler... I also get to keep the eyelash curler so YAY! Who wants a free eyelash curler? 


To receive a discount on your first Luxe Box, Click on this link! (Expires May 19, 2015) 

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Food on Wheels: TACOFINOOOOOO!

Tacofino's Cantina Truck!!!!!

Hey Dolls!
So yesterday, I was with a friend and telling her how when we have time, we must go to Gastown and eat Tacofino! Well, it must have been my destiny because as we crossed the road, on the corner of Howe St. and Robson St. Downtown Vancouver, was an army of food trucks and parked amongst them was the orange Tacofino Truck!!!

Needless to say, I went a bit crazy and did my happy dance (yes, I am an expert of embarrassing my own self, but hey, I made everyone else's day around me!). I am on a bit of budget these days, student life :( , so I was not able to get EVERYTHING on the menu. I decided to get one Fish Taco (YES DELICIOUS) and tried the Black Bean Taco for the first time. 

Fish Taco = Ling Cod (fried!), Cabbage, mayo and Salsa Fresca
Black Bean Taco = Black Bean, Sour cream, Salsa Fresca and Corn!
Tacofino Cantina's menu on April 7, 2015. I got the Fish Taco (Top) and the Black Bean Taco (Bottom).
The Fish Taco hit the spot. Crispy, Juicy and the perfect amount of Deliciousness as always. On the other hand, the Black Bean Taco failed to hit the spot. I was really surprised since Tacofino has never failed me .... WHAT IS HAPPENING TACOFINO?!? The black bean just had a flavour that I did not enjoy. 

Regardless, those two tacos filled me up and I was a happy child! I was a bit disappointed in my friend since she opted for a Japadog because she was not "feeling mexican," but I will let her off the hook.... this time...

Go track down the Cantina truck for yourself and try the amazing TACOS! I do know there is a menu difference between the white and the orange Tacofino trucks. For example, the white Tacofino truck also offers burritos! 

Sharing is Caring Dolls! ;) 


Monday 6 April 2015

Savvy Student: Free YOGA!

Hey Dolls!
Winter has turned into Spring and that means Summer will be upon us shortly. In preparation for Summer, many of us are working on getting our bodies toned and fit to look amazing in our shorts and crop tops. Unfortunately, when you are a student, we do have a limited budget and cannot afford many fitness options such as Yoga. 

Many yoga studio fees are around $20+tax for drop ins and annual memberships exceeding $1000! Now that is very costly and a gym membership can be a third of that price. But yoga is just so great, gets finding our rhythm and increasing our range of motion and not to mention, adorable yoga outfits!

So now you may be wondering... Free Yoga? YUP! You can get free yoga, as much free yoga as you want. Many yoga studios have a volunteer program where they have a volunteer doing the regular tasks a front desk employee would do. I believe it is quite smart on their business end. 

For me, I volunteer at YYoga. The commitment is 4hrs per week for each volunteer. We have a set schedule, same time and day each week; therefore, you do not have to be worrying about fitting it into your schedule. 

My duties as a volunteer are:

  • Refilling the tea and washing the tea cups
  • Dry mopping the studio after a yoga class ends
  • Setting the humidity and temperature before each yoga class
  • Folding the laundry (towels and mat towels)
  • Spraying down rental mats and rolling them
That is it! The tasks only keep me busy for about an hour and half to two hours. For the rest of the two hours I do some homework, blog and just chill out! When it is very quiet around the studio, I am able to sneak in a yoga class during my volunteer shift too hehe :) 

I can attend any and all classes for the rest of the week for FREE as long as I keep doing my volunteer shifts!

Contact your local yoga studies, enquire about volunteer positions if you want to do yoga, but the costs exceed your affordability. Please note, volunteer duties vary at each location and Yoga company. 

Have fun dolls! Namaste 


Saturday 4 April 2015

Pinteresterific Graphics + Fonts: Turn your Drawing into a Graphic!

Hey Dolls!

As promised, I am going to be sharing tutorials on how to create graphics for your blog or website using programs and apps that are affordable! Today, I am using Pixelmator on my MacBook Air to turn two Easter Eggs I drew into a graphic for your blog!

Start off by drawing an image you want to turn into a graphic. I generally start with pencil and then outline it with a dark inky black pen. Once you are happy with your drawing, scan or upload a picture of the drawing onto your computer! 

In order to get the clearest graphic, you want to begin by adjusting brightness & contrast as well as starvation until the blacks are dark while the whites are bright! The colour adjustments are found in effects browser. 

After you have adjusted the black and white colouring, select the magic wand function. The magic wand will help you select your image. Click on the blacks of your drawing and scroll on your trackpad/mouse to adjust the tolerance % (You will see as tolerance increases, more of your image is highlighted!). If you have lines that do not connect, hold down the shift key and continue to select the rest of the lines in your drawing. TIP: It is easier if you zoom into your image while doing this!

Once your drawing's lines are all selected and highlighted with the magic wand you simply press control copy and control paste! Now you have created a layer with just your drawing's lines. Do not forget to uncheck the "background layer" as it will make your drawing on a transparent background (Your image will have a checkered grey and white background when it is transparent). 

You have now created your own graphic!!! Be sure to save it as a PNG to keep the transparent background!