Wednesday 1 April 2015

Pinterestific Graphics + Fonts: Pixelmator

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Hey Dolls!

It is hard to make a pretty blog when you have limited resources and funds, but that should not stop you from creating a pinterest worthy blog!

Adobe Photoshop has become the powerhouse when it comes to editing and graphic design. Unfortunately, it is very expensive and many beginners do not feel comfortable making such a large investment. 

After doing an extensive amount of research, trying multiple programs and apps (both on my macbook and iPad), I have finally found a program comparable to the functionality of Adobe Photoshop --> Pixelmator

Pixelmator is a program currently available for apple devices only (iPads and Macs). So I am sorry to my PC using friends :( 

Pixelmator has a 30 day free trial
Afterwards, you can purchase it form the app-store for you Macs for $34.99. 
iPads --> $9.99

The watercolour "brush" that is exclusive for the iPad only; however, watercolour is super expressive and moving so working on the tablet will give us more movement by using our finger or pen! Using the mouse on the desktop is far too rigid for watercolour. 

I am going to be doing tutorials for all you dolls on how to use Pixelmator to create gorgeous graphics for your blog or website or just for fun!

Please feel free to request something :) 


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