Thursday 16 April 2015

Desk Goodies: Too Kewt PUG card!

Hey Dolls!

So if you know me, you would know I LOVE PUGS! They are such adorable widdle furry buddies with the cutest curly tail and their shorty sounds! How can you love pugs, they are one of the happiest dog breeds and always able to make you laugh with their silly head tilts and wagging curly tail!

My friend who knows me all too well picked up this card for me when he saw it in my favourite card store, Papyrus! Yes, the card is still in packaging and nothing is written in it because the front of the cover just shows how well he knows me! Pugs & Kisses ... YES PLEASE! 

I personally think pug puppies should be called PUGLETTES! Haha because of their adorable snorting sounds and curly wagging tail! If you ever see a pug, you will also notice when they get sad or scared, their tail uncurls and droops :( 

Show some love to these amazing happy furry friends!


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