Sunday 26 April 2015

Desk Goodies: Ten Chic Items for your Desk!

Your work space also needs to match your chic style!
These are the ten chic desk items I am dying for right now!

ONE: This adorable tray from Kate Spade gets me really excited because I LOVE receiving letters in the mail! 

TWO: Lighting a candle in my bedroom is soothing especially when it has a pleasant scent. 
This jar of matches are just too cute and rustic and much more fun to have than a plain old box of matches. 

THREE: I think it is no secret that I am a huge obsessor over yellow gold, so of course a gold stapler is what I need from Kate Spade! Brings glam to any desk!

FOUR: Let me be the first to say, why is there no Sugar Paper store in Vancouver? All of their items are too darn cute! This white binder with gold corner pieces is tres chic!

FIVE: I am helping my daddy with his business' paperwork so obviously I needed folders and these gold polka-dot folders scream gurly!

SIX: I gasped when I saw these golden eiffel tower scissors! I dream to visit the city of Paris! (insert my french accent!!). These scissors are a step closer to reaching my goal of visiting the land of boulangeries! haha

SEVEN: It is a must to have a coaster on your desk. Coffee rings, are NOT cute. The gold heart on this coaster with the scalloped perimeter is adorable!

EIGHT: I do not like getting paper cuts or ruining my manicure, so having a gold letter opener is a no brainer!

NINE: Cross Designs is by far my FAVOURITE interior decoration store in Vancouver. In the heart of their store they have a "paper shop" in which you will find the cutest and chicest desk goodies! This weekly planner is not only going to help you organize your week, but is also a mouse pad. 

TEN: Dolls, of course I would never forget to include a little Starbucks! I have two of these glass cold cups myself! I also have the plastic ones, but glass is far more bougie and the recycled glass tinted green looks rustic and unique on a chic desk! I generally sip water from it through out the day!

Share with me your favourite desk goodies or items your lust over to complete your chic work station. I would love to hear if you like any of the goodies I have chosen. 


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