Wednesday 22 April 2015

Latte Moment: We Will Miss You Birthday Cake Truffle!

Hey Dolls!
As I enjoyed my Extra Hot Green Tea Latte w/ Whip from Starbucks, I savoured some truffles. My last TWO Birthday Cake Truffles from Godiva Chocolatier. 

Dolls, if you have been into your nearest Godiva Boutique, you will notice their chocolate glass case is changing. To my dismay, they are reducing the number of varieties of truffles they offer in the glass case since they want to include more non-truffle chocolates. I do not know how i feel about that. Are truffles not the most amazing way to enjoy chocolate? Why would you opt for a seashell or chocolate pieces when you can enjoy a truffle which is filled with the most exquisite flavours. Plus truffles are Bougie!!!! Who does not want to feel a little bougie ;) 

One of the truffles which is leaving our lives for now from the glass case is the Birthday Cake Truffle! Sadness, that pink delight will be highly missed by me. The outer coating of white chocolate coloured pink sprinkled with little white sprinkles, with an inner coating of milk chocolate filled with vanilla cake mousse mixed in with colourful sprinkles! LIKE YUMMMM

Stock up on the birthday cake truffle before they are no longer available from the glass case and are only available through the truffle flights! I personally avoid the pre-packaged truffles since I am not a big fan of having caramel with my chocolate. Plus there are a few flavours that are not appetizing to me such as the Strawberry Creme Tart Truffle. Im just not a fan of the strawberry filling. 

Let me know in the comments below which truffles you think are the most fabulous!


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