Tuesday 14 April 2015

Desk Goodies: Stationary Goodies from Lady en de Vagebond on Etsy!

Everything out of package. Love you Meggy from Lady en de Vagebond!

Hey Dolls!
you know what makes me happy? WHEN I GET A PACKAGE IN THE MAIL! And especially when I am sick and the package becomes the most amazing thing ever in my life!

I am definitely one of those people who stalk the mail man from my window (because it faces the street!) and bound down the stairs as soon as i hair the mail drop onto our floor in the entryway! Since I live with my parents, for the most part its just household bills, so I just drop those on the kitchen table. HOWEVER, every now and then I get mail and sometimes it is a PACKAGE! I honestly have considered mailing myself random cards every month just so I can get excited about getting something in the mail!!!!

I came across Lady en de Vagebond's Etsy store (https://www.etsy.com/shop/LadyendeVagehond?ref=l2-shopheader-name) when I was absentmindedly watching youtube videos. needless to say, i was extremely jealous of all the cute adorable stationary the youtuber, Belinda Selene! (I do not know her nor do I think she knows I exist, but shout out to you gurl!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgnazDE-yCm8gqymB1lQ8pw). I immediately looked up Lady en de Vagebond's Etsy store and hearted probably 99% of the items.... browsing problems!

I contacted the store owner, Meggy and asked her if she would be alright with me featuring her on my blog and she was thrilled and excited that I had asked! So yay!!! This is my first official team up? sponsor? blog feature? I do not know the official term, but I shall figure it out sooner or later!

Meggy's Etsy store is based out of Venraai, the Netherlands and sells a variety of cute stationary/planner items like washi tape and sticky notes! Many of her products are Hema Items and sadly Hema branded items are not sold in Canada. I placed my order March 23 and received my order April 13 so please take the shipping time into account since it is coming from overseas! 

What I had ordered were two sets of vintagey looking cute picture magnet bookmarks. As well as two sets of the adorable pink, white and black floral bookmark magnets. No, I am not reading 8 different books at the same time! My plan for these bookmark magnets is to use them as cute adorable "paper clips" haha! And I also got a booklet of sticky notes which were a salmon pink floral pattern! The colours are all very vibrant and the quality is really amazing! And I am very happy that the sticky notes are STICKY! 

She packaged the items really well (the envelope is lined with bubble wrap hehe!) and put some good ol Pink Duct Tape across the flap to ensure the safe arrival of all my goodies! 

The freebies Meggy sent me!! 
In my pile of goodies that I had dumped out of the mailing bag, was a super cute homemade pouch with a hand written tag. Meggy sent me FREEBIES! Was not expecting them, I love you doll! you are so amazing! She sent me two more Hema items --> more sticky notes and a set of 6 metal paper clips!  I am going to be keeping your note since it is sweet of you and I am a bit of hoarder when it comes to thoughtful sentimental written things! 

I am so happy I have finally received all of these awesome stationary items from Meggy! I highly suggest you check out her store! She is very good at responding to all your messages (I may have been a little antsy and sent her a couple messages on where are my magnets!). 


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