Monday 6 April 2015

Savvy Student: Free YOGA!

Hey Dolls!
Winter has turned into Spring and that means Summer will be upon us shortly. In preparation for Summer, many of us are working on getting our bodies toned and fit to look amazing in our shorts and crop tops. Unfortunately, when you are a student, we do have a limited budget and cannot afford many fitness options such as Yoga. 

Many yoga studio fees are around $20+tax for drop ins and annual memberships exceeding $1000! Now that is very costly and a gym membership can be a third of that price. But yoga is just so great, gets finding our rhythm and increasing our range of motion and not to mention, adorable yoga outfits!

So now you may be wondering... Free Yoga? YUP! You can get free yoga, as much free yoga as you want. Many yoga studios have a volunteer program where they have a volunteer doing the regular tasks a front desk employee would do. I believe it is quite smart on their business end. 

For me, I volunteer at YYoga. The commitment is 4hrs per week for each volunteer. We have a set schedule, same time and day each week; therefore, you do not have to be worrying about fitting it into your schedule. 

My duties as a volunteer are:

  • Refilling the tea and washing the tea cups
  • Dry mopping the studio after a yoga class ends
  • Setting the humidity and temperature before each yoga class
  • Folding the laundry (towels and mat towels)
  • Spraying down rental mats and rolling them
That is it! The tasks only keep me busy for about an hour and half to two hours. For the rest of the two hours I do some homework, blog and just chill out! When it is very quiet around the studio, I am able to sneak in a yoga class during my volunteer shift too hehe :) 

I can attend any and all classes for the rest of the week for FREE as long as I keep doing my volunteer shifts!

Contact your local yoga studies, enquire about volunteer positions if you want to do yoga, but the costs exceed your affordability. Please note, volunteer duties vary at each location and Yoga company. 

Have fun dolls! Namaste 


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