Thursday 16 April 2015

Chic Life: LUSH Fresh Face Masks Review!

L - Cupcake, Brazened Honey, Cosmetic Warrior, and Cupcake again!

Hey Dolls,

I am a bit of a Lush head (Lush obsessor) when it comes to their Fresh Face Masks. They come in these little black tubs, which are oh so cute and when you return 5 cleaned black Lush containers, you get a FREE Fresh Face Mask! Its like the circle of life, I think?  

I have tried many of their masks, but my all time favourite remains the Cupcake. Yes, the name may have been a huge factor that drew me to the mask when I first started using masks; however, the texture, scent, properties and results are what keep me returning to the Cupcake fresh face mask. 

All of the Lush Fresh Face Masks do expire relatively quickly (within 2 to 3 weeks), but I will use them for a bit afterwards too. I find they just start drying up, but otherwise they do not give off a gone bad smell. Also, since it is all natural, you must refrigerate them so the masks will not spoil. In the winters, I can be a bit lazy and just leave it on my bathroom counter, but definitely refrigerate the masks during the warmer months!

Like all masks, just have a clean dry face, apply a even layer over your face. Leave it on for 10 to 15 mins. If you leave it on too long, it just dries onto your skin and can be tougher to get off. To remove the mask, gently rinse it off with warm water and pat dry with a towel!

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask ($6.95/60g):
  • Smells like mint chocolate
  • The texture is smooth and thick allowing you to get a good layer on your face
  • Was designed for oil, acne prone skin (fun fact - the inventor created it for his daughter when she was young and having slumber parties!)
  • All the ingredients are natural, the one exception is the fragrance.
  • Properties: Spearmint oil (cools skin), Vanilla absolute (calm redness) and Rhassoul mud (deeply cleanse the skin)
  • Even though this is for the "teenage skin," I am a young adult who has oily and acne prone skin :( 

Cosmetic Warrior ($6.95/60g):
  • I HATED this particular mask. Very STRONG GARLIC SMELL, it was torture putting it on my skin that I did not even finish it
  • Texture was thick and goopy. Almost like a gummy glue <-- caused my bathroom sink to get clogged...
  • Is targeted for Oily, red skin and blackhead prone skin; therefore, I had tried it for my skin. It did work, reduced redness, made my skin feeling more even and less oily. 
  • Properties: egg whites (moisturizing), honey (smooth and tighten pores), garlic (cleansing), and tea tree oil (fresh, clear skin)
  • Though it does have properties that are suitable for my skin type, I just cannot get past the strong garlic smell and the fact that it clogged my drain. 
  • Repurchase --- NOPE
Brazened Honey ($6.95/60g):
  • I literally picked this mask because the name included "honey" because I love honey scents!
  • Goal - to deep clean your pores, and reduce your congested skin
  • Properties: eggs/honey (soften), lime oil (brighten), spices (warm the skin), ground almonds (for exfoliation), and Kaolin clay (clean pores of dirt and impurities). 
  • This mask was more gritty perhaps due to the crushed almonds, so it went on a bit more chunky. The pale colour and scent was pleasant. 
  • It does give you a deep clean
  • Ingrediants, probably the most ingredients and all are natural aside from the synthetic fragrance. 
  • It did not leave my wowed feeling. I guess hard to knock off my favourite cupcake when it comes to deep cleaning and freshening my face up!

Thumbs up for my attempt at making a cute rating system, how good it is out of 5 Lattes! These are my personal experience and opinions on these particular Lush Fresh Face Masks. To find what works for you best, you will need to try them out for yourself! I highly suggest you find some time to check them out in store. You can try them on your hands, smell each one and learn about the properties and ingredients of each mask. All the Lush employees are very knowledgeable in the products so they will be able to answer all your questions! Sadly, the Lush masks are NOT available online since they need to be refrigerated and have a short shelf life. So if you get near a Lush, you must check the out!


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