Thursday 9 April 2015

Chic Life: LUXE BOX Spring 2015

Hello Dolls!

I am sure most of you have heard of monthly subscription boxes and how you can order several different types all with varying themes and costs. 

I want to share with you my spring Luxe Box, as I have been a subscriber for this monthly subscription for over two years, so I definitely love it! I have plenty of experience with this beauty box and feel happy standing behind Luxe Box!

To receive a discount on your first Luxe Box, Click on this link! (Expires May 19, 2015)

Subscription Details:
  • Canada ONLY... Move to Canada hehe 
  • Seasonal Boxes (4x a year)
  • Three different payment plans: 
    • Quaterly ($26 +tax) --> you are charged each season
    • Semi Annual ($50 +tax) --> there is a charge twice a year = two seasons
    • Annual ($96 +tax) --> one charge in January for all your four boxes for the year!
    • For more details: 
  • Each box contains 6-7 sample to full size items of high end brands
  • A beauty profile is done when you sign up where you can rate your preference on the type of items you would like to receive, your skin type and tone, your hair type and if you would like a fragrance free box.
I received my Spring 2015 Luxe Box and it came filled with many goodies. I received a total of 7 items (4 sample sized, 3 full sized!) and it was definitely more skin related this time around. 
MYNY Eau de Parfum DKNY
The My NY DKNY perfume picture turned out so great because I took it a week after the other ones. I am definitely 100% improving my camera skills hehe!

MYNY (DKNY: Sample size value $11.25/7.5mL)
  • The cutest little box and bottle (it is heart shaped and the liquid is pink!)
  • To me it smells sweet with citrus notes. On their site --> raspberry, galbunum and pink pepper, vanilla, creamy musk's, freesia... I got the sweet and citrus correct did I not? hehe!
  • It is a dab on (not spray or roller) making it feel even more Bougieee!
  • They describe this as the fragrance that is as carefree, passionate and electric like New York city! I guess I am a city?
Buxom: Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation

Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation (Buxom: Sample, no pricing)
  • This was more like a tester with four different shades of foundation you swatch to match with your skin tone. It is a light to medium coverage foundation therefore a foundation and BB cream mix. 
  • The colours: Tickle the Ivory, Fair game, Dim the Light, and Silky Negli-Beige (NOTE: There are a total of 8 shades, but only four were included).
  • The packaging is very cute with the lace detailing... sexy ;) 
  • The description claims that it clinically does increase hydration, brighten and smooth skin and diminishes the looks of fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore it is formulated with Vitamin C and algae extracts allowing it to be breathable and weightless. 
pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan + Applicator
pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan (Vita Liberata: Sample size, $13/25mL)
  • I actually thought this was full sized, but I guess not according to my product dashboard on the Luxe Box website!
  • Also included in the box is the Tanning Mitt to apply the product to your skin evenly. 
  • This tanning product will leave you tan 4 times longer than regular tanning products and is suppose to be easy for novice at home tanners too. I like the fact that it is fast drying so you will not be leaving an orange trail everywhere you go! Haha 
  • Certified organic botanicals and also is formulated to have minimal smell... So dirt smell?
  • TIP: Exfoliate prior to tanning for a smoother result!
Missha: Collagen Caviar Cotton Sheet Mask

Collagen Caviar Cotton Sheet Mask (Missha: Full Size, $3)
  • I am excited to try this product since it says the mask contains pure GOLD! I HEART GOLD! Gold is my go to bling to make me feel bougie!
  • You simply apply the sheet mask after washing your face. Leave the mask on for 15-20 mins and voila, soft beautiful glowing skin! AND GOLD! Kidding
Flutter Mascara
Flutter Mascara (So Susan: Full Size, $20.95)
  • Holy Moly this is a pricy mascara so I have high hopes for it making my lashes long luscious and voluminous! I received the colour black which is my go to colour. 
  • It is suitable for contact lens wearers - I wear a pair on most days!
  • Cruelty Free! Yay! 

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant
Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (Paula's Choice: Sample Size, $14/30mL)

  • I have never used a liquid exfoliant before so this will be my first time. I am excited to use it as it is described to even the tone of your skin and reduce redness. Furthermore its for stubborn blackheads or blemish-prone skin, perfect for me!
  • You are to apply it daily, after cleansing and toning, with a cotton pad to apply it over your face (avoiding eyes and mouth of course!). It states to NOT rinse afterwards, but to follow with broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 25 or greater for the daytime. 
  • I am unsure if you are to moisturize after applying the liquid exfoliant because my skin care routine is generally cleanse, tone and moisturize. 
  • I am excited for having it unclog my pores and hopefully reduce the size of them too!
Loose Button Eyelash Curler
The eyelash curler picture looks badass! Does it not just look professional!!!

Eyelash Curler (Loose Button: Full size, $20)
  • Every Luxe Box comes with a Loose Button beauty tool (in the past, I have gotten kabuki and blush brushes as well as shadow brushes)
  • I think all eyelash curlers are just eyelash curlers. Haha they curl and make your eyelashes more voluminous! Unless I totally missed the point of them. 

These are all the products in my Spring 2015 Luxe Box. It was definitely more skin care related products this time versus a mixture of skin care and makeup in the past. I will do a post for you on some of the past items I have received and used to give you a better sense of the array of products you can receive in a Luxe Box. I have received beautiful nail polishes, scrubs and amazing hair products in the past!

I will also be sharing how I re-use the luxe boxes and drawstring bags in a future post too! (the boxes are very well made and sturdy as well the cream colour makes them look clean and elegant) 

SIDE NOTE: I had received the eyelash curler in my Winter 2014 box so I emailed Loose Button that it is NOT COOL that I got a repeat item, not to mention an eyelash curler which never breaks right? Loose Button has great customer service so they will be sending me another goodie in place of the eyelash curler... I also get to keep the eyelash curler so YAY! Who wants a free eyelash curler? 


To receive a discount on your first Luxe Box, Click on this link! (Expires May 19, 2015) 

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