Wednesday 8 April 2015

Food on Wheels: TACOFINOOOOOO!

Tacofino's Cantina Truck!!!!!

Hey Dolls!
So yesterday, I was with a friend and telling her how when we have time, we must go to Gastown and eat Tacofino! Well, it must have been my destiny because as we crossed the road, on the corner of Howe St. and Robson St. Downtown Vancouver, was an army of food trucks and parked amongst them was the orange Tacofino Truck!!!

Needless to say, I went a bit crazy and did my happy dance (yes, I am an expert of embarrassing my own self, but hey, I made everyone else's day around me!). I am on a bit of budget these days, student life :( , so I was not able to get EVERYTHING on the menu. I decided to get one Fish Taco (YES DELICIOUS) and tried the Black Bean Taco for the first time. 

Fish Taco = Ling Cod (fried!), Cabbage, mayo and Salsa Fresca
Black Bean Taco = Black Bean, Sour cream, Salsa Fresca and Corn!
Tacofino Cantina's menu on April 7, 2015. I got the Fish Taco (Top) and the Black Bean Taco (Bottom).
The Fish Taco hit the spot. Crispy, Juicy and the perfect amount of Deliciousness as always. On the other hand, the Black Bean Taco failed to hit the spot. I was really surprised since Tacofino has never failed me .... WHAT IS HAPPENING TACOFINO?!? The black bean just had a flavour that I did not enjoy. 

Regardless, those two tacos filled me up and I was a happy child! I was a bit disappointed in my friend since she opted for a Japadog because she was not "feeling mexican," but I will let her off the hook.... this time...

Go track down the Cantina truck for yourself and try the amazing TACOS! I do know there is a menu difference between the white and the orange Tacofino trucks. For example, the white Tacofino truck also offers burritos! 

Sharing is Caring Dolls! ;) 


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