Friday 17 April 2015

Chic Life: MAC is Beauty

Hey Dolls!

I was hanging out at Metrotown today with a friend and was drawn to the MAC makeup store! They had pink stickers of salon type motifs all over their large window. Inside I was greeted with more pink salon decorations. They had a rack of bottles and sprays all painted pink and a cart with a hairdryer and two mannequin heads with wigs. One of the wigs had soda cans as rollers haha (Reminded me of Lady Gaga in the Telephone music video!!) And of course, the soda cans were painted a pretty lilac purple as was the rest of the cart and accessories on the cart! It was just a fun vibe in the store today with a male actor styling the wigs. 

As part of the MAC event for the MAC is Beauty collection, they were offering complimentary makeovers! They were quick makeovers lasting around 15 mins, one on one with a makeup artist. Shout out to my fab makeup artist who gave me flawless skin and big beautiful eyes in 10 mins!!!! She was so sweet and I just had to let her be as creative as she wanted with my look. She opted for light foundation, bronzer, gold eyeshadow, black mascara and pinky red lips! Hehe I was stunned she could transform my tired from studying stressed out student skin into something so happy and cheerful! I also loved how subtle she kept the look since I enjoy the natural looks over the heavy full coverage makeup, it can start looking too cakey for my taste. 

I did not pick up any makeup today as I as not even planning on going into the store. I was just drawn to the excitement happening inside! But it was a great pick me up for a long day of studying ahead for me. Haha I was wearing full Lululemon attire with nike sneakers, not looking too chic, but felt chic after my makeover! 

Head on over to the MAC store today or tomorrow if you have time. Call ahead if you can to book an appointment as I was lucky they had one makeup artist free! Have fun being glammed up! It is always fun to have your makeup done and learn a new trick or two as well as explore new looks!


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