Friday 17 April 2015

Savvy Student: Chipotle LOVE

Hey Dolls, 
I LOVE FOOD and my favourite cuisine is MEXICAN! Tacos YES PLEASE! And guacomole YUMMMM because avocados are what make the world better!

If you live in Vancouver, you would know we were given our very own Chipotle Location two years ago! However, the struggle can be hard as Chipotle is so delicious, yet on the pricier end of the quick grab foods. Furthermore, it is even more difficult and saddening when you are coming to the end of your delicious burrito. 

Here is a Savvy Student tip to help you get the most Chipotle food!

Chipotle has one single pricing for the meats/veg choice and the style of meal you like. So if its a chicken burrito or a tofu burrito bowl, it will cost exactly the same! You can also get a mixture of meats - my favourite is half sofrita (Tofu mixture!) and half chicken! YUMMY! Generally, most food places do not like it when you ask for half and half and at times state there will be an extra charge, but NOPE! Not at chipotle, you get that chicken with steak or double steak!

However, you will have noticed there is a portion size difference between the burrito, soft/hard tacos and the burrito bowl. 

Portion Sizes:
Soft/Hard Taco < Burrito < Burrito Bowl

It is wisest to choose the burrito bowl, but here is the secret - you can ask for your tortilla or tacos on the side! YES! They will with no extra charge give you a warm tortilla wrap on the side with your burrito bowl. They are so cute they wrap the warmed tortillas in aluminum foil. 

VOILA! Now you are getting much more filling and also get to build your own tacos or burritos!!!!!!!!! 


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