Sunday 12 April 2015

SMART SNACKING: Naturebox April 2015!

This picture SUCKS, but I'm too sick to take another :( 


This post is going to be super short and quick since I have been really sick for the last couple of days :( 
I hate hate HATE being sick because everything tastes awful to me and I love eating yummy food. I was so sad on Friday because my friends had dropped off my favourite from Cactus Club, the Chicken Jambalaya, but to my sick self, it did not taste amazing :( so major bummed on that. BOOO

Whilst being sick, my April 2015 Nature Box arrived. I must say, if these snacks can taste good to me while I am sick... then they sure definitely must be amazing when I will be all better!

This is my FIRST full order which came with five full sized bags of snacks! The only thing that confused me a bit was as to why the cranberry peptia crisps did not come in a resealable bag, it was like a regular chip bag. I did read somewhere that they had gotten a new look, so perhaps part of the new look were the re-sealable bags, so this must be from the old inventory? Regardless, tastes delicious so who cares!

Cranberry Peptia Crips = YES. Definitely satisfies the chip craving

Apple Pie Oat Clusters = super chewy and yummmyy. However, surprisingly, I think I prefer the peanut butter nomnoms.... Crazy because I am not a peanut butter fan!

Pear Praline Crunch = Very sweet. Too sweet for me?! I know how is that possible for the girl who is addicted to sweets!

Sriracha Roasted Cashews = AMAZING. I ordered them because I had LOVED them in the trial box I had received the month before.

Guacamole Bites = now these are actually corn chip stick things that are coated in a guacamole flavouring. I am a huge avocado lover and this did not do the avocado guac justice. It was on the too salty side for me

Overall, 3/5 of the snacks I loved. I am a SUPER PICKY EATER. I will return a meal at a restaurant if I even glimpse an onion. I pick the toppings i do not like off of pizzas like a pro surgeon before eating my slice of pizza. So this is actually good that I like more than half of the snacks!

For next month, I am going to definitely be ordering a granola from from them because they have so many amazing sounding flavours. And I also get the feeling I am going to ask for the peanut butter nom noms!


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