Monday 27 July 2015

Latte Moment | Short Nail Manicures

Hey Dolls!

My nails are naturally short and stubby, in fact, I have tried to grow them out many times with no success. As soon as I reach a sexy length, my nails chip and break.... So BOO

It is even more frustrating when I scroll through my Instagram feed and see girls rocking amazing long nails! Not to mention the girls blessed with naturally long almond shaped nails! 

So you might be wondering, why do I not just go and get myself a set of acrylics or gels? I am a busy gurl, and getting your nails done takes up a lot of time plus filling in your nails when they grow out. Not to mention, having a professionally done set of acrylics or gels will set you back a sizeable amount of money over the year. So those of us on a student budget, we must embrace our natural nails and show them off with confidence!

Naturally short nails are super AMAZING as well as much more PRACTICAL!  You are less likely to harbour germs and last night's dinner under your nails. Nor will you be putting yourself at risk of scratching your cornea each time you insert and remove your contacts. Each time I have had long gel nails, I would end up poking my eyeball :( As well, I find when I write with a pen/pencil, long nails dig into my palms, which is definitely uncomfortable when you are writing so much as a student! 

Needless to say, short natural nails are not only far more hygienic, they are much less likely to attack you back! No talons for me! And the funny thing is, females adore long nails and getting a long set of acrylics; however, after being on a men's varsity rowing team as a coxswain for several years, I learned MEN HATE LONG ACRYLICS/GELS!!!!

Ask your guy friends, I am sure they too will tell you that they do not like the long talon like nails. Many males prefer the natural nails at a shorter length. I guess men like things that are far more practical and honestly, there are no added benefits of long acrylics. Aside from the satisfying clacking sound they make when you furiously type on a keyboard or when you tap them on the counter to announce your impatience, Hehe! 

I like to trim my nails and file them square with rounded corners. Then I choose a shade of nail lacquer from my beloved collection of OPI polishes! Since I have small nails, it is not feasible to do elaborate designs. If I am trying to do something "cool" I either do an accent nail or two in a bold colour (my favourite is a glittery gold nail!!!), or paint my nail two colours separated at a diagonal. 

Tell me in the comments below what you prefer, short natural nails or a set of long menacing gels! 

As well be sure to follow me on Instagram #pinktealatte as I share lots of fun goodies and food from Vancouver! 


Sunday 19 July 2015

Edible Obsessions | Icy Treats in July | Timothy's Frozen Yogurt Ltd.

Peach + Strawberry + Frozen Yogurt + Fresh Waffle Cone = AMAZING
Hey Dolls,

Timothys Frozen Yogurt Ltd. is part of my childhood. My parents have been taking me to the pier in Steveston Village since I was a little girl! I still remember being captivated by how they turned the fruit I picked into Ice Cream - I was young so anything cold and creamy was Ice Cream to me!!!! Years later, as I gained more wisdom, I learned Timothy's Ice Cream was in fact Frozen Yogurt! 

You must visit Timothy's, they were doing frozen yogurt years before the Qoolas and Menchies came into town. You choose your fruit, they magically blend the fruit with frozen yogurt into your custom flavour and serve it to you in a FRESHLY made waffle cone! On busy days, the waffle cone is warm when they hand it to you because they are making them constantly! As well the smell of waffle cones in the air is soo yummy. 

The adorable furry friend I met outside of Timothy's! Best part of having frozen yogurt on a pier!
When you get a Timothy's, you have to eat their frozen yogurt the Timothy's way. You eat your treat with a spoon out of the waffle cone and break the cone off and eat it piece by piece. The best part about Timothy's, when you get to the bottom of your frozen yogurt, you get to try the flavour the customer before you got! Haha my friends and I always joke how we get a free sample at the bottom! Plus it is always fun to guess which fruits is in it. 

I really hope you all love Timothy's as much as I do! It will always be my favourite frozen yogurt!


Saturday 18 July 2015

Boutique Bliss | Brick & Mortar's 3 Cheers for 3 Years

Brick & Mortar Living has the cutest window display! LOVE!!!!!
Hey Dolls!

Two nights ago, I got to attend Brick & Mortar Living's 3 year celebration! Hip Hip Hooray! EEEEKKKK Congratulations! I am so happy I got to be a part of their 3 years celebration! ASO WARNING, I put a lot of pictures in this post! 

hip hip hooray for Brick & Mortar! 
Their 3 Cheers for 3 Years celebration also finally gave me an excuse to go to Brick & Mortar (the store is located in New Westminster which can be a little far from my home!). It was definitely worth the wait for this amazing life style shop! Brick & Mortar is all about supporting local artisans and companies because Local is Awesome! 

Rain City Juicery's cold pressed juices! 
Raincity Juicery (Love the name - because RainCouver, get it?!) was serving their yummy cold pressed juices to the guests. I am definitely going to be visiting Raincity Juicery in the near future! Plus, who does not want a gorgeous glass bottle with their adorable Raincity Juicery logo! 

Some of the great local brands Brick & Mortar had were Mellifera Bees Honey. I actually picked up their Lemon Infused Honey! Plus I am a sucker for cute packaging. Another amazing local brand Brick & Mortar carries is Fat Paint Company. Fat Paint has developed a chalk style paint in a huge array of colours for the inner artist in you! I am planning to grab a few amazing colours from them for some DIYs!  

Yup, I need all of those amazing vibrant bold colours! 
Brick & Mortar also features some really great reclaimed wood work. I was captivated by the pieces made using old Oak Wine Barrels. There were wine holders, bottle openers, and gorgeous wall hooks. As well, Love my Local makes the coolest wood cutting boards in the shape of the Canadian provinces. These are just some of the amazing local brands Brick & Mortar has. There are just so many chic products at Brick & Mortar, you just need to check it out for yourself! 

Gorgeous display of the cutting boards by Love my Local! 
And because you know I love my flowers, I naturally gravitated towards the gorgeous bouquet by Blossom & Vine floral company. They hold a pop-up shop in Brick & Mortar every Saturday! 

Brick & Mortar had such adorable displays set up. I know this post has so many pictures its just because I could not help myself! The displays were all too beautiful and the products are so fabulous that I NEEDED to share it with all of you! 

The Type Writers are for Sale! However, what a cute display!!! Plus I need those crates! 
Lastly, Brick & Mortar had such an adorable little photo booth set up in their shop for all their visitors who came to celebrate 3 Cheers for 3 Years!!! There are just so many chic products at Brick & Mortar, you just need to check it out for yourself! Because if you love local, Brick & Mortar Living is the perfect shop for you! 

Brick & Mortar is Awesome for supporting Local!
And boo for none of my friends being in town so I was all alone...


Friday 17 July 2015

Chic Life | Festival Essentials

Hey Dolls!

Summer Music Festivals are in full swing so I wanted to share with you my Festival Necessities! There are some core musts that I could not survive any summer festival or outdoor event with out. That would be really good grade SUNSCREEN! I prefer the Khiels sunscreen's as they do not leave an oily residue or make you feel sticky. Really invest in some good sunscreen because summer festivals are known to have minimal shade. I like having a good hat with a rim which helps shade my face from the strong sun rays. As well, I cannot forget my Ray Bans - Polarized of course! Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, if I have these three items, I know I can survive the festival! When it is not too sunny out, you gotta have a head wrap or turban. I Wear The Headress makes them locally in Vancouver out of some of the most gorgeous fabrics. 

Aside from the items I need to protect myself from the harsh sun-rays, I love covering myself in Tattly Temporary Designy Tattoos! Temporary tats are a must if you are a festival goer! I love Tattly's metallic designs as they look gorgeous against my tanned/red from the sun skin. 

Now dolls, we all know bras are just too darn warm in the Summer, especially if you are wearing heavily padded cups. Boob sweat is just not chic, so I choose to wear lacy light bralettes, my personal favourite are the ones from Sewn Designs. Plus it is made locally so double yay! 

I also make sure I have a comfy pair of shoes to walk around in as I will be doing a lot of walking and standing. It is dangerous to go barefoot because there could be broken bottles or sharp rocks that might cut you. So get a good pair of sturdy comfy shoes, like the Birkenstocks, so you can sway to the music all night and day. 

These are pretty much all of my necessities. I just need to throw on some silver stack rings, some very strong deodorant and boho chic inspired clothing! Oh and lastly, I must have my Blackberry with me at all times because festivals are held in large areas and are very crowded. For safety, be sure to have your cell phone with you in case of an emergency or if you get separated from your group. 

Have fun and be safe this Summer Festival Season! 


Wednesday 15 July 2015

Edible Obsessions | Icy Treats In July | Bella Gelateria

Mango Lassi Gelato with Matcha Chocolate Drizzled on top - Yes I love my MATCHA!
 Hey Dolls!

Today, I stayed cool with Gelato from Bella Gelateria, and gosh was it amazing! I had the Mango Lassi Gelato with Matcha Chocolate drizzled on top and garnished with a hazelnut wafer. And of course I had it in the waffle cone! I realize you must be wondering who on earth pairs mangos with matcha, but you know I love my Matcha Lattes so of course I needed Matcha Chocolate drizzled!!!! 

Gelato Cookie Sandwiches | The cookies are baked in house too! 
All of Bella's gelato and sorbets are made in store in the gelato laboratorio, in fact, you can watch the gelato masters hard at work creating the next amazing flavour! They use the freshest ingredients for their gelatos and sorbets; therefore, many of their flavours are seasonal. So if you are tasting seeds in your strawberry sorbet, it is because fresh strawberries, from a farm in Langley, were used in the sorbet! As well, each flavour is made small batch, so you know it was made within the week. 

Thank you amazing Bella Staff for taking this picture for me! 
My favourite part about Bella was their Matcha Chocolate Fountain! MATCHA CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!! It took every ounce of strength I had to not climb over the counter and put my face into the delicious green liquid gold! They also have a dark chocolate fountain, but of course I was captivated by the Matcha! So when you go to Bella, be sure to ask them to have your icy treat dipped in Match Chocolate! 

My Mango Lassi Gelato is being crafted by the skilled staff at Bella Gelateria! 
Bella is definitely a jewel of Yaletown when it comes to gelato and sorbet! Bella is located on the waterfront, so grab your cone and be sure to walk along the seawall this summer! I will be doing another post in the future on Bella's pizza because OH MY GOSH, their pizza is too good for words!


Monday 13 July 2015

Edible Obsessions | Melu Juice Soft Opening!

Hey Dolls!

I Melu Juice & Health Bar is finally open in Coal Harbour! It is still a soft opening, but Melu Juice will be fully open on Wednesday July 15! As part of their soft opening, Melu juice has a selection of their cold pressed juices as well as their health bars (At 50% off for the soft opening)! The smoothies and salads will be available starting Wednesday, so definitely look out for those goodies! 

The Fresh Mango Health Bar is 3rd from the left! All of them look so amazing! 
I was lucky enough to snag one of the last two Mango Health Bars (the health bars sell out so quick, so be sure to go in early!), and OMG it was so darn amazingly delicious! I have no words for it! I am a huge mango lover, definitely my favourite fruit, so fresh mangos yummy. The bottom layer tasted creamy and coconut flakes. You MUST TRY THE MANGO HEALTH BAR because it tastes like dessert! 

Melu's amazing Health Bars are made with superfoods, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lots of protein packed nuts. In order to retain all of the nutrients, Melu's health bars are not baked or heated! They have raw, vegan and gluten-free health bars! 

Now I could not visit Melu juice without trying one of their cold pressed juices. All of their cold pressed juices come in 500mL glass jars with a legend of what properties the drink has! So I actually got two as I had gone in with my daddy.

Orange Glow
• Carrot • Apple • Pineapple • Tomato • Ginger • 

Black Magic
• Activated Bamboo Charcoal • Cayenne • Lemon • Himilayan Pink Salt • Agave •

I surprisingly liked the Orange Glow considering I really hate ginger in juices! Melu has done a great job balancing the flavours. Haha but why is there no Orange in Orange Glow? But it definitely is a glowing orange colour! 

Orange Glow! 
Black Magic had a mild lemonade flavour. I have never had activated charcoal before so that was exciting! After I finished my jar, there was charcoal on the glass, I thought it was cool! 

Be sure to drop by Melu juice and let me know what your favourite health bar and cold pressed juice is!


Sunday 12 July 2015

Desk Goodies | Written Word Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Written Word Modern Calligraphy Workshop, West Elm, Vancouver BC

Hey Dolls!

Yesterday afternoon, I attended Written Word Calligraphy + Design's 2 hour modern calligraphy workshop at the West Elm on Granville st! The lovely Karla Lim was our instructor for the workshop. I loved how enthusiastic she was and how she always checked in with each student when a new letter was introduced. 

I have always been fascinated by typography and cursive and Modern Calligraphy is a beautiful mix of the two. With modern calligraphy, there are less rules; therefore, allowing you to develop your own unique style. Karla was really great at encouraging us to not just follow her style, but to have fun and allow our own creativity and style to shine! She noted that my style is more 'pointy,' which I completely agree! The workshop was in a relaxed setting and made us feel comfortable, I did not feel judged whatsoever, even when I completely botched a letter! WHOOPS

All of the supplies are provided and yours to keep. We got:
• 4 worksheets (we worked on these for the length of the workshop)
• Alphabet guide
• Rhodia practice notebook
• Zebra G Nib
• Straight Pen Nib holder
• Pot of black ink

Karla even gave me an oblique nib holder to practice at home! Along with the supplies, she gave us a resource guide on where we can get more supplies in the future. Karla had also written our names on name cards in her signature calligraphy - So Beautiful! 

I asked her why we are using a straight pen versus an oblique nib holder, Karla said that it is always great to start with a straight pen and then move on to an oblique. With an oblique nib holder, it allows you to get the angles far more easily, so less wiggling your wrist and arm about. 

Within the two hours, I learned the technique to writing modern calligraphy. An upstroke is always thin because the tines on the nib do not separate, while the down strokes you can give me thickness to by varying the pressure. On the down strokes, you are separating the tines on the nib, allowing more ink flow! Also, be sure the 'G' on your nib is always facing up and your nib is pointed at the correct angle. 

I highly recommend you attending Written Words' workshops on modern calligraphy because Karla's positivity really helps boast your confidence - well she boasted mine! Now all I have to do is practice practice practice on my home at home so I can start doing my own modern calligraphy work! 


Saturday 11 July 2015

Working Gurl | Applying for Jobs + Looking Chic for Interviews

My Summer Outfit Picks for Applying to Jobs
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Hey Dolls!

Sorry for not being as present as normal on my blog. I have just gotten myself a new job for the summer and it has been keeping me busy busy busy! To get a job, I had to drop off many resumes at stores as well as attend several interviews. Dressing appropriately is the easy part, it is the dressing appropriately while also looking apart in a positive light from the other candidates is the tough part!

It is vital you dress to impress because many employers will evaluate you on your first impression which includes being excited to be a part of their company, a firm hand shake as well as how you look. If you do not leave them with a lasting first impression, you will not stand out as a potential employee! 

First thing is first, be sure you are groomed. Please shower, do your hair and wear a LITTLE makeup. Key word being LITTLE, unless if you are applying to be a makeup artist, caking on makeup can at times not give the desired impression. 

When dropping off resumes or attending an interview, jeans are NOT appropriate. I have been shocked at how many people wear jeans to an interview. Jeans are not professional. Even if the employees at the place you are applying at wear jeans to work, jeans are still not okay for an interview. You may have heard, it is better to be overdressed then underdressed, jeans are definitely underdressing. 

You also want to dress according to the season. Since it is summer right now, it would be silly of me to wear a wool coat and thick nylons to an interview. They would think I am crazy! 

In the warmer months, I like to wear nice silk pants or black ankle length slacks with a nice top. To complete my outfit, I throw on a blazer and a chunky heel sandal or flats. I avoid sky high heels as I do not trust myself to not trip over myself and take down my interviewer with me! 

Oh and dolls, if you are wearing nail polish, be sure it is not chipped! It is the small details because when you put effort into your outfit and look, an employer knows you are serious in getting the job! 

Lastly, have your resume in a folder. It will keep your resume crinkle free and makes you look more professional. It's also a good idea to have some paper in the folder if you need to write anything down. 

Hope this helps you with your job search! Stay chic dolls!


Monday 6 July 2015

Edible Obsession | Icy Treats in July | Earnest Ice Cream

Hey Dolls!

Vancouver has been hit by a massive heat wave, so ice cream is definitely a great way to cool off! For July, I am going to be sharing with you my top places to go for a creamy and icy treat! 

If you live in Vancouver, you probably already know of the seriously good Earnest Ice Cream Parlour! Their iconic re-useable jars are all over instagram as well as multiple raves about their fabulous amazing ice cream. I was able to get in touch with Earnest to bring you some answers on their fabulous ice creams! 

So many amazing flavours to choose from! 
Earnest Ice Cream is the first to introduce a recycling program for their take home ice cream. Their regular flavour ice creams comes in really cute glass jars that you cannot help but Instagram about! Earnest is happy to say they have had a very positive response from the community for their return your glass jar for a dollar back. They currently have a 30% return rate; however, many people re-use the earnest ice cream jar on their own which makes Earnest very happy. The goal behind the recycling program was to be a zero waste company! All of the returned jars are cleaned and re-labeled in their two stores. 

As for their irresistible flavours, there is no single mastermind! It is a collaborative effort, especially with the idea/concept portion of the creation. After they have agreed on a new idea, their amazing production manager or one of the production assistants make a number of test batches/variations! 

On the Quebec St. location, they have the Earnest Ice Cream Bike Cart displayed above the door!
Each Earnest Ice Cream flavour is made in store in small batches! They try their best to source all their ingredients from BC; however, some ingredients may not be available local. 

Before you visit the stores, be sure to check their website as everyday are new flavours (aside from the regulars!). Not only do they have ice cream by the scoop or in a beautiful glass jar, Earnest Ice Cream does SUNDAES! Really Delicious Real Sundaes! I was dying to try the the Rhubarb Oat Sundae, so I went back a few days later! Hehe, I got it with the Cookies & Cream ice cream = YUM! The Rhubarb was the right amount of tart and sweet and the whip cream melted into it. 

Rhubarb Oat Sundae with Cookies & Cream Ice Cream!
The Matcha Green Tea was too good for words. I have no way to express how amazingly perfect the flavour was. It tasted REAL! It was evident Real Matcha was used in the ice cream! Yay!!! As well, Fresh Lemon, there was a perfect harmony between the creaminess of the milk and the lemon tartness. Haha I am unsure how I ended up choosing two flavours on the complete polar ends of the flavour spectrum, but they worked marvellously together! 
Yup, I am loving my Earnest Ice Cream - The Matcha Was PERFECT!

I have yet to try the Affogato - it is expresso poured over ice cream. I am unsure if it is hot expresso or luke warm or cold, but when I get it, you will definitely be the first to know! 

The last thing I asked Earnest Ice Cream was can their next ice cream be PISTACHIO! I got a "ha, perhaps!" I am keeping my fingers crossed dolls as my wish may come true! I love pistachio ice cream and I cannot wait to try pistachio ice cream from Earnest. I know they will whip up the best pistachio ice cream ever! 


Saturday 4 July 2015

Gurly's Life | Setting Goals + July Goals

Hello Dolls!

July is here, marking the halfway point for the year of 2015. I am working on becoming more productive and efficient with my time. A great way to see if you are accomplishing more is to set out Goals for yourself.  

Trust me when I say it is easy to make a list of goals, but very difficult to refer back to your list of goals. I too have made lists of goals in the past and I never look back on them after writing them out. It is positive of me to set out the goals for myself as it helped me recognized what I was striving for.  Recognizing my goals also allowed me to see what my future could hold for me. Now, I need to start checking off the goals I have accomplished! 

I wanted to share a few tips to help you achieve your goals!

1. Assign a time frame in which you would like to have achieved the goal
2. Be sure you set goals for yourself that are realistic. 
3. Set small positive goals amongst the tough big ones. 
4. Break down a big goal into smaller goals that lead up to your overall goal.
5. Cross off the goals you have achieved and be sure to treat yourself on your accomplishment! 

These are my July 2015 Goals dolls!
• Get a good part time job 
• Hit the gym at least 3x a week
• Practice healthier eating - reduce my takeout meals 
• Blog at least 15 times for July! 

Let me know what goals you have set for yourself! 


Thursday 2 July 2015

7 Lattes & Wishes // July Wishlist!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Hey Dolls!

Time is flying by on us, July is here already! For this month, I am wanting to have fun! And what better way to get yourself in the mood for fun is to add some summer fun inspired items to your life! 

Kate Spade's Flamingo pieces are amazing! There is a perfect balance between chic and flamingo fun! You must check out all of their flamingo pieces like their shoes and the dresses! A brilliant way to add fun to your summer wardrobe! 

As well, with the heat wave happening in Vancouver, a shift dress in white or light colour is the perfect way to stay cool. Add a pop up of bold colour with a statement clutch like the gorgeous denim clutch with tassels! As well, do not forget to ditch your bra for a bralette this summer! Easier to wash and far more cooling to wear in the Summer versus a padded bra! 

You can bring summer fun to your home with the watermelon cooler bag by as well as a well-placed accent pillow! I love having accent pieces every month to tie in with my mood. 

The best part about July are the SALES! Be sure to double check the online shops if there are discount codes. Many shops have extra percentages off the sale items as well as free shipping!