Monday 13 July 2015

Edible Obsessions | Melu Juice Soft Opening!

Hey Dolls!

I Melu Juice & Health Bar is finally open in Coal Harbour! It is still a soft opening, but Melu Juice will be fully open on Wednesday July 15! As part of their soft opening, Melu juice has a selection of their cold pressed juices as well as their health bars (At 50% off for the soft opening)! The smoothies and salads will be available starting Wednesday, so definitely look out for those goodies! 

The Fresh Mango Health Bar is 3rd from the left! All of them look so amazing! 
I was lucky enough to snag one of the last two Mango Health Bars (the health bars sell out so quick, so be sure to go in early!), and OMG it was so darn amazingly delicious! I have no words for it! I am a huge mango lover, definitely my favourite fruit, so fresh mangos yummy. The bottom layer tasted creamy and coconut flakes. You MUST TRY THE MANGO HEALTH BAR because it tastes like dessert! 

Melu's amazing Health Bars are made with superfoods, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lots of protein packed nuts. In order to retain all of the nutrients, Melu's health bars are not baked or heated! They have raw, vegan and gluten-free health bars! 

Now I could not visit Melu juice without trying one of their cold pressed juices. All of their cold pressed juices come in 500mL glass jars with a legend of what properties the drink has! So I actually got two as I had gone in with my daddy.

Orange Glow
• Carrot • Apple • Pineapple • Tomato • Ginger • 

Black Magic
• Activated Bamboo Charcoal • Cayenne • Lemon • Himilayan Pink Salt • Agave •

I surprisingly liked the Orange Glow considering I really hate ginger in juices! Melu has done a great job balancing the flavours. Haha but why is there no Orange in Orange Glow? But it definitely is a glowing orange colour! 

Orange Glow! 
Black Magic had a mild lemonade flavour. I have never had activated charcoal before so that was exciting! After I finished my jar, there was charcoal on the glass, I thought it was cool! 

Be sure to drop by Melu juice and let me know what your favourite health bar and cold pressed juice is!


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