Sunday 19 July 2015

Edible Obsessions | Icy Treats in July | Timothy's Frozen Yogurt Ltd.

Peach + Strawberry + Frozen Yogurt + Fresh Waffle Cone = AMAZING
Hey Dolls,

Timothys Frozen Yogurt Ltd. is part of my childhood. My parents have been taking me to the pier in Steveston Village since I was a little girl! I still remember being captivated by how they turned the fruit I picked into Ice Cream - I was young so anything cold and creamy was Ice Cream to me!!!! Years later, as I gained more wisdom, I learned Timothy's Ice Cream was in fact Frozen Yogurt! 

You must visit Timothy's, they were doing frozen yogurt years before the Qoolas and Menchies came into town. You choose your fruit, they magically blend the fruit with frozen yogurt into your custom flavour and serve it to you in a FRESHLY made waffle cone! On busy days, the waffle cone is warm when they hand it to you because they are making them constantly! As well the smell of waffle cones in the air is soo yummy. 

The adorable furry friend I met outside of Timothy's! Best part of having frozen yogurt on a pier!
When you get a Timothy's, you have to eat their frozen yogurt the Timothy's way. You eat your treat with a spoon out of the waffle cone and break the cone off and eat it piece by piece. The best part about Timothy's, when you get to the bottom of your frozen yogurt, you get to try the flavour the customer before you got! Haha my friends and I always joke how we get a free sample at the bottom! Plus it is always fun to guess which fruits is in it. 

I really hope you all love Timothy's as much as I do! It will always be my favourite frozen yogurt!


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