Saturday 11 July 2015

Working Gurl | Applying for Jobs + Looking Chic for Interviews

My Summer Outfit Picks for Applying to Jobs
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Hey Dolls!

Sorry for not being as present as normal on my blog. I have just gotten myself a new job for the summer and it has been keeping me busy busy busy! To get a job, I had to drop off many resumes at stores as well as attend several interviews. Dressing appropriately is the easy part, it is the dressing appropriately while also looking apart in a positive light from the other candidates is the tough part!

It is vital you dress to impress because many employers will evaluate you on your first impression which includes being excited to be a part of their company, a firm hand shake as well as how you look. If you do not leave them with a lasting first impression, you will not stand out as a potential employee! 

First thing is first, be sure you are groomed. Please shower, do your hair and wear a LITTLE makeup. Key word being LITTLE, unless if you are applying to be a makeup artist, caking on makeup can at times not give the desired impression. 

When dropping off resumes or attending an interview, jeans are NOT appropriate. I have been shocked at how many people wear jeans to an interview. Jeans are not professional. Even if the employees at the place you are applying at wear jeans to work, jeans are still not okay for an interview. You may have heard, it is better to be overdressed then underdressed, jeans are definitely underdressing. 

You also want to dress according to the season. Since it is summer right now, it would be silly of me to wear a wool coat and thick nylons to an interview. They would think I am crazy! 

In the warmer months, I like to wear nice silk pants or black ankle length slacks with a nice top. To complete my outfit, I throw on a blazer and a chunky heel sandal or flats. I avoid sky high heels as I do not trust myself to not trip over myself and take down my interviewer with me! 

Oh and dolls, if you are wearing nail polish, be sure it is not chipped! It is the small details because when you put effort into your outfit and look, an employer knows you are serious in getting the job! 

Lastly, have your resume in a folder. It will keep your resume crinkle free and makes you look more professional. It's also a good idea to have some paper in the folder if you need to write anything down. 

Hope this helps you with your job search! Stay chic dolls!


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