Friday 17 July 2015

Chic Life | Festival Essentials

Hey Dolls!

Summer Music Festivals are in full swing so I wanted to share with you my Festival Necessities! There are some core musts that I could not survive any summer festival or outdoor event with out. That would be really good grade SUNSCREEN! I prefer the Khiels sunscreen's as they do not leave an oily residue or make you feel sticky. Really invest in some good sunscreen because summer festivals are known to have minimal shade. I like having a good hat with a rim which helps shade my face from the strong sun rays. As well, I cannot forget my Ray Bans - Polarized of course! Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, if I have these three items, I know I can survive the festival! When it is not too sunny out, you gotta have a head wrap or turban. I Wear The Headress makes them locally in Vancouver out of some of the most gorgeous fabrics. 

Aside from the items I need to protect myself from the harsh sun-rays, I love covering myself in Tattly Temporary Designy Tattoos! Temporary tats are a must if you are a festival goer! I love Tattly's metallic designs as they look gorgeous against my tanned/red from the sun skin. 

Now dolls, we all know bras are just too darn warm in the Summer, especially if you are wearing heavily padded cups. Boob sweat is just not chic, so I choose to wear lacy light bralettes, my personal favourite are the ones from Sewn Designs. Plus it is made locally so double yay! 

I also make sure I have a comfy pair of shoes to walk around in as I will be doing a lot of walking and standing. It is dangerous to go barefoot because there could be broken bottles or sharp rocks that might cut you. So get a good pair of sturdy comfy shoes, like the Birkenstocks, so you can sway to the music all night and day. 

These are pretty much all of my necessities. I just need to throw on some silver stack rings, some very strong deodorant and boho chic inspired clothing! Oh and lastly, I must have my Blackberry with me at all times because festivals are held in large areas and are very crowded. For safety, be sure to have your cell phone with you in case of an emergency or if you get separated from your group. 

Have fun and be safe this Summer Festival Season! 


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