Thursday 14 February 2019

Meaningful Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's, Galentine's, the day of love or whatever you may call it, February 14th is universally recognized as the day we all express our love to the special people in our lives. It does not necessarily need to be your bae or boo, it can be your best friend or mom because you love them unconditionally and you want to show them that. 

Unfortunately, like many holidays, Valentine's Day has fallen prey to commercialization. I am guilty of being materialistic, but personally, when it comes to gifts, I prefer thoughtful presents that have a lot of special meaning behind it. Because those are the types of presents I cannot go and just buy for myself! 

Here are my gift ideas that anyone would cherish for life! 


There have been so many instances where I have received a gift with no card to accompany it! I absolutely love receiving cards with handwritten notes inside. There are so many fabulous cards to choose from. Cards may seem like a no brainer and often an afterthought, but for me, they are my favorite part. My favourite places to shop for cards in Vancouver are Gastown and Main Street because boutiques in these areas carry cards designed by local artists! 


I love the advancements cameras have undergone because they allow me to take unlimited pictures and I can store them all on my computer for infinity! However, digital copies will never be able to replace a tangible printed photograph. There is something indescribable about printed photographs. I love how I can hold them in my hand and display them on my wall so I can walk by and be reminded of that particular moment every single day. Print out your favourite memories and adventures so they can relive them every single day! In Vancouver, I love printing my pictures at the BOFT terminals that are conveniently located in several malls across the Lower Mainland. 


Speaking of adventures, plan one! Materialistic objects come and go, but memories are forever. Create new memories that you can reminisce about for years to come. You can attend a cooking class together or go do a crafting class. In Vancouver I recommend the Dirty Apron for cooking classes and 4Cats for art workshops. 


Spa experiences do not come cheap, especially if you are wanting to get more than one treatment. I also prefer visiting the higher end spas as they tend to follow stricter sterilization procedures and use amazing products. In Vancouver, I am obsessed with Miraj Hammam Spa, a Middle Eastern spa like no other!