Monday 29 June 2015

Boutique Bliss // The Latest Scoop!

A Lifesytle Boutique full of Excitement = The Latest Scoop!
Hey Dolls!

These past few years, Vancouver seems to have become the land of the clones. Everywhere I look, everyone seems to be dressed alike or very similar. Perhaps it is Lululemon pumping out all their oh so comfortable tights (personally I think they are only acceptable to be worn when working out and not as a daily outfit?!) or Aritzia repeating the same pieces year after year in the same or new colours. VANCOUVER... what happened to looking unique and standing out in the crowd? Fashion is not about blending in?!?!

This is why, I have made it my mission to seek out boutique like shops which sell unique pieces that are NOT repeated year after year after year after year..... and that is why I LOVE 
 the Latest Scoop! 

I was wandering about the shopping district on Granville street when I stumbled across their adorable shop display and could not resist stepping inside! This was a year ago and I have been a faithful customer since. The Latest Scoop is a "pop-up" boutique which closes twice a year for a month or two which is always really upsetting. However, "TLS opens when the new season presents itself - the buyers are in LA every 2 weeks to restock with the latest trends, and when the season comes to an end, the shops shuts down to redo the interiors to compliment the upcoming season!" - The Latest Scoop

How chic and perfect is that collared shift dress? 
I was able to get in touch with The Latest Scoop to find out what inspired this amazing lifestyle boutique: "The Latest Scoop was created by long-time Vancouver retailer, Deb Nichol. After many years in the retail world, Deb became bored with what was being offered and how it was being presented. If she was bored than meant that the shoppers (consumers) must also be challenged! To put back the fun and excitement back in retail, The Latest Scoop was launched in 2004."

Needless to say, YES to The Latest Scoop!

My biggest TIP for when you shop at The Latest Scoop is to grab the piece you like on that day because their styles generally sell out in a couple of days! My biggest struggle in The Latest Scoop is to not pick EVERYTHING because all of their pieces are just so darn adorable and perfect and a must have! 

"There are no retail rules at The Latest Scoop, no expensive price tags, and no attitude! It's all about the shopping experience. What there is, is fun, fashionable & on trend fashion from LA & NY, gifts, furniture, gadgets and accessories etc. - it's a lifestyle concept store."

A table filled with goodies at the Latest Scoop! My favourite section of the store!
You will find not only amazing clothing, but adorable accessories and pieces like the Gold-Lipped Teacups! I definitely spend a large portion of my time checking out their adorable knick backs and accessories. And because it is a lifestyle store, technically, all of their display is for sale too! So do not be shy to ask how much the cute mirror is for! 

For all my dolls who do not live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, The Latest Scoop will be launching their online store VERY SOON! Look out for that, I know I will be definitely be stalking their online store and putting everything irresistible in my shopping cart hehe! 


All pictures were provided by The Latest Scoop

Saturday 27 June 2015

Chic Finds // Summer Soiree

Hey Dolls!

Vancouver had quite the warm day today! It was an absolute scorcher! I cannot even begin to exclaim how sticky and sweaty I was today haha. But it was amazing, Vancouver is generally cold and rainy so it was a welcome change! 

On this hot wonderful day, I attended the Summer Soiree hosted at the Beaumont Studios on Alberta and 5th in Vancouver. All of the pop-shops donated 15% of their sales from today towards BC Professional Fire Fighter's Burn Fund! 

So many amazing local Vancouver shops had their pop-up at the Summer Soiree! I finally got to meet the amazing artisans behind the brands and companies I love. I had a wonderful chat with Kara about her Kara Yoo Jewelry. She has designed every piece herself and are made in Vancouver. I am in love with the Hexagon Rings - I think it is clear hexagons are my favourite shape... who has a favourite shape??!?!

I also got to meet the lovely Jaleh again, the amazing women behind We R Love & Co - a company focused on spreading LOVE! She showed me some love by showing me how to use the manual settings on my Nikon DSLR! Hopefully with my new found knowledge of using the manual settings correctly, my pictures will improve! Be sure to check out We R Love & Co as the Sprinkle Love Like Confetti... is too real! 

Now dolls - as a disclosure, I am not getting married anytime soon. Nor am I engaged to be married! haha but I know I am DEFINITELY going to be getting a Future Mrs. Planner when my time comes around! Firstly, the name is genius - Future Mrs! What a Chic way to tell the world you are planning your wedding. Much better then having a generic wedding planning book. As well, this book is Tres Chic! It is a feminine planner with cute pictures and sayings sprinkled throughout. I fell in love with the page that featured a peony pink cruiser with "enjoy the journey" scrawled above! I think the Future Mrs. Planner would also make a perfect engagement present! 

I have saved the best for last doll, it is no secret I am in love with Vancouver Candle Co so when their pop-up caught my eye, practically tripped over my feet (gracefully of course) to get to their pop-up as quick as possible. Ah, it was perfection! All 6 scents of their candles with perfectly lined up on the table beckoning me to bring them all home with me... unfortunately my student budget restricted me :( 

As well, I got to meet the amazing creator, Nick! Plus his adorable dog Cooper!!!! Had a lovely chat with him and learned there is a new candle coming out at the end of the summer so stay tuned for that dolls! 

The Summer Soiree was fabulous and I am so happy that I attended! These were only a few of the many vendors at the event! Hugo Churros was also at the Soiree and I finally got to have a taste of their much raved about Churros - the hype is real dolls! I have lots more amazing Vancouver finds to share with all of you this Summer and if you know of a place that I must visit, let me know!


Friday 26 June 2015

Latte Moment // NO Blackberry for Two Weeks

Hey Dolls!

We all know phone carriers can be a huge annoyance, in fact, an absolute pain in our bums. For two weeks, I did not have any cell service on my phone. Apparently when I switched from one carrier to another, both companies decided to put the other at fault versus helping me get my service back. After much hassle and grief, I finally had cell service and was given a brand new Blackberry Classic - YAY! 

It was not the end of the world though because it was nice to have a break from a cell phone. You become far more aware of your surroundings because you not thumbing away at your cellphone. As well, your eyes will thank you for giving them a break from the small screen. 

My two weeks without a Blackberry: 
  •  I definitely people watched much more when taking transit. 
  •  You realize that every person around you was on their cell phone - absentmindedly staring at the screen
  • I read magazines when I was in the waiting room at the drs!
  •  Sounds seemed louder. I would hear all the traffic and everyone talking around me or the phone ringing or music playing because I was not focused on my phone
  •  I had to memorize phone numbers - Derp, only knew my house number! As well as ask strangers to borrow their phone to make a call! 
  •  Surprisingly, I realized how few people I really NEEDED to talk to. I think I only called my parents and two friends. 
  •  I did not miss checking all my social media updates. 
  •  I had to make plans in advance with friends and determine a specific meeting spot as well as time! 
  •  I did not have an alarm in the morning?!?! AH!
  •  Data - definitely did not need to worry about going over the limit!
  •  My hands were both free. As well, did not need to freak out about my blackberry being lost
  •  It was weird how I kept feeling like I was missing something - comes to show how attached we become to our electronics
At the end of the two weeks, I realized how I did NOT need my blackberry for social media, or to pass time, or to randomly text people about nothing. I NEEDED my blackberry for answering work and school emails as well as for feeling safe because if an emergency occurred, I would be able to call my parents and 911. 

What do you think dolls, are we far too obsessed and attached to our cellphones to notice the world around us? --> But I am Still Elated, in fact Ecstatic to have my new Blackberry Classic!!!!!


Sunday 21 June 2015

Chic Life // Easy Summer Outfit

Hey Dolls!

Summer is OFFICIALLY here! I am excited for the never ending summer days and the amazing summer festivities! So many events occurring throughout summer in Vancouver, too many to pick! My favourite part of summer is dressing up because I do not need to worry about there being rain or it being too cold to wear a cute dress. Honestly, when it is cold out, it is hard to dress cute because you know you will be bundled up in a big coat, scarf and boots. 

I thought I would put together a quick and easy effortless summer outfit that will guarantee you to stand out in a crowd. Go the simple route dolls because when you over do it, you will stand out in a not so positive way. 

I have chosen a classic black romper overalls from Aritzia - this fabric is so soft and luxurious feeling, you just have to feel it in person! Underneath, a simple short sleeved white crop top. Accessorizing with emerald green palm leaf patterned turban hand made locally in Vancouver by I Wear the Headress.  A little bling for your fingers - too cute for words kitten rings from Foe and Doe - also Vancouver based! Lastly, a pair of comfortable Birkenstocks  the perfect pair of sandals for any summer! 

Have fun in the sun and do not forget to protect your skin


Wednesday 17 June 2015

Latte Moment // Father's Day Gift Guide!!!

Hey Dolls!

This Sunday is Father's Day and I want to show my daddy how much he means to me! It is also a great excuse to get them a present - personally, I find dads hate getting presents because they do not understand why they "need" that gift. 

Another challenge about dad's is that they seem to already have everything they want and are content with it. How do you get a man who has no wishlist? A way to get past that is by getting your father an item to replace one that is getting old or something you know he will eventually use like clothes or shoes. 

Lastly, a gift he will always love is you spending the day with him! Make him some yummy breakfast and take some pictures for him to keep forever!

This is my little gift guide for father's day, hope it helps you all! 


ONE: Every dad or man deserves a great leather messenger bag. I like how this messenger bag has a young vibe, but is still suitable for a mature father.  

TWO: If your dad loves looking sharp like my daddy does, he is going to love getting a gorgeous button up from you! Especially if the button-up is this gorgeous peony pink colour (well I think it is super cute, so my daddy will like it too!) 

THREE: one word dolls... SPERRYS! They are not too casual, but as well are not too formal. A great everyday summer shoe for your dad, plus they are very comfortable as well as durable. 

FOUR: This is a fun gift to give to a dad who travels a lot. However, I am curious to see how airport security will react to a travel size cocktail kit! 

FIVE: A belt is a great option if your dad is in need of a new one. Just be sure your dad does not already have that colour belt!

SIX: I know, this might be a weird one; however, GasTown is a manly scent compared to other candles so your dad will not feel weird about lighting it. It contains leather and tobacco! As well, it will help make his man cave smell lovely! 

SEVEN: If you have a grill master dad, he is going to love this Grill Mitt! I love the brown leather which gives it a rugged manly feel. 

EIGHT: Yup, I have to include a little bit of latte in every gift guide! I thought this ceramic travel cup was adorable with "good morning handsome" in modern calligraphy! 

NINE: Everyone uses pens and pencils and needs a place to store them. I am loving the brown leather that he will match his other brown leather goods! Perfect for an architecture father!

Sunday 14 June 2015

Desk Goodies // Le Pens

Hey Dolls!

I am happy to say I have completed my physiology midterm for the physiology course I am taking this summer at UBC. I cannot even begin to tell how the vast amount of material we had to know for this exam, it was an absolute marathon of studying! Now that I am relaxed and can take a moment to breathe (before the final creeps up on me), I wanted to tell you dolls all about my favourite felt tipped pens! 

I go through pens pretty quick because as I student, I am constantly taking notes and scribbling in my agenda all of my "To Dos!" I am also a very picky person as to what type of pen I use. Perhaps I am just a little bit OCD and if the pen does not feel just right in my hand and write in a certain manner, I start getting a wee bit of anxiety. Therefore, you can conclude Le Pens have received my stamp of approval! 

Le Pens are made by a Japanese brand, Marvy Uchida; however, I was able to purchase mine from a paper shop in Vancouver called Papyrus. I am in love with my Le Pens and to express how fabulous I think the Le Pens are, I actually purchased TWO of each colour that Papyrus carries. Haha I had to have a backup of all of the colours in case Le Pens are no longer produced... Which would be an absolute Travesty! Just a side note, Papyrus sells the colours individually; however, you can find packs of the pens online. 

The pigmentation of these pens is brilliant and they write very smoothly on paper. Another fabulous thing about the Le Pens are that they do NOT bleed through the paper! We all have seen the Staedtler Triplus fine liner, which always bleed through the paper. As well, I find the tip of Triplus to wear down quite quick. 

Lastly, are the Le Pens not the most chic felt tipped fine line pen you have seen? I am in love with the silver metal clasp on the cap!  I have eleven colours: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Light Blue, Teal, Periwinkle, Amethyst, Lavender and Black!

Head on out and grab yourself a set of these gorgeous pens to make your notes and letters even more gorgeous!


Saturday 13 June 2015

Edible Obsessions // Liberty Bakery + Cafe

How gorgeous is this Tiffany blue vintage beetle parked outside of Liberty!

Hello Dolls!

Today was such a brilliant day because I got to visit the glorious Liberty Bakery + it was fabulously amazing weather! The perfect day to wonder Main st. with my friends, exploring the stores and Liberty Bakery hehe!

Liberty Bakery is located on the corner of Main st. and 21st Ave. It is an adorable bakery that has been recently renovated. I love their white exterior paint job with Black + White Striped Window shades! Their hours are generally 10AM - 6PM, but I highly suggest you do not wait until the closing hour because their goodies may sell out!

All of Liberty's pastries and delicious sandwiches are made with lots of Love in store. You can actually watch the chef's hard at work as the kitchen is not hidden behind a wall! I will be honest dolls, I had gone into Liberty with the intention of trying Liberty's famous Hummingbird cake; however, sadly, they discontinued by the slice Hummingbird cake only a week ago. I really hope I get to try the Hummingbird cake as I love Carrot Cake and the little hummingbird gingerbread cookies that adorn the top perimeter are really cute! Plus its a tres Chic Cake! 

Even though I did not get to try Hummingbird Cake (which I had been drooling over), I got to try their new daily by the slice cake: The Coconut Cake.
Can I tell you that this Coconut Cake is the BEST coconut cake I have ever had in  my life. And I have had a lot of cake and pastries! 

It is amazingly moist, creamy and dreamy cake that you will try. Plus who knew white velvet cake existed?!?! I think Liberty is genius for layering coconut pudding between the layers of white velvet cake because it made the cake extremely moist without making it too sweet! I personally love sweets, but I do not like extremely sweet treats. Please go check this cake out dolls because I can promise you this Coconut Cake is a treat you will savour! 

I also decided to have a sandwich because I was super hungry as it was lunch time! (I did eat the sandwich before the cake, but the cake was so darn amazing I had to talk about it first!) I chose the Presto Sandwich that Liberty grilled to perfection! It had an excellent crunch when you take a bite and then you taste the amazing avocado with feta and black beans! As well, they give you your sandwich toasty hot so it forces you to take your time versus inhaling your delicious sandwich! 

Let me know if you have been to Liberty Bakery before and if not, when you do go, what was your favourite treat?


Friday 12 June 2015

Chic Life // Spring 2015 Luxe Box Review!

Hey Dolls!

I have just received my Spring 2015 Luxe Box in the mail and am very excited to share it with all of you! I was completely surprised by my Luxe Boxe's arrival as these past few weeks have been the busiest weeks of my life. I have had no time to think, let alone wonder when my Luxe Box might be coming! So it was a welcomed surprise amongst the chaos of a busy life! 

There were a total of 7 items in my Luxe Box, 4 full sized products and three trial sized (personally, I thought two of them were full sized!). 

I am going to list the products starting with the items I am most excited about to the least.

ONE: Bioderma's Sensible H2O Micelles Solution 
I am very excited and happy to receive this make-up remover as it has been on the top of my "to Try" list. It is a make-up remover that has been spoken about fondly by many and I cannot wait to try it for myself!

TWO: deborah lipman Nail Varnish in Mermaid's Kiss
You can never go wrong with a deporah lipman nail varnish and the colour is a super cute sparkly pale pink shade. 

THREE: Bare Mineral's Lash Domination Mascara
Even though this is a very tiny trial sized mascara, I am still excited to try it out! I prefer trial sized mascara's when I try new ones since macscara does go bad in about 3 months. This way, I will not feel bad for not using it all up if I do not like it since it is so tiny!

FOUR: Fruits & Passion's Green Tea Face Mask
This is a one time use mask with hydrating properties. I am excited to use it as I am a big green tea lover... well green tea latte lover! 

FIVE: Garnier's Ombrielle SPF 60
Yay for sunscreen! You can never go wrong with sunscreen during the spring and summer. It is important you protect your skin! I will definitely be using it on my body when I have used up my Khiel's body sunscreen. Just a quick Note dolls - Sunscreen's generally have an expiration of a year to a year and a half! Be sure to always check yours at the beginning of the season!

SIX: Model Co Lip Gloss in Fairy Floss
It is a shear pink gloss, not too fond of the packaging. Overall, I would wear it, but it is nothing new. 

SEVEN: Medusa's Makeup - eyeshadow in maneater
Purely based on first impressions, I am not very excited about this particular item. The packaging is far too tacky for me as well I am not much of a purple shadow girl. However, I am happy that this eyeshadow is cruelty free!

Are you excited about any of these products?


Tuesday 9 June 2015

7 Lattes and Wishes // June Wishlist 2015

Hiya Dolls!

One of the weird things I like to read about is what people are wanting to have in their wardrobe or as decor etc. It is just interesting and sometimes I discover something I really want! So I decided I would share with you my latests lusts and wants. 

The big thing this season is WHITES! I am a huge fan of wearing white, especially when it is really hot out. It is a calming and cooling colour that does not attract heat. As well, it is easy to add a pop of colour to with any accessory!

ONE: This is a backpack done by Nocturnal Workshop. It looks ordinary at first; however, it is a completely reflective backpack! It is made with quality durable reflective material as well as suede and leather. Definitely a major WANT for a biker or bus user!
TWO: Black and White stripes are tres chic, and Party Skirts makes the best fitting and flared skirts you can get! How flirtatious and cute is this skirt!

THREE: Shirt dresses and boho-esque tassels are quite in this season. This flowy white cotton dress is on trend for 2015 spring/summer!

FOUR: I really really really want a Fuji Filminstax Mini in of course chic White! The polaroids are fabulous keepsakes you can always have forever. 
FIVE: How rad are these banana printed Native shoes for The Juice Truck. I must got my hands on these limited edition Natives as well, they are perfect for the hot days when you do not want to be wearing socks.

SIX: Hot summer days call for flowy cotton tops, and this white top from Aritzia is perfect! As well, the ruffle detailing on the sleeves is chic and feminine.

SEVEN: How cute is this beach towel! It is the original "roundie" beach towel, and I am in love with fringe around the perimeter as well as the beautiful blue and black symmetrical pattern! You will definitely be the only gal at the beach with this Roundie Beach Towel by The Beach People!


Sunday 7 June 2015

Chic Life // Protect Your Skin From the Sun!

Hey Dolls!
If you have been following me on twitter or instagram, you must already know that it has been gorgeous out in Vancouver. The sun is shining brightly on us with its amazing warmth! Even though the Sun is fabulous and we cannot wait to get a beautiful spring glow for the summer, we still want to protect our skin dolls! I definitely want to avoid getting fine lines and wrinkles early in my life! 

Let us take a few small steps to protect our skin while we are having fun in the sun! 

ONE: Khiel's Face Sunscreen is my favourite to use since it is not heavy and leaves the least amount of residue from the ones I have tried so far. It is rated at SPF 50 which is good! Just remember to reapply if you have been in the water! Also, the new formula for this year is Oil-Free! 

TWO: The Khiels Sun Protection Lotion Spray for Body rated SPF 30 is brilliant because it is moisturizing! Plus, it is water resistant for about 80mins, but I would reapply after being in the water just to be on the safe side!

THREE: Drinking water when you are out in the sun is super duper important. People forget how important staying hydrated is for your skin! Also, it does not hurt to carry a cute water bottle ;) ! I like to choose either metal or glass water bottles. The glass water bottles can be heavy but to me they seem the most hygienic since it is easiest to clean.  

FOUR: Wear a cute floppy hat this spring/summer. Hats are trending right now dolls as well will help protect your face from the sun rays. However, does not mean you can get away with not wearing sunscreen hehe

FIVE: Adorable Sunglasses are a must when it is sunny out! The skin around your eyes is very delicate and can easily be damaged, not to mention our eyes are quite sensitive! I am in love with these RayBan Sunglasses and am saving up for a pair this summer! 

Have fun in the sun!


Friday 5 June 2015

Edible Obsession // Happy National Donut Day!

Happy National Donut Day Dolls!!!

Hehe in celebration of national donut day, I went to Cartem's Donuterie! This was actually my first time going to Cartem's and I was shocked by how large the bakery actually is! It is HUGE! And I am in love with their brick walls and clear lacquered wood furniture. 

The donut I chose is the London Fog. It is a "stuffie" donut filled with whipped cream infused with Earl Grey tea and vanilla bean. The donut was glazed with Early Grey tea and vanilla! The filling was so darn good, it was fluffy, airy and light. The filling was not too sweet which really let me enjoy the flavour and texture. I found the glaze to be too sweet which over powered the delicate filling. 

I have no more words to describe the London Fog donut as it was so darn good! The flavours were complex and nothing you will ever find at another donut place. Definitely worth checking out dolls as gourmet donuts do exist. Also for the men in your lives, Cartems has a donut with bacon bits! 


Thursday 4 June 2015

Edible Obsessions // archimallows!

Hello Dolls!
I am so happy that I have completed my physiology midterm because it has just been taking over my life... so that is why I have not been around as much :( 

But now that I can put away the physiology textbook and can finally leave my desk, I can explore more awesome and yummy delights! 

I was walking to Holt Renfrew in Downtown Vancouver when saw Archimallows pop-up shop! I could not help myself but take a million pictures of the beautiful hand-made marshmallows and share them all with you! They had so many cool flavours like tequila lime and black forest aka YUM! The best part of getting your mallows at the archimallow pop-shop is that they will toast you marshmallow! I repeat, toast your marshmallow with a handheld blow torch! We all know toasted marshmallows at camp are the best thing ever, so when you eat a toasted flavoured marshmallow, it is mind blowing! Crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. The flavours just pop in your mouth. 

I had the Black Forest Marshmallow and my friend had gotten the Lemon Meringue. Both were delicious! 

However, my all time favourite marshmallows will always by the ones made by Butter Bakery! I may be a bit biased as I have been going to Butter all my high school years! Haha but Archimallows definitely are worth a try!