Tuesday 9 June 2015

7 Lattes and Wishes // June Wishlist 2015

Hiya Dolls!

One of the weird things I like to read about is what people are wanting to have in their wardrobe or as decor etc. It is just interesting and sometimes I discover something I really want! So I decided I would share with you my latests lusts and wants. 

The big thing this season is WHITES! I am a huge fan of wearing white, especially when it is really hot out. It is a calming and cooling colour that does not attract heat. As well, it is easy to add a pop of colour to with any accessory!

ONE: This is a backpack done by Nocturnal Workshop. It looks ordinary at first; however, it is a completely reflective backpack! It is made with quality durable reflective material as well as suede and leather. Definitely a major WANT for a biker or bus user!
TWO: Black and White stripes are tres chic, and Party Skirts makes the best fitting and flared skirts you can get! How flirtatious and cute is this skirt!

THREE: Shirt dresses and boho-esque tassels are quite in this season. This flowy white cotton dress is on trend for 2015 spring/summer!

FOUR: I really really really want a Fuji Filminstax Mini in of course chic White! The polaroids are fabulous keepsakes you can always have forever. 
FIVE: How rad are these banana printed Native shoes for The Juice Truck. I must got my hands on these limited edition Natives as well, they are perfect for the hot days when you do not want to be wearing socks.

SIX: Hot summer days call for flowy cotton tops, and this white top from Aritzia is perfect! As well, the ruffle detailing on the sleeves is chic and feminine.

SEVEN: How cute is this beach towel! It is the original "roundie" beach towel, and I am in love with fringe around the perimeter as well as the beautiful blue and black symmetrical pattern! You will definitely be the only gal at the beach with this Roundie Beach Towel by The Beach People!


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