Wednesday 17 June 2015

Latte Moment // Father's Day Gift Guide!!!

Hey Dolls!

This Sunday is Father's Day and I want to show my daddy how much he means to me! It is also a great excuse to get them a present - personally, I find dads hate getting presents because they do not understand why they "need" that gift. 

Another challenge about dad's is that they seem to already have everything they want and are content with it. How do you get a man who has no wishlist? A way to get past that is by getting your father an item to replace one that is getting old or something you know he will eventually use like clothes or shoes. 

Lastly, a gift he will always love is you spending the day with him! Make him some yummy breakfast and take some pictures for him to keep forever!

This is my little gift guide for father's day, hope it helps you all! 


ONE: Every dad or man deserves a great leather messenger bag. I like how this messenger bag has a young vibe, but is still suitable for a mature father.  

TWO: If your dad loves looking sharp like my daddy does, he is going to love getting a gorgeous button up from you! Especially if the button-up is this gorgeous peony pink colour (well I think it is super cute, so my daddy will like it too!) 

THREE: one word dolls... SPERRYS! They are not too casual, but as well are not too formal. A great everyday summer shoe for your dad, plus they are very comfortable as well as durable. 

FOUR: This is a fun gift to give to a dad who travels a lot. However, I am curious to see how airport security will react to a travel size cocktail kit! 

FIVE: A belt is a great option if your dad is in need of a new one. Just be sure your dad does not already have that colour belt!

SIX: I know, this might be a weird one; however, GasTown is a manly scent compared to other candles so your dad will not feel weird about lighting it. It contains leather and tobacco! As well, it will help make his man cave smell lovely! 

SEVEN: If you have a grill master dad, he is going to love this Grill Mitt! I love the brown leather which gives it a rugged manly feel. 

EIGHT: Yup, I have to include a little bit of latte in every gift guide! I thought this ceramic travel cup was adorable with "good morning handsome" in modern calligraphy! 

NINE: Everyone uses pens and pencils and needs a place to store them. I am loving the brown leather that he will match his other brown leather goods! Perfect for an architecture father!

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