Sunday 14 June 2015

Desk Goodies // Le Pens

Hey Dolls!

I am happy to say I have completed my physiology midterm for the physiology course I am taking this summer at UBC. I cannot even begin to tell how the vast amount of material we had to know for this exam, it was an absolute marathon of studying! Now that I am relaxed and can take a moment to breathe (before the final creeps up on me), I wanted to tell you dolls all about my favourite felt tipped pens! 

I go through pens pretty quick because as I student, I am constantly taking notes and scribbling in my agenda all of my "To Dos!" I am also a very picky person as to what type of pen I use. Perhaps I am just a little bit OCD and if the pen does not feel just right in my hand and write in a certain manner, I start getting a wee bit of anxiety. Therefore, you can conclude Le Pens have received my stamp of approval! 

Le Pens are made by a Japanese brand, Marvy Uchida; however, I was able to purchase mine from a paper shop in Vancouver called Papyrus. I am in love with my Le Pens and to express how fabulous I think the Le Pens are, I actually purchased TWO of each colour that Papyrus carries. Haha I had to have a backup of all of the colours in case Le Pens are no longer produced... Which would be an absolute Travesty! Just a side note, Papyrus sells the colours individually; however, you can find packs of the pens online. 

The pigmentation of these pens is brilliant and they write very smoothly on paper. Another fabulous thing about the Le Pens are that they do NOT bleed through the paper! We all have seen the Staedtler Triplus fine liner, which always bleed through the paper. As well, I find the tip of Triplus to wear down quite quick. 

Lastly, are the Le Pens not the most chic felt tipped fine line pen you have seen? I am in love with the silver metal clasp on the cap!  I have eleven colours: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Light Blue, Teal, Periwinkle, Amethyst, Lavender and Black!

Head on out and grab yourself a set of these gorgeous pens to make your notes and letters even more gorgeous!


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