Sunday 21 June 2015

Chic Life // Easy Summer Outfit

Hey Dolls!

Summer is OFFICIALLY here! I am excited for the never ending summer days and the amazing summer festivities! So many events occurring throughout summer in Vancouver, too many to pick! My favourite part of summer is dressing up because I do not need to worry about there being rain or it being too cold to wear a cute dress. Honestly, when it is cold out, it is hard to dress cute because you know you will be bundled up in a big coat, scarf and boots. 

I thought I would put together a quick and easy effortless summer outfit that will guarantee you to stand out in a crowd. Go the simple route dolls because when you over do it, you will stand out in a not so positive way. 

I have chosen a classic black romper overalls from Aritzia - this fabric is so soft and luxurious feeling, you just have to feel it in person! Underneath, a simple short sleeved white crop top. Accessorizing with emerald green palm leaf patterned turban hand made locally in Vancouver by I Wear the Headress.  A little bling for your fingers - too cute for words kitten rings from Foe and Doe - also Vancouver based! Lastly, a pair of comfortable Birkenstocks  the perfect pair of sandals for any summer! 

Have fun in the sun and do not forget to protect your skin


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