Sunday 7 June 2015

Chic Life // Protect Your Skin From the Sun!

Hey Dolls!
If you have been following me on twitter or instagram, you must already know that it has been gorgeous out in Vancouver. The sun is shining brightly on us with its amazing warmth! Even though the Sun is fabulous and we cannot wait to get a beautiful spring glow for the summer, we still want to protect our skin dolls! I definitely want to avoid getting fine lines and wrinkles early in my life! 

Let us take a few small steps to protect our skin while we are having fun in the sun! 

ONE: Khiel's Face Sunscreen is my favourite to use since it is not heavy and leaves the least amount of residue from the ones I have tried so far. It is rated at SPF 50 which is good! Just remember to reapply if you have been in the water! Also, the new formula for this year is Oil-Free! 

TWO: The Khiels Sun Protection Lotion Spray for Body rated SPF 30 is brilliant because it is moisturizing! Plus, it is water resistant for about 80mins, but I would reapply after being in the water just to be on the safe side!

THREE: Drinking water when you are out in the sun is super duper important. People forget how important staying hydrated is for your skin! Also, it does not hurt to carry a cute water bottle ;) ! I like to choose either metal or glass water bottles. The glass water bottles can be heavy but to me they seem the most hygienic since it is easiest to clean.  

FOUR: Wear a cute floppy hat this spring/summer. Hats are trending right now dolls as well will help protect your face from the sun rays. However, does not mean you can get away with not wearing sunscreen hehe

FIVE: Adorable Sunglasses are a must when it is sunny out! The skin around your eyes is very delicate and can easily be damaged, not to mention our eyes are quite sensitive! I am in love with these RayBan Sunglasses and am saving up for a pair this summer! 

Have fun in the sun!


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