Friday 26 June 2015

Latte Moment // NO Blackberry for Two Weeks

Hey Dolls!

We all know phone carriers can be a huge annoyance, in fact, an absolute pain in our bums. For two weeks, I did not have any cell service on my phone. Apparently when I switched from one carrier to another, both companies decided to put the other at fault versus helping me get my service back. After much hassle and grief, I finally had cell service and was given a brand new Blackberry Classic - YAY! 

It was not the end of the world though because it was nice to have a break from a cell phone. You become far more aware of your surroundings because you not thumbing away at your cellphone. As well, your eyes will thank you for giving them a break from the small screen. 

My two weeks without a Blackberry: 
  •  I definitely people watched much more when taking transit. 
  •  You realize that every person around you was on their cell phone - absentmindedly staring at the screen
  • I read magazines when I was in the waiting room at the drs!
  •  Sounds seemed louder. I would hear all the traffic and everyone talking around me or the phone ringing or music playing because I was not focused on my phone
  •  I had to memorize phone numbers - Derp, only knew my house number! As well as ask strangers to borrow their phone to make a call! 
  •  Surprisingly, I realized how few people I really NEEDED to talk to. I think I only called my parents and two friends. 
  •  I did not miss checking all my social media updates. 
  •  I had to make plans in advance with friends and determine a specific meeting spot as well as time! 
  •  I did not have an alarm in the morning?!?! AH!
  •  Data - definitely did not need to worry about going over the limit!
  •  My hands were both free. As well, did not need to freak out about my blackberry being lost
  •  It was weird how I kept feeling like I was missing something - comes to show how attached we become to our electronics
At the end of the two weeks, I realized how I did NOT need my blackberry for social media, or to pass time, or to randomly text people about nothing. I NEEDED my blackberry for answering work and school emails as well as for feeling safe because if an emergency occurred, I would be able to call my parents and 911. 

What do you think dolls, are we far too obsessed and attached to our cellphones to notice the world around us? --> But I am Still Elated, in fact Ecstatic to have my new Blackberry Classic!!!!!


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