Saturday 13 June 2015

Edible Obsessions // Liberty Bakery + Cafe

How gorgeous is this Tiffany blue vintage beetle parked outside of Liberty!

Hello Dolls!

Today was such a brilliant day because I got to visit the glorious Liberty Bakery + it was fabulously amazing weather! The perfect day to wonder Main st. with my friends, exploring the stores and Liberty Bakery hehe!

Liberty Bakery is located on the corner of Main st. and 21st Ave. It is an adorable bakery that has been recently renovated. I love their white exterior paint job with Black + White Striped Window shades! Their hours are generally 10AM - 6PM, but I highly suggest you do not wait until the closing hour because their goodies may sell out!

All of Liberty's pastries and delicious sandwiches are made with lots of Love in store. You can actually watch the chef's hard at work as the kitchen is not hidden behind a wall! I will be honest dolls, I had gone into Liberty with the intention of trying Liberty's famous Hummingbird cake; however, sadly, they discontinued by the slice Hummingbird cake only a week ago. I really hope I get to try the Hummingbird cake as I love Carrot Cake and the little hummingbird gingerbread cookies that adorn the top perimeter are really cute! Plus its a tres Chic Cake! 

Even though I did not get to try Hummingbird Cake (which I had been drooling over), I got to try their new daily by the slice cake: The Coconut Cake.
Can I tell you that this Coconut Cake is the BEST coconut cake I have ever had in  my life. And I have had a lot of cake and pastries! 

It is amazingly moist, creamy and dreamy cake that you will try. Plus who knew white velvet cake existed?!?! I think Liberty is genius for layering coconut pudding between the layers of white velvet cake because it made the cake extremely moist without making it too sweet! I personally love sweets, but I do not like extremely sweet treats. Please go check this cake out dolls because I can promise you this Coconut Cake is a treat you will savour! 

I also decided to have a sandwich because I was super hungry as it was lunch time! (I did eat the sandwich before the cake, but the cake was so darn amazing I had to talk about it first!) I chose the Presto Sandwich that Liberty grilled to perfection! It had an excellent crunch when you take a bite and then you taste the amazing avocado with feta and black beans! As well, they give you your sandwich toasty hot so it forces you to take your time versus inhaling your delicious sandwich! 

Let me know if you have been to Liberty Bakery before and if not, when you do go, what was your favourite treat?


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