Monday 27 July 2015

Latte Moment | Short Nail Manicures

Hey Dolls!

My nails are naturally short and stubby, in fact, I have tried to grow them out many times with no success. As soon as I reach a sexy length, my nails chip and break.... So BOO

It is even more frustrating when I scroll through my Instagram feed and see girls rocking amazing long nails! Not to mention the girls blessed with naturally long almond shaped nails! 

So you might be wondering, why do I not just go and get myself a set of acrylics or gels? I am a busy gurl, and getting your nails done takes up a lot of time plus filling in your nails when they grow out. Not to mention, having a professionally done set of acrylics or gels will set you back a sizeable amount of money over the year. So those of us on a student budget, we must embrace our natural nails and show them off with confidence!

Naturally short nails are super AMAZING as well as much more PRACTICAL!  You are less likely to harbour germs and last night's dinner under your nails. Nor will you be putting yourself at risk of scratching your cornea each time you insert and remove your contacts. Each time I have had long gel nails, I would end up poking my eyeball :( As well, I find when I write with a pen/pencil, long nails dig into my palms, which is definitely uncomfortable when you are writing so much as a student! 

Needless to say, short natural nails are not only far more hygienic, they are much less likely to attack you back! No talons for me! And the funny thing is, females adore long nails and getting a long set of acrylics; however, after being on a men's varsity rowing team as a coxswain for several years, I learned MEN HATE LONG ACRYLICS/GELS!!!!

Ask your guy friends, I am sure they too will tell you that they do not like the long talon like nails. Many males prefer the natural nails at a shorter length. I guess men like things that are far more practical and honestly, there are no added benefits of long acrylics. Aside from the satisfying clacking sound they make when you furiously type on a keyboard or when you tap them on the counter to announce your impatience, Hehe! 

I like to trim my nails and file them square with rounded corners. Then I choose a shade of nail lacquer from my beloved collection of OPI polishes! Since I have small nails, it is not feasible to do elaborate designs. If I am trying to do something "cool" I either do an accent nail or two in a bold colour (my favourite is a glittery gold nail!!!), or paint my nail two colours separated at a diagonal. 

Tell me in the comments below what you prefer, short natural nails or a set of long menacing gels! 

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