Saturday 4 April 2015

Pinteresterific Graphics + Fonts: Turn your Drawing into a Graphic!

Hey Dolls!

As promised, I am going to be sharing tutorials on how to create graphics for your blog or website using programs and apps that are affordable! Today, I am using Pixelmator on my MacBook Air to turn two Easter Eggs I drew into a graphic for your blog!

Start off by drawing an image you want to turn into a graphic. I generally start with pencil and then outline it with a dark inky black pen. Once you are happy with your drawing, scan or upload a picture of the drawing onto your computer! 

In order to get the clearest graphic, you want to begin by adjusting brightness & contrast as well as starvation until the blacks are dark while the whites are bright! The colour adjustments are found in effects browser. 

After you have adjusted the black and white colouring, select the magic wand function. The magic wand will help you select your image. Click on the blacks of your drawing and scroll on your trackpad/mouse to adjust the tolerance % (You will see as tolerance increases, more of your image is highlighted!). If you have lines that do not connect, hold down the shift key and continue to select the rest of the lines in your drawing. TIP: It is easier if you zoom into your image while doing this!

Once your drawing's lines are all selected and highlighted with the magic wand you simply press control copy and control paste! Now you have created a layer with just your drawing's lines. Do not forget to uncheck the "background layer" as it will make your drawing on a transparent background (Your image will have a checkered grey and white background when it is transparent). 

You have now created your own graphic!!! Be sure to save it as a PNG to keep the transparent background!


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