Tuesday 31 March 2015

Latte Moment: Goodbye to the adorable pink boulangerie at Starbucks

Hello Dolls!

If you have been into a local Starbucks or gone past one in March, you may have noticed the signature Starbucks green was no longer the focal point. It was this adorable light pink that adorned the pastry case and decorations in the store. Your drink's sleeve also had gotten a cute pink makeover. I was dying over the pink and the scalloped details as they were so cute!

The pink was done to celebrate the arrival of the "Boulangerie" pastries at Starbucks. True, most of the treats remained the same, but a few new ones were added like the chocolate/cinnamon brioche as well as the savoury cheese croissant. Some pastries seemed to just look a little different like the lemon cranberry scone, but for the most part, it seemed like the same goodies!

I really do hope the lemon raspberry swirl loaf does return this summer as it is my favourite treat! I was really upset when they got rid of their mini cherry pies as well as the chocolate cupcakes with the amazing pink buttercream....but they will forever remain in my memory. 

Let me know if you liked the pink change for the month and if you are liking the new boulangerie treats!

Now the drink in the picture is a Grande Extra Hot Green Tea Latte With WHIP

This is actually where the name to my blog comes from!!! I love love LOVE green tea lattes at Starbucks (plus the whip!) and I wanted my blog to a have a quirky cute name. So to put my own twist on it, I made it the Pink Tea Latte! I did not include the whip in the name since it would have gotten too long, but I have to have whip on my Lattes! And do you see my laptop screen! Working on Pinktea Latte because I love you guys!

I began blogging as a way to fill my spare time with a more productive activity. I was spending the majority of my free time by mindlessly browsing the internet or zoning out in front of the tv. Blogging seemed like such a great hobby for me to take up, so I got up the courage and set up my blog! The best part, blogging also allows me to not only share my love for fashion, products and goodies, but to also explore my interest in graphic design. True, I am a science student, but graphic design has always intrigued me. So now you know!


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