Wednesday 18 March 2015

Nature box arrived! Review and taste test of my first box!!!

I came across Nature box not so long ago through one of my favourite youtubers.  I love food and love snacking when I can. Unfortunately when you are out and about, the snacks we reach for may not be the healthiest choices. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance of a free trial box (+shipping!)

The trial box arrived in about two weeks (wish it had come sooner because I was really anxious to get my hands on the snacks!)

The trial box includes: four sample size snacks (28g each) and one full size snack (105g). The full size snack is a mystery; however, you will know what your sample size snacks are because Naturebox emails you after you place your order. 

My full size:

  • peanut butter nom noms - mini peanut butter oat cookies. (Not a peanut butter fan, but these were REALLY good. They were dense little bites full of energy goodness. I tasted nuts and coconuts and chocolate in my nomnom!)

Snack size:

  • cranberry medley - pomegranate and acai flavoured dried cranberries with blue blueberries (These turned out much sweeter than I had anticipated! They paired well with plain greek yogurt and granola since they sweetened the yogurt)
  • garden tomato crunchies - tomato-flavoured almonds (Major Yummy, would be good on a salad)
  • jalapeno cashews - jalapeno-flavoured cashews (yes! spicy goodness, I polished these off in minutes upon opening the package)
  • sea salt sun-crunch - sunflower and sesame seeded crackers (Had an amazing crunch. Sort of addicting, but I was not a fan of the big pieces of salt in them.)

The website is very easy to navigate and I love how you can put all the snacks that sound yummiest in your "pantry" and then rank them in the order of your likeness. When you decide to order your next Naturebox, you are delivered your top five snacks in your "pantry" (Naturebox will move down your "pantry" list if one of your top five ranked snacks is sold out). 

All the snacks expire within 6 months which makes me happy since its a sign of less preservatives! Also, the full size bag is re-sealable which will ensure your snacks stay fresh and not go stale before you polish them off (even though I doubt my snacks are going to last past a few days once I have opened the snack!)

They have a "sharing is caring" promo code on the back of their bag! use the code "share10off" to get $10 off your first box! 

side note - sharing is caring is my favourite saying when a friend pulls out yummy food!


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