Monday 23 March 2015

Paper + Pencil by 53 = exploring graphic design!

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Hey dolls!
I have always been intrigued by art and lately with technology flourishing at a rapid pace, graphic design is the new art I am fascinated with!

I came across Paper by 53 for the iPad was looking for apps to create my logo with. (Psst yup, I drew and put together my logo! hehe). At that time, i did not have the Pencil, so I pushed forward with a different app. 

I was in the apple store a few days ago picking up a charger when I saw the Pencil by 53. Now if you buy the Pencil (the stylus specifically designed for their app Paper), you get all the "brushes" in the app. If you do not get the Pencil, you have to purchase the different brushes in the app separately. 

Now, of course I grabbed the "gold version" cause hey! I love yellow gold! It matches my own bling I rock on a daily basis!

The Stylus is unique as along with features like palms free and charging through usb, it is sensitive to pressure in your stroke. If you angle the pencil and press more, you get a more thicker line. As well, I LOVE how you just flip it around and "erase!" like how you would do with a regular pencil! Now that was neat as it allows you to continue on in your drawing without switching settings. 

This is just my brief intro to the app. If you are into graphic designing or just doodling on the iPad, it is worth a check!

I will be doodling with it lots creating more graphics for my blog to make it more pinterest worthy!



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    1. Hey Kiara! Thank you! Gosh, this was one of my very first posts. I am glad you like it. I really do try my hardest, but it definitely does take a lot of time and work, so sometimes I am not able to keep up with my blog. Let me know if there are certain topics you think I should continue blogging about. Thank you again for your kind words.