Monday 11 May 2015

Chic Finds // Pineapples + Pocket Notebooks

L'Atelier Home's Pineapple Trinket Jar as well as Rifle Paper Co. pocket notebooks from Meadow!

Hi Dolls!

I am so excited to share with you a new decor store (well new to me!) that I came across by chance when I was shopping in GasTown! L'Atelier Home!!! It is a small store since it specializes in custom furniture, but it does offer a select few hand picked decor items. The pieces are of fabulous quality and so darn chic! Sigh that I already have all of my furniture for my bedroom so I cannot get the tufted headboard in the most luxurious fabric ever!

On my trip there I could not help myself but pick up the cutest little Pineapple Jar... Pineapple's are all the rage this season dolls! I wonder if I can be sponsored by a fruit because all I seem to talk about is pineapples. Fun fact, I am not very fond of how pineapples taste.... hehe! The inside of the jar is glazed while the exterior has been kept matte white. As well the attention to detail is spectacular. All of the diagonal lines on the lid perfectly match up with the bottom. I also believe the leaves of the pineapple jar are handmade since the tops were not identical. 

Not only did I come across the chic L'Atelier Home, I also found a new paper shop. No surprise there as I am obsessed with cute pens and notebooks. Meadow Gifts & Apparel is an adorable little shop full of fabulous paper goods as well as jewelry. They also carry a small selection of clothing, YAY! 

I picked up the Rosa pocket notebook set by Rifle Paper Co! They are the perfect size to carry in your purse, even fits in a clutch. I got them for the sole purpose of carrying the notebooks around with me as I want to have a place to jot down my blogging ideas while I am out on the go! 


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