Monday 25 May 2015

PTL Hearts Peonies // White Cala Lilies

Loving these Fresh White Cala Lilies, picked from my own front yard!
 + Vancouver Candle Co's Fairview Candle!
Hey Dolls!

I am a huge fresh flower lover! To be completely honest, if I had the funds, I definitely would at all times have beautiful fresh flower's in vases all through out my home! Unfortunately, I live the student life and even with two jobs, I do not have the extra cash to be purchasing fresh cut flowers each week :( 

I have lived in my home for about 17 years, and since the day we moved in,each spring our flower bed has been bursting with white Cala Lilies! I am not kidding, I want to say there must be around 100 stems of white Cala Lilies that bloom! Our home is known for its beautiful Cala Lilies, many people stop and take pictures with them. The funniest part is, my family does not do a single thing to aide the Lilies. In fact, my father simply cuts them all off at the end of the season, and even has mowed over the flower bed after the flowers have all died. Imagine if we did tend to the flower bed and added fertilizer, there might be a 1,000 stems of Lilies! 

Fresh White Cala Lilies picked from my front yard and arranged by moi!
The saddest part is watching these beautiful white flowers wilt away :( it breaks my heart so much because they are absolutely stunning! I must take a million and one pictures of them each spring! Fresh beautiful flowers make me happy! I cannot help smile when I walk by something so pure and natural in its beauty! 

I have arranged 9 stems with a few leaves in this beautiful vase which I had picked up from The Cross Design + Decor in Yaletown (One of my go to decor stores!). I was so ecstatic when I had come across this vase since I had wanted a crystal vase for so long, and this one was at a fabulous price!

I definitely am biased towards white Cala Lilies since they bloom each year in my front yard; however, they are a stunning long stemmed flower! (My personal favourite, will and forever remain, the Peony!)


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