Tuesday 5 May 2015

Furry Friends: Meet Olive!

Hey Dolls!
Those who know me, will not be surprised at this post because I LOVE DOGS! I think they are such adorable creatures that are always happy and their happiness just rubs off on you so you cannot help be happy like them!

I was strolling around Yaletown when I came across a shop named Bark Babies.... and through the window I saw the cutest most adorable little French Bulldog wondering the shop! Needless to say, I ran into the store and grabbed her and hugged her and loved her! She is just such a cuddly frenchie and french bulldogs are one of my favourite dog breeds! Her name was Olive and Ms. Olive was a stylish pooch. She was rocking a grey hoodie with pink piping by Adidas! I just had to share Olive with all of you because she is just tres kewt! I wish I could have taken her home with me :( 


P.S. Excuse how horrendous I look in the picture but Olive is the focus here!

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