Friday 1 May 2015

Edible Obsession, Vancouver: ChocolaTas

Hey Dolls,
it is no secret I have a huge sweet tooth and LOVE chocolates! Especially when it comes to handcrafted delectable bougie chocolates! hehe So it is no shock when I was meandering through the MarketPlace on Granville Island, I gravitated towards the chocolate store! The store is called ChocolaTas and is known for real ingredients from all around the world. This is why the chocolates have a  short shelf life that only makes me love them more since they are preservative free! 

I am a bit of an oddball because I selected my tin first, not the chocolates... But the little blue tin was so darn cute!!! The insert within the blue tin required me to select two dome shaped chocolates and two square chocolates. 

The Domed Chocolates I Chose:
--> Pistachio (White Chocolate Pistachio Mousse with Nougatine)
--> Raspberry (Local, Organic Raspberries infused in Dark Chocolate Ganache)

The Square Chocolates I Chose:
--> Orange (Fresh Orange infused in Dark Chocolate)
--> Pepper & Mango (Mango pate de fruits and Pepper Ganache)

The most unique flavoured chocolate I have ever tried has to be the Pepper & Mango! Firstly, it just seems weird. Pepper? Who puts pepper in chocolate. I am going to be honest, what comes to my mind is Black Pepper, so I should have asked the sales associate to tell me what type of pepper are we talking about. I want to say it is suppose to be chillies - the spicy kind since fiery chillies have been paired with chocolate in the past. From tasting the chocolate, I am still leaning towards it being Black Pepper. I personally was not too big of a fan of this piece as it was just a bit of a weird mix which made me sad since my favourite fruit is Mangos! 

The Orange was divine (I love citrus and chocolates!) as well as Raspberry (My favourite fruit to be paired with chocolate). Pistachio was a miss for me probably because I do not enjoy white chocolate very much. 

Overall, a great little chocolate shop, but it does not out rank my favourites, Thierry chocolates! You can check out their chocolate selection HERE!

Let me know of any amazing chocolate shops I must go to!


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