Wednesday 6 May 2015

Chic Life: Rifle Paper Co. Makes Apparel?!

EEEK This pattern is so darn gorgeous!
Hello Dolls!
If you are into stationary as much as I am, you would be familiar with the brand Rifle Paper Co. This brand is available in the majority of paper shops as it is quality product with chic designs! Now, what I did not know was that Rifle Paper Co. has a clothing line with Paper Crown (Lauren Conrad's online shop). It was confusing at first since Rifle Paper Co.... does PAPER?! But then you realized Rifle Paper Co. used two of their most gorgeous patterns (one of which is my personal favourite: The Spanish Rose) as the floral pattern on the garments. 

It is definitely worth checking out since the pieces are tres chic! I may also be biased as I am in love with the Spanish Rose's pattern and want to cover myself in it head to toe. The pattern is just so rich and bold, I love the deep Navy Blue with bright Coral Pink roses! It is a beautiful juxtaposition of colours that work brilliantly together! Navy Blue and Coral Pink happen to be my favourite colours (I currently have my nails painted navy blue with one gold accent nail). 

The line is on the pricier end of a student's budget. I definitely have always invested in quality pieces but when a top is nearing the $200 range, it is pushing the student budget here! As well, since the majority of the pieces use chiffon silk, one of my most favourite fabrics, you are required to dry clean which is not student friendly. 

Regardless of all the facts, if I could try on the pieces and looked amazing, I would not hesitate to invest as I am young and this is when I can make big purchases! As cliche as this may sound and not chic of me to say... You do only live once now do we not? 

TL - Greeting card, TR - iPhone Case, BL - Notebooks, BR - Greeting card

Along with the apparel line, Rifle Paper Co. created a few stationary pieces and art prints with Paper Crown. The Birthday Girl design is my favourite! Those sunglasses are so chic and not to mention the adorable scarf she is wearing in her hair! If I had an iPhone (I have a BLACKBERRY!), I would definitely be rocking the clear peach blossom phone case! 

Overall, this collaboration with Paper Crown was a brilliant one for Rifle Paper Co! The pieces look fabulous and maybe I might get my self a select few items! Hehe

Leave me your thoughts in the comments below. What do you think of Rifle Paper Co.'s apparel line with Lauren Conrad's Paper Crown brand? 


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